Arkship Obsidian by Niel Bushnell

Arkship Obsidian

by Niel Bushnell

Earth has been destroyed, the entire solar system turned to dust by a cataclysmic event known as the Fracture. Now, the last survivors of humanity live on vast arkships drifting through the Cluster, doing what they can to survive in a hostile ever-changing environment.

When the arkship Obsidian is attacked, Wynn awakes in an escape pod fleeing from a huge space battle, unable to remember who he is. Hunted by a killer robot, the forces of a rival arkship, and the Church of the Infinite, Wynn must survive long enough to unlock his lost memories, discover who is behind the attack and take his revenge.

Arkship Obsidian is the first in an epic new series from acclaimed British writer Niel Bushnell.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Bound in Time by D.F. Jones

Bound in Time

by D.F. Jones

Recently diagnosed with a heart condition that reduces his life expectancy to a couple years, Dr. Mark Elver agrees to be the first human guinea pig and jump more than 400 years into the future. After being whisked into space by a strange people, he discovers a rather soporific society living, self-contained, on a space station. But the dangers of the future Earth haven’t even begun to reveal themselves…

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Princess of Draga by Emma Dean

Princess of Draga

by Emma Dean

Will Princess Adelina sacrifice everything for the chance at love?

In a galaxy far from ours, in the distant future Princess Adelina is a submissive among dominants, a sheep among wolves, until war arrives on the doorstep of the Draga galaxy.

Prince Nash managed to escape the monstrous horde that devoured his own galaxy and now he asks for sanctuary. Adelina feels indescribably drawn to him, but he’s forbidden to her. Will she risk it all to find out if Nash is her true love?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Eden Plague by David Vandyke

The Eden Plague

by David Vandyke

When a combat veteran finds a mystery woman with armed invaders in his home and it all goes sideways, he turns to his brothers in arms to fight back. On the run from the shadowy Company, soon he finds himself in a war for possession of a genetic puzzle that threatens the stability of the world. But who is behind it all…and are they even human…

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

EMP by Wilson Harp


by Wilson Harp

In a flash of searing light, the world changed. A massive solar flare has crippled the modern world and brought chaos and destruction. David Hartsman is stuck in the remote farm town of his youth on what was expected to be a short visit to check on his ailing parents. While his wife and his daughter are hundreds of miles away at home in Chicago, David must face the dangers associated with his own survival and the pressures of not being with his family.

In a worldwide catastrophe, every struggle is personal.

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear by Ellis E. Fowler


The Dead Man Chronicles: Fear

by Ellis E. Fowler

Derek Willows lives in fear. He’s afraid of the crime families that call on him to use his access as a reporter for their sinister plans. He’s afraid that his family will be ripped apart, that he’ll end up dead, like his father.
But fear is a luxury he can no longer afford.
When the sadistic crime lord, the Viper kidnaps his pregnant wife. Derek turns to his city’s superhero vigilante, the Dead Man for help.
But disaster strikes.
Now the hero is dying, and Derek has to assume the mantle of the Dead Man to save the ones he loves.
Aided by cutting-edge technology and an unexpected ally, Derek must uncover the mystery of the Dead Man’s past, and protect his city from a plot that would destroy his family, his future, and the Dead Man’s Legacy.

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero