Company of Strangers by Melissa McShane

Company of Strangers

by Melissa McShane

The wizard Sienne hopes to make a name for herself as a scrapper—someone who scours the ruins of the Empty Lands for treasure and lost magical artifacts. But first she must find someone willing to take a chance on a desperate beginner.

When Sienne finally catches a break, she becomes part of a ragtag group of adventurers—a desperate scrapper named Dianthe, her wizard-hating partner Alaric, the drunk priest Perrin, and a young fighter named Kalanath.

But finding the treasure proves only the beginning. They must learn to work together as a team. Their very survival may depend on it.

An epic adventure of daring quests, second chances, and the power of friendship.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Sirens Unbound by Laura Engelhardt

Sirens Unbound

by Laura Engelhardt

Members of the Bant family become entwined in an upcoming mage war in this epic urban fantasy novel about sirens, fae, and family ties.

For 1500 years, the Aos Sí have been imprisoned in the Yorkshire moors. Now Cordelia Bant has taken up the cause of fae freedom among the sirens on Atlantis, while her mundane sister Amy has partnered with the U.S. government and the Danjou mages in the race to cure magical blindness. Meanwhile, their brother Thomas crosses oceans to save an indentured mage from the Brazilian vampire who seeks to destroy her, and the Australian mages who desire her power.

In an adventure that spans the globe, scientific discoveries and magical breakthroughs will astound, as prophecies are fulfilled, bindings are broken, and truth conquers deception. This is an epic tale of a magical, modern Earth, where truth is elusive and free will, a mirage.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Soul Forge by Richard H. Stephens

Soul Forge

by Richard H. Stephens

Silurian Mintaka isn’t your everyday killer. He has morals.

Delivering the kingdom from certain death, no one had bothered to protect his loved ones.

Paralyzed by grief, Silurian’s darkened soul is awakened by an eclectic old man harbouring a dark secret of his own.

Befriending a group of colourful companions, they embark upon a fantastical quest of discovery, betrayal, loyalty, and deception with the faint hope of eliminating the evil threatening to raze the kingdom to the ground.

Can Silurian overcome his all-consuming rage or will his desire for revenge end up killing them all?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Night Born by K. L. Reinhart

Night Born

by K. L. Reinhart

In a world of magic, an outcast elf with none might be the only one who can save the world…unless he brings about its destruction first.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Monster Born by Kris Austen Radcliffe

Monster Born

by Kris Austen Radcliffe

What happens when a man starts life as a corpse?

Two hundred years ago, Frank Victorsson awoke as a semi-dead, monstrous abomination reanimated by his hubris-ridden father, Victor Frankenstein. But Frank refused to become the infernal hate his father spewed at the world. He walked away from his origins — and into a small, Minnesota town overflowing with magic.

Now Dr. Frankenstein’s other sins want revenge.

The Nordic elves of Frank’s new home call him family. The werewolves call him friend. And when the town’s vampires disappear and innocents die, Frank realizes the demon responsible might be the one force on Earth faster and stronger than him — and the one foe capable of pulling to the surface his long-suppressed rage.

Now Frank must stop a rampaging evil bent on murdering the people he loves. But can he save his town without losing himself to the monster he once tamed?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Bound by Becca Blake

Blood Bound

by Becca Blake

Kidnapped and held captive for their blood, escaping could cost them their lives… or worse.

Azalea knows there’s no escape from the underground vampire city of Terra Nocturne. Her only hope for a better life is to climb the social ladder by joining the Blood Den, a brothel where elves sell their blood as well as their bodies. When an encounter turns violent, she’s thrust into the arms of Lord Nero Cineris, ruler of Terra Nocturne.

Nero can offer her a life of luxury, but is the cost of belonging to the most dangerous vampire in the city too high?

Miria has always been determined to return to the surface, but she won’t leave without the people she cares about. When Miria finds herself in trouble with the city guard, she needs to get out of the city before her sentence kills her.

If Miria does find a way out of Terra Nocturne, will Azalea even want to come with her?

Previously $2.99

Category: Dark Fantasy

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