The Call of Ancient Light

by Ben Wolf

For some, dreams really do come true.

For Calum, dreams are his only hope.

Calum longs for something more than the life of slavery he has lived since the death of his parents. But his dreams, filled with light, echo with the voice of a mysterious entity calling upon him for release.

When a Saurian—a huge lizard person—named Magnus is brought to the quarry as a new slave, young Calum is faced with a choice: live out his days as a slave, or shed his shackles and embark on a new life of adventure.

Joined by his best friend Axel, Magnus, a Windgale girl trying to get back home, and a sarcastic wolf, Calum travels in search of a way to free the mysterious entity speaking to him in his dreams.

Fans of Will Wight’s Traveler’s Gate and Cradle series will love this sword & sorcery coming of age epic. Get it now.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age