The Call of Ancient Light

by Ben Wolf

For some, dreams really do come true.

For Calum, dreams are his only hope.

Calum longs for something more than the life of slavery he has lived since the death of his parents. But his dreams, filled with light, echo with the voice of a mysterious entity calling upon him for release.

When a Saurian—a huge lizard person—named Magnus is brought to the quarry as a new slave, young Calum is faced with a choice: live out his days as a slave, or shed his shackles and embark on a new life of adventure.

Joined by his best friend Axel, Magnus, a Windgale girl trying to get back home, and a sarcastic wolf, Calum travels in search of a way to free the mysterious entity speaking to him in his dreams.

Fans of Will Wight’s Traveler’s Gate and Cradle series will love this sword & sorcery coming of age epic. Get it now.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Of Mud and Bone

by Greg Cmiel

Autumn, 1898.

A blizzard batters the town of Hope, and a wizened stranger driving a coal-black caravan appears in the swirl of snowflakes. The sign on the caravan reads The Brothers Zorkin, puppeteers from Archangel, Russia.

Bedlam engulfs the town as the storm intensifies. Promises from the stranger bewitch the townsfolk, offering gifts only a God can bestow. Spellbound, they agree to do his bidding, no matter the heinous nature of his commands.

Madness burrows deep into the fabric of Hope, and Birdie Caldwell must rally herself to defeat a dangerous foe.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Dark Empathy (Compound Series Book 1)

by Katy Morgan

For an empath, “How do you feel?” is never just a question. Not when it can kill you. A misanthropic empath, recently dragged back to the secret military compound from which he escaped, gets more than he bargained for when he’s forced to help search for a serial killer who shouldn’t exist. To add insult to injury, he finds himself inconveniently falling for the officer who brought him in–and who has an extremely rare power of his own.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


The Ziva Payvan Collection

by EJ Fisch

This collection of 3 full-length novels introduces Ziva Payvan, an interstellar operative who has spent most of her life being fashioned into a deadly weapon. Trained to fight and not feel, she focuses only on the mission at hand and never dwells in the past…a past that houses many secrets. But when those secrets start forcing their way back into her life, she begins to find herself in the unique position of needing to save lives rather than take them.

As Ziva and her ops team work in the shadows and struggle to survive, they find themselves pitted against the most personal and most deadly of enemies, enemies who threaten not only their own lives but the lives of everyone around them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Sellenria: The Starship and the Citadel

by Chuck Boeheim

It came as a shock to archaeologist Stenn Gremm to find that his ancestor had been a warlock.

As a scientist, Stenn didn’t believe in magic. But when a monster from legend ground his equipment into dust, Stenn was forced into roles for which he hadn’t prepared. Apprentice to an assassin for one, advisor to the heir to the throne for another. When archaeological digs were conducted via telepresence, he didn’t expect to get dirt under his nails and blood on his hands. Now his fate hinges on his ability to embrace his greatest role: the new warlock.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


Magic-Born Dragon: Book Two of the Dragon Born Trilogy

by K.N. Lee

The prophecies have been told. Now, Rowen must find a way to prevent a fate worse than death.

Now, a fugitive, half-blood dragon and sorceress, Rowen must avoid capture from the Dragons while navigating the human realm she’s always dreamed of exploring.
Armed with only her powers of persuasion, the ability to prophesize, and a magic treasure map, Rowen befriends an unlikely guide and seeks out the legendary Red Dragon. If she can obtain the Red Dragon’s power of time travel, she can clear her name and resurrect the prince she once loved.

But, time is not on Rowen’s side. A vengeful pirate hunts her and will stop at nothing to take back his stolen map.
New worlds will be discovered, secrets will be revealed, and a man from Rowen’s past might make her question her journey.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


The Shaman’s Curse

by Meredith Mansfield

The two kinds of magic have always been separate. Until now.
Vatar risked his life to try to save his friend–and failed. Now he has an implacable enemy in the shaman, who blames Vatar for the death of his only son. He’s forced to flee his home, at least until the shaman’s thirst for revenge cools.
Taking shelter with his mother’s people in one of the coastal cities, Vatar learns more than he bargained for. He agreed to learn to work iron and steel, but he never suspected to find a magical heritage as well.
And that’s a problem. Because unlike their own Spirit magic, his people regard the city magic as the work of Evil Spirits. If the shaman ever found out about this, it could be the weapon he needs to destroy Vatar.
And yet, finding a way to accept the other side of his heritage may be the only way Vatar can ultimately defeat his enemy and win more than his freedom.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Clockpunk Fairy Tales: A Fairy Tale Collection

by Melanie Karsak

From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak, fairy tale retellings with a clockwork twist! See Alice, Belle, Red Riding Hood, and more in this unique collection of magical fairy tales! Journey to gaslamp London to take on dangerously-handsome werewolves, wicked villains, renegade magicians, cunning monsters, and devious devices in this limited-edition anthology.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


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