Professor Pendleton and the Demiens by Kenneth James Morvant

Professor Pendleton and the Demiens

by Kenneth James Morvant

What if they discovered something worse than alien bodies at Roswell—something the government dare not reveal, but must be investigated immediately as it appears to be connected with frightening occurrences causing panic around the world? Knowing that time is critical, the nation turns to the one man who may have the training and knowledge to unravel the mystery and find the key to human survival. Are our enemies aliens, demons, or a little of both? And does that really matter, when we face the end of life as we know it?

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

The Colony Ship Vanguard by John Thornton

The Colony Ship Vanguard

by John Thornton

Here is the entire Colony Ship Vanguard series in one omnibus!
The Earth is nearly dead, and Dome 17 is failing. There is a risky plan with unproven technology, to find and use a derelict colony ship as humanity’s last chance at survival.
This is the story of one team, Paul and Gretchen, on this great adventure to the Colony Ship Vanguard. Over 550,000 words, and about 2000 pages.
EIGHT complete novels, and the entire series in one omnibus edition!
Finding the Vanguard (Colony Ship Vanguard Book 1)
Trapped on the Vanguard
Danger on the Vanguard
Searching the Vanguard
Enemy on the Vanguard
Escaping the Vanguard
Defending the Vanguard
Fate of the Vanguard
Also watch for the new and excellent AUDIOBOOK version of book 1
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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Colony by Kathleen Groger


The Colony

by Kathleen Groger

Trust no one
Never go out in the dark
Always have a weapon

Sixteen-year-old Val lives by these three rules etched on her arm. Her rules and her gun are the only things standing between her and assimilation by hordes of human-looking aliens she calls Raspers.

By day, Val gathers supplies. By night, she hides and wishes she could go back in time…before her family died…before the annihilation…before the Raspers began stalking her and demanding she join their collective.

But when the Raspers attack in broad daylight, the truth becomes startlingly clear.

They’re evolving.

A fellow survivor crashes into Val’s life. Adam’s full of charm and promises—like rumors of a safe haven—but there’s something wrong. He’s survived with no supplies, no weapons…no plans. Time is running out. Val must decide how many rules she’s willing to break to escape the Colony.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Twelve Systems Bundle: The Cartel & Bright Star by EG Manetti

The Twelve Systems Bundle: The Cartel & Bright Star

by EG Manetti

InD’tale calls the Twelve Systems Chronicles “a fascinating read! … One hungers for more after turning the last page.”

THE CARTEL: The Apprentice, Volume 1

Life within the Serengeti Cartel is perilous, riddled with malice and intrigue that can threaten the mightiest of warriors. For Lilian – brilliant, despised and one misstep away from execution for her father’s crimes – all that stands between her and destruction is the powerful warrior Lucius Mercio.

BRIGHT STAR: The Apprentice, Volume 2

Despite the odds, Lilian has survived her first two seasons as Lucius Mercio’s apprentice, proving her loyalty to her new master. When his motivations and ambitions are revealed, they are far more extraordinary than Lilian imagined. Before Lilian can begin to meet this newest challenge, a ghost from her past will threaten to destroy Lucius’ slowly developing trust.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Siege of Praetar by David Kristoph

Siege of Praetar

by David Kristoph

The red giant Saria is dying.

Praetar, a sand-blown planet, lies occupied. Its people are buried and beaten, forced to toil for the Melisao Empire that prepares to flee their star. Hyken, a Sentinel pilot, is faced with a moral dilemma that forces him to choose between his co-pilot and their mission. Mira, a factory worker on Praetar, struggles to make a better life for her daughters–using what little resources at her command. A slumlord named Bruno makes his own arrangements, gathering what meager power he can in the Empire’s scramble to flee.

Caught up in the exodus, these people struggle to survive. Are they strangers, or do their decisions affect one-another in unexpected ways?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Girl Who Shot First by Angel Lawson


The Girl Who Shot First

by Angel Lawson

Not every girl was born to be a hero.

As the country sits on the brink of extinction one girl unknowingly holds the key to saving humanity. Alexandra is nothing more than the girl next door but her scientist father and the role he plays in the virus turning the living into rabid monsters propels her into something much more.

Can she survive the journey ahead?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic