Agents of the Crown (Books 1-5: The Complete Series) by Lindsay Buroker

Agents of the Crown (Books 1-5: The Complete Series)

by Lindsay Buroker

Orphaned at a young age, Zenia Cham has fought and scraped her way into a position of honor as an inquisitor for one of the city’s temples. But an even greater destiny awaits. Impressed by her deeds, the king offers her a prestigious position as one of his elite Agents of the Crown.

The missions will be dangerous, and she’s not sure she wants the partner she’s being assigned—a cocky noble lord from a wealthy estate—but she has the opportunity to distinguish herself as she serves not only the city but the entire Kingdom.

How could she say no?

There’s just one problem. The king gives her a mysterious dragon tear that’s nothing like the other magical gems she’s seen. She may need its power to stay alive in this perilous new job, but dare she rely upon it?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Orphans by Matthew Sullivan

The Orphans

by Matthew Sullivan

Losing their parents felt like the end, but it was only just the beginning for the Orphans.

Brought together by fate, five teens quickly find themselves thrust into the center of an age-old battle between good and evil, an underground conflict that dates all the way back to the War in Heaven.

With the scales tipping toward the side of darkness, it’s up to the Orphans to save humankind. But if they hope to stand a chance against the ultimate evil, they must first overcome their inner demons.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Magi Dawn by Andrew Dobell

Magi Dawn

by Andrew Dobell

Amanda is broke, working the streets, and her best friend is dying of a terminal illness. She didn’t think life could get any worse…
And then the Werewolf attacked!

Thrown down an alleyway, Amanda is hurt, stressed and angry. She’s also no match for this monster. But somehow, she blasts the creature with Magical lightning, and her world turns upside down.

Magic and creatures of nightmare shouldn’t exist. But the Magi and the Magic they wield is real.

Amanda must fight to escape New York before they stop her. But there is no escaping this new life. Amanda must join the ranks of the Magi and learn to use the Magic within her if she is to survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Shadow Magic by Nazri Noor

Shadow Magic

by Nazri Noor

The gods are dying. But for one man, death is only the beginning.

Murdered as a ritual sacrifice, amateur thief and professional charmer Dustin Graves mysteriously survives, finding himself gifted with strange, dark magic. Then more dead bodies turn up in Valero, California. Some are human, but one is a god of the old world, slain at his own doorstep.

Mortal or divine, the bloodshed must end, and Dust is the mage for the job. But first he must contend with a succubus, a talking sword, a spider queen, a goddess of magic, and eldritch abominations from beyond the stars. No big deal… right?

If you like snarky heroes, snappy dialogue, and a bit of grit and gore, you’ll love the first standalone book in Nazri Noor’s series of urban fantasy novels. Explore the Darkling Mage universe and discover a taste of Shadow Magic today.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Fate’s Fables by T. Rae Mitchell

Fate’s Fables

by T. Rae Mitchell

The whimsy of Alice In Wonderland meets the darkest side of Grimm’s Fairy Tales!

Mysteriously cast into the ancient Book of Fables, Fate Floyd can hardly tell what’s real and what’s not. She’s trapped inside a world of darkly spun fairy tales with a very real cast of frightening sorceresses, faeries and creatures of legend. And then there’s Finn McKeen. The golden-haired Scottish boy who looks like he stepped straight from her journal of secret daydreams. Together, they run the gauntlet of this menacing storybook realm, changing each fable’s dreadful ending into a happily-ever-after with the unpredictable power of the Words of Making. Can Fate survive long enough to write her own happy ending, or will she spell her doom?

Brimming with fierce magic, breath-taking action and a heart-wrenching romance, Fate’s Fables, is perfect for readers of Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Fate’s Keep

by T. Rae Mitchell

Mortal Engines meets Sorcery of Thorns in this fast-paced fantasy adventure!

Fate escaped the deadly fairy tale world of the Book of Fables, but at a terrible cost. Finn, the boy of her dreams, remains a prisoner of the cursed book. Heartbroken over leaving him behind, her only way back to him is through a gateway within the mysterious Keep–an ancient storehouse of magical objects too powerful for ordinary realms.

This epic fantasy sequel to, Fate’s Fables, promises to leave readers breathless with heart-pounding action, richly imagined worlds, and a slow-burning romance that strains the bonds of love to the breaking point. Perfect for readers of Margaret Rogerson, Garth Nix and Philip Reeve!

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Once Blessed, Thrice Cursed by Coralie Moss

Once Blessed, Thrice Cursed

by Coralie Moss

What could possibly go wrong—or right—when three sister witches are handed the keys to their deceased mother’s shop?

They could uncover a magical legacy they knew nothing about. They could unite in the face of life-or-death challenges.

Or, they could divvy up the contents of the shop, close the doors for good, and catch the next portal home.

Half an hour after crossing the threshold to Needles & Sins, one of those choices is off the table. And one of them just might bring three estranged sisters together.

Just like their mother intended

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