Ripped Genes by Wendy Gamble

Ripped Genes

by Wendy Gamble

A spaceship on a vital medical mission.
An alien who shouldn’t exist.
An Ambassador charged with extracting secrets from strange new people.
Mission specialists on research ship Chiron seek a cure for Earth’s strange alien pandemic. When they follow clues to deep space, they must deal with foes, weird wildlife, and science gone awry.
Ambassador O’Bien leads a pulse-pounding planetary adventure to forge relationships with aliens who might have answers. Captain Walsh falls back on his military prowess to deal with trouble. Martial artist and top gun security-head uses mind and body to battle ships, aliens, and his own dark beasts. The inventor of the dangerous deep space engine’s love for someone not quite dead makes her almost alive again. Through it all, a secretive few fervently pursue their own human enhancement agendas as they get one step closer to curing Earth’s alien pandemic.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

White Hat Black Heart by D.B. Goodin

White Hat Black Heart

by D.B. Goodin

Playing a virtual game is fun…until the game wants you dead.

Nigel Watson is a clever teenage hacker who uses his skills to make extra spending money. But, after someone plunders his mother’s bank account and drains the funds,Nigel realizes his hacking could save the family.

Soon, Nigel’s online expertise is noticed by the billionaire founder of the Colossal Machine, a virtual game played by millions of people around the planet. When Nigel is given a chance to show his prowess, his skills outshine the work of the current developers. He even discovers new ways to cheat the game that no one else knows.But, Nigel doesn’t realize that his sudden success has made enemies who want him dead.

In this cyber thriller, you never know who to trust when the virtual world makes it impossible to decrypt friend from foe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

One’s Aspect to the Sun by Sherry D. Ramsey

One’s Aspect to the Sun

by Sherry D. Ramsey

Captain Luta Paixon of the far trader Tane Ikai needs to know why she looks like a woman in her thirties–even though she’s actually eighty-four. She isn’t the only one desperate for that information.

The explanation might lie with her geneticist mother, who disappeared over sixty years ago, but even if her mother is still alive, it’s proving to be no small task to track her down in the vast, wormhole-ridden expanse of Nearspace. With the ruthless PrimeCorp bent on obtaining Luta’s DNA at any cost, her ninety-year-old husband asking for one last favor, and her estranged daughter locking horns with her at every turn, Luta’s search for answers will take her to the furthest reaches of space–and deep inside her own heart.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Dark Beneath the Moon

by Sherry D. Ramsey

Luta Paixon has plenty of trouble on the Tane Ikai, with relationships in flux and the sticky problem of two captains on one ship. But when an alien artifact shows up on the other side of a newly-discovered wormhole, the crew also find themselves pressed into the service of the Nearspace Protectorate. Their task: covertly deliver an alien historian to the site to decipher its meaning—and possible threat.

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Streets of Payne by Jeff Brackett


Streets of Payne

by Jeff Brackett

Humanity is in the eye of the beholder.

But for street-smart detective Amber Payne, it’s the eyes that aren’t human. Cybernetic implants replaced the organics she lost in the line of duty, and their appearance often causes Amber to doubt her self-worth.

Rookie detective Kevin Glass is her partner. And though he may be new, Kevin’s unparalleled skill as an elite cyber-surfer makes him an invaluable asset.

When Alta Corp contracts the two of them to solve a case of high-stakes data theft, they will need every bit of skill, experience, and determination to succeed. For the more they investigate, the more it becomes evident that this case is much more than it appears, and its resolution may forever alter the world in which they live.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


EMP Lodge Series: Six Book Complete Boxset by Grace Hamilton

EMP Lodge Series: Six Book Complete Boxset

by Grace Hamilton

For Megan Wolford, life as she knew it came to an end after the world was decimated by an EMP. Now, she does her best to survive, and protect her daughter, Caitlin. But when the young girl falls ill with a mysterious virus, Meghan must leave the safety of their home, and embark on a dangerous journey to forage for medical supplies…

Meanwhile, former Navy SEAL Wyatt Morris struggles to hold his family together. When Megan crosses into their land, he’s suspicious of her motives, despite feeling drawn to her. But he won’t turn away a sick child, no matter how deadly the world has become.

Megan and Wyatt must work together to save Caitlin, and forge a new life in a broken world. As they grow closer, they slowly discover other survivors they can trust. Strength in numbers could make the difference between life and death—but responsibility for others is a heavy burden…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Riven Calyx (An Escavian Chronicle.) by Mark Collins

Riven Calyx (An Escavian Chronicle.)

by Mark Collins

King Tell has banished wizards from his land. Now he finds he needs their help. Mordrak has loyally served the king on his campaigns but is now haunted by those he has killed. Similarly affected, Tell has commissioned him to find a wizard to help.

His sister Adriselle has no desire for court life and has her own agenda, adding to Mordrak’s burdens.

The only immediate help Mordrak can find is a sorcerer’s apprentice who would rather see him dead.

Riven Calyx is a tale of battles against evil in the face of deception and pain.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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