No Sanctuary by Mike Kraus

No Sanctuary

by Mike Kraus

A nationwide terrorist attack has left the country in shambles and the country’s transportation capabilities are crippled beyond repair. Frank Richards barely escapes with his life when he watches his truck explode in front of his eyes. As chaos descends across the country, Frank’s home-grown survival and preparedness training and the help of a mysterious stranger he meets are the only things he can rely on to see him safely across the thousand miles separating him and his loved ones.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Red Gambit by Luke R. Mitchell


Red Gambit

by Luke R. Mitchell

It’s been fifteen years since the raknoth made a smoldering heap of Earth. For some survivors, though, the problems are just getting started.

Jarek is a sword-slinging nomad with a powerful exosuit and a mean vigilante streak—until his exosuit is stolen. Now he wants it back.

Rachel is an energy-bending arcanist who wants nothing more than to find her brother and bring him home safely.

When their paths collide, Jarek and Rachel are reluctantly pulled into a race across the nuclear wasteland to reclaim his suit and save her brother. All that stands in their way is a vicious alien warlord, some grating interpersonal tension, and a whole bunch of violent marauders. Oh, and a mysterious alien artifact that may bring on the second apocalypse.

Together, they might just be strong enough to pull it off. Assuming they don’t kill each other first . . .

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

Glory Boy by Rick Partlow

Glory Boy

by Rick Partlow

Caleb Mitchell gave up everything to protect his home. Shunned by friends and family for abandoning the pacifist beliefs of their religion, he left his homeworld to fight against the implacable alien threat of the Tahni Imperium. When a training mission with a crew of military academy cadets winds up caught in the middle of one of the worst battles of the war, Cal and his fellow students are officially declared dead.
That’s when their war really begins. Recruited for a top-secret special operations unit, Cal and his friends undergo experimental augmentation that turns them into supersoldiers, designed to take the fight behind enemy lines and put the fear of God into an alien society who thinks their Emperor is God personified.
Caleb sacrificed his humanity to protect his people. But when his home is threatened, will he risk everything to save the people who turned their backs on him?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Gemini Hustle by Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown

The Gemini Hustle

by Kathleen McClure and L. Gene Brown

Two men. Two missions. One explosive outcome.

When Ray Slater’s manhunt runs afoul of Harry Finn’s undercover operation, the two operatives form an uneasy partnership, one that takes them into the heart of the notorious Black Rose Sisterhood. Here Ray and Harry find themselves entangled with two of the Sisterhood’s major players— women gifted with psionic abilities and burdened by secrets—who will change both men’s lives, forever.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

EON (Chronos Ring #1) by Earl E. Hardman


EON (Chronos Ring #1)

by Earl E. Hardman

Ian Lotus is a man with a mysterious past – and a secret that could reshape mankind’s destiny. The object of an interplanetary manhunt, Lotus must stay one step ahead of his pursuers, including the military, an invading alien fleet, and an interdimensional being of tremendous power.

$0.00 Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

Sferogyls by Mit Sandru


by Mit Sandru

The gods resurrect Tim Andrus from the dead. To his surprise he finds out that he is a god himself, and his name is Timurud.
But, the life of a god is not all heavenly. Timurud must protect weak and powerless civilizations against ferocious galactic empires. His first mission is to defend the peaceful and unarmed Sferogyl race against the Maggotroll Empire, warlike hominids who come to enslave the Sferogyls and capture their planet.
Fighting is the only solution to stay free, but the Sferogyls have no space warships. How will Timurud help them out?

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera