First Strike by Richard Turner


First Strike

by Richard Turner

When war comes after a century of peace, it is sudden and brutal. Taken by surprise Earth’s far-flung colonies are in danger.

The only son of an admiral, Second Lieutenant Michael Sheridan finds himself thrust into a desperate conflict that he and the untried soldiers under his command are not ready for. Focusing on the people struggling to survive the onslaught, First Strike is a novel that propels the reader to the furthest limits of space. Fighting a ruthless and determined enemy, Sheridan soon learns the brutal lessons of war and that his enemy may not be what it appears to be.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military


Second Skyn by Damien Boyes

Second Skyn

by Damien Boyes

Detective Finsbury Gage is back from the dead—again. But this time he’s restored from the brain bank to a life he doesn’t recognize—one where his previous version became a remorseless killer, obsessed with revenge.

He’s wanted for a murder he doesn’t remember committing, hunted by an AI who wants his mind erased, and a mysterious woman says they’re in love and refuses to leave his side. There are gaps in time he can’t account for and the evidence against him is overwhelming, but he knows he isn’t capable of the things he’s accused of.

To find the truth, he’ll be forced to infiltrate a dangerous underworld of hackable brains and superhuman bodies. Will he discover his innocence—or come face to face with the man he truly is?

If you love non-stop mindbending sci-fi like Blade Runner, Neuromancer and Altered Carbon, this is the series you’ve been looking for.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk

Survivor by S.J. Bryant


by S.J. Bryant

When everyone runs, who will stand?

For eons a dark force has lurked inside Archalon, waiting.

In 2354 the Confederacy set it free. Now the alien uprising is imminent and there’s only one person left to stop it.

Nova goes where others dare not. She shoots first, talks little, and carries a chip on her shoulder the size of a planet. Her reckless courage is all that stands between the Ancients and the annihilation of the human race.

Fear the hero who has nothing left to lose.

If you love science fiction, don’t miss out on this action-packed adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Forgotten by Krista Street


by Krista Street

Forgotten memories. Extrasensory abilities. Mysterious tattoos. Lena’s not the only one with a forgotten past and strange power. The dark-eyed man she’s drawn to may have a deeper connection to her than she imagined. If you enjoy science fiction, romance, and mysterious twists, you’ll love Forgotten. Leap into Krista Street’s captivating trilogy today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Boxed Set, the Wizards Series by Jack L Knapp

Boxed Set, the Wizards Series

by Jack L Knapp

Do you enjoy stories of ordinary people, espers, with superhuman abilities?
Telepathy, psychokinetics, pyrokinetics, more?
With the possibility that you might become one of them?
Then you’ll love Jack L Knapp’s Wizard Series!
The early users gained their abilities through a CIA-sponsored training program. But then the Talents begin to spread.
Some of the new Talented are criminals.
The police are helpless. Evidence, a logical explanation? There’s none. T and the others decide they must help. Even if it leads to discovery, to return to a life of always running, always hiding.
Because governments will stop at nothing to gain their own espers.
So T and the others will help.
But can even they stand against the madman who thinks he’s a god?
Who shapes mountaintops with mental power alone?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Legacy Human (Singularity Series Book 1) by Susan Kaye Quinn

The Legacy Human (Singularity Series Book 1)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

What would you give to live forever? Eli Brighton wants to become an ascender—a human/machine hybrid—but he’s a legacy human, caged in an invisible prison to preserve his unaltered genetic code. When a fugue state miraculously lands Eli a sponsor for the creative Olympics, he finally gets his chance… until everything he knows starts to unravel, and suddenly he’s running for his life, wondering who he truly is.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

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