Star Marque Rising by Shami Stovall

Star Marque Rising

by Shami Stovall

Clevon Demarco, a genetically modified human, has a cocksure attitude and the combat skills to back it up. With his unparalleled skills, he makes his living as a ruthless gunrunner on a shady space station near the edges of the quadrant. Stronger, faster, and wittier than most sad sacks, no one even comes close to Demarco’s abilities—until he crosses paths with the captain of the notorious Star Marque, Endellion Voight.

Captain Voight arrests Demarco and offers him a choice: go to a prison planet for his crimes, or join her starship, the Star Marque, working as mercenaries for the superhumans. But she didn’t pick him at random. She has a plan to become a planet governor; a title no human has held since the superhumans won the war. It doesn’t matter the cost—assassinations, extortion, blackmail—she’s determined to claw her way to the top.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Watch by Amanda Witt

The Watch

by Amanda Witt

The city walls are annoying. At night Red slips past their boundaries, following Meritt right up to the edge of the forest. It’s a game, a minor rebellion, a step towards adulthood and freedom. She doesn’t believe the stories of voices rattling in the leaves, strange creatures glimpsed at midnight. She doesn’t think the woods hide hideous monsters and beautifully predatory men. She doesn’t think the trees drive women insane.

But she’s wrong.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Scharlette Doesn’t Matter and Goes Time Travelling by Sam Bowring

Scharlette Doesn’t Matter and Goes Time Travelling

by Sam Bowring

Ever since Scharlette’s parents gave her a stupid name that no one can pronounce properly, she’s been stuck in a bit of a rut.

She hates her dead-end job as a security guard at the airport, she lives alone in a shoebox apartment she will never pay off, and to make it all worse, it’s been ten years since her sister, Jenelope, was killed by an exploding sandwich press, and no one seems to care.

Then, at her security gate, a handsome time traveller named Tomothy is attacked through wormholes by snipers from the future, and drops a strange device that lets the wearer communicate with their past self.

As Scharlette gets caught up in a battle between time agents, she learns that she was never going to do anything important with her life, so she has no impact on the timeline whatsoever – and thus she is free to travel time and space and have amazing adventures with heedless abandon.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Neon Sands by Adam J Smith

Neon Sands

by Adam J Smith

Siblings Calix and Annora have spent their entire lives within Sanctum, the domed town that protects them from the dangerous sands that storm against the curved wall. They are orphans, with questions about their heritage. With a childhood that prepares them to become scavengers. With a father figure in Kirillion who has an agenda all of his own – just what are they searching for when the scavenger crews depart?

All grown up, they join Walker’s crew, scouring the sand in Crawlers, ready to dig. When an accident unlocks childhood memories and murder, questions arise within the crew about where their allegiances lie, and what their true purpose is. And then their search hits the big time.

A sci-fi adventure in an inhospitable landscape, Neon Sands is the opening book in an epic series that will explore Man’s technological and innate potential, and the search for hope when all is lost.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Rogue Stars: 7 Novels of Space Exploration and Adventure by C. Gockel

Rogue Stars: 7 Novels of Space Exploration and Adventure

by C. Gockel

Sometimes you have to go Rogue …

Jump into SEVEN full-length novels exploring the last great frontier. Rogue Stars has alien invasions, artificial intelligence, galactic intrigue, and heroes that will defy orders to do what is right.

Blast off to new worlds. Download this collection today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Repatriate Protocol by Kelli Kimble


Repatriate Protocol

by Kelli Kimble

Hillary thought she was a regular kid with average opportunities inside the underground colony. But when she’s offered the extraordinary chance to actually go outside – something that hasn’t been done for a thousand years – she finds it impossible to resist. But can she withstand the training it takes to get there? And what happens to you, once you’ve been outside?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


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