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“Book Barbarian is every SFF author’s dream. Finally, a highly targeted book promotion site that puts readers first, and gets your book in front of thousands of dedicated SFF fans. I will be a regular customer of Book Barbarian for years to come.”

Endi Webb

USA Today Best Selling Sci-Fi Author

“Book Barbarian’s ad came at just the right time, giving a much-needed bump in sales after the initial surge in launching my latest book. That visibility helped the book gain momentum and continue to rank on Amazon’s bestseller lists. I’ll be looking to use Book Barbarian to boost my other books as well.”

Susan Kaye Quinn

Author of the Bestselling Young Adult SF Mindjack Trilogy

“Downloads of my book skyrocketed as soon as the Book Barbarian promo went live. My numbers more than doubled from the previous day!”

J.C. Staudt

Popular Sci-Fi and Steampunk Author

“My sales increased by over 3,000% (seriously—I did the math) on the day Book Barbarian featured my book. Plus I picked up more sales than I expected in the following days, and I’m also seeing a very healthy bump in my Kindle Unlimited borrows. So happy . . . Thanks, Book Barbarian!”

Laura Kirwan

The author of IMPERVIOUS, CRUSHED, and GODS AND SWINDLERS, the first three books of the seven-book City of Eldrich contemporary fantasy series.

“We’ve been using Book Barbarian promotions for our fantasy and science fiction titles for the past 4 months, and they’ve always delivered. Communication is quick and to the point, and the sales results have been well worth the price tag. We can heartily recommend Book Barbarian.”

Miika Hannila

Founder, Creativia Publishing

“I had a great experience with Book Barbarian. After the promotion started, I saw a spike of downloads for my novel. Getting the book in front of serious science fiction fans connected me with passionate new readers who love the genre — a week later I also saw an increase in reviews. Book Barbarian’s great price, fast service, and better targeted result is a perfect combination for an author looking to expand their audience.”

Eric Dallaire

Author of the best-selling science fiction novel, Shades: The Gehenna Dilemma.

“The promotion I did with Book Barbarian far exceeded my expectations. Not only did the book I was promoting jump up in the rankings, but sales increased dramatically for the other books in the series. Their readers are passionate about the SFF genre and it shows in the results. I will definitely use Book Barbarian again, and highly recommend them to other authors.”

BC Powell

Author of “The Journals of Krymzyn,” a popular fantasy series.

“I ran a promotion with BookBarbarian and I have to say, the resulting increase in sales was fantastic. On a number of downloads to cost of promotion basis, BookBarbarian was, for me, head and shoulders above results from other sites. I would absolutely recommend promoting your work here!”

Richard Hennerley

Popular Fantasy Author

“If you’re looking to get your novel to serious fans of fantasy and sci-fi then there isn’t a better promo site than Books Barbarian. During my last launch they not only produced my best day of sales, but also doubled their closest competitor’s performance. I will definitely be using them again.”

Matt Abraham

Awarded Pulp Detective's Best Newcomer of 2015, and author of the popular Dane Curse paranormal detective series

“I recently used BookBarbarian to promote the first (free) book in my techno-thriller adventure trilogy. By the time things started to calm down three days later I had received close to 5000 downloads and sold quite a few books as well. I think that the Amazon algorithms must have blown on the flames at some point (I hit no. 1 in two of my categories) but it was BookBarbarian that lit the fire to begin with. I’m impressed. Friendly and considerate customer support took my experience right into the five star category. I’ll definitely be using these guys again.”

Gilliam Ness

Author of The Last Artifact Trilogy

“For a new author, finding an audience for your novel can be very difficult. I therefore chose Book Barbarian for my free book promotion as they were targeted to readers of my genre and the price was very reasonable. As a result of the promotion, In Vitro Lottery made it to #1 in the SciFi/Genetic Engineering and #4 in Dystopia on the free top 100 lists, giving it some great exposure. A new 5* review is already in! Since the promotion ended, I’ve also seen a marked increase in sales and in KU page views.”

Ed Ryder

Debut author of In Vitro Lottery

“On the day my promotion went out it was the most books I’d ever sold in one day. The day after I sold half as many again and was still selling well the next two days after that. I certainly recommend Book Barbarian and will definitely use their services again.”

William Collins

Fantasy author of The Realmers Series, and the spin-off Realmer Chronicles

“BookBarbarian is amazing! I made back the cost of the ad (and then some) in just one day, and 3 months later I’m still seeing results from it. Definitely going to be using them again.”

Charlie Ward

Author of Frotwoot's Faerie Tales

“As an indie author writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, Book Barbarian has quickly become one of my key, “go to” sites for promoting my work, whether I have a free, or a paid promotion. The subscribers are active and well targeted and the latest “Free Book of the Day” feature allows me to use my Amazon affiliate code which always nets me a nice bump in my affiliate income each month. The staff at Book Barbarian is responsive and their performance for books in our genre can’t be beat. I’m so happy to have Book Barbarian as an integral part of my marketing team.”

Salvador Mercer

Author of the Discovery sci-fi series and the Claire-Agon Dragon series

“A friend of mine recommended I try Book Barbarian for an upcoming sale I was promoting. I decided to give it a try and put up my first two books as a double feature – an option I haven’t found from other book promo services. The results were much better than I expected. I easily recouped the cost of the ad and have seen an ongoing uptick in sales. I will certainly keep Book Barbarian at the top of my list for my next promotion.”

Robert M. Campbell

Popular Sci-Fi Author of the Trajectory Series

“Book Barbarian has proven again and again to be one of the most effective promo services I’ve ever used. When I recently launched the final book in my Red Hope series, I worked with Book Barbarian to host a double-feature and it resulted in the highest one-day sales and KU pagereads record that my books have ever had. I’m still small potatoes in the book world, but for that day Book Barbarian made a real difference.”

John Dreese

Bestselling Author of the Red Hope sci-fi series

“Let’s start with the results. Book Barbarian moved a TON of books for me—enough to put me in the top 100 in all three of my book’s subcategories. But that’s not all. The folks at Book Barbarian went above and beyond the call of duty to make it easy to schedule and organize a spot built around my promotion needs. They worked with me to get my book approved before I even had an ASIN. If you want to sell more books (and let’s face it, that’s why you’re here) what on earth are you waiting for?”

Kyle Alexander Romines

Popular Sci-Fi/Fantasy Author

“I chose Book Barbarian on the strength of other self-published, Urban Fantasy authors’ recommendations. My goal was simple: increase the readership of my series’ first book, Magic Remembered, ahead of the launch of book three.

The boost from Book Barbarian shot me past that goal. The book surpassed the hoped-for amount of downloads and every statistic associated with the book benefitted. More orders of book #2, more pre-orders of book #3, more reviews on Goodreads, and a new level of consistent page reads in KU. Reaching the #2 spot on two Kindle lists—Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Witches & Wizards Romance—was the icing on the cake. I whole-heartedly recommend Book Barbarian to the Sci-fi and Fantasy-writing community.”

Coralie Moss

Urban Fantasy Author

“Book Barbarian has proven time and time again to be one of the best ways of reaching new readers. What I appreciate the most is the laser focus approach of the service that they provide. I write fantasy and science fiction and these are the folks Book Barbarian specializes in. Considering how many titles are on the market, this targeted approach has helped me push my sales to the next level. At this point, I couldn’t imagine launching my titles without them. Book Barbarian provides an invaluable service to any genre writer.”

William Massa

Screenwriter and Bestselling Amazon Author

“As a new, independent science fiction writer, the biggest challenge has been finding my core audience through advertising. I’ve tried all of the major sites that offer book promotions, but I’ve never had the kinds of results I got with BookBarbarian. In one day I received over 50 times the number of downloads I had with all of the other book promotion sites I tried … combined. I also hit #1 in my category of Hard Science Fiction on Amazon’s Free listings within two hours. Definitely glad I did this one.”

J. Dallas Brooks

Science Fiction Writer

The numbers speak for themselves as do our satisfied authors and publishers.


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