Solar Fury by E.A. Chance

Solar Fury

by E.A. Chance

Navigating life is no picnic for the young widowed surgeon, Riley Poole, so when a global solar flare strikes – destroying the power grid and stranding her in Washington, D.C. with her teenage daughter – it takes near superhuman courage to find safe harbor in a world gone mad.

With the help of a brilliant but quirky cardiologist named Coop, Riley must conquer her fears, traverse hundreds of miles of frozen terrain and survive hostile confrontations to get her daughter, Julia, to safety. Will she have the strength and determination to ensure they survive?

If you like fierce heroines and heart-pounding adventure at the end of the world, then you’ll love this thrilling new saga by E.A. Chance.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Hunting Daybreak

by E.A. Chance

A global solar flare has wreaked havoc on Earth, killing billions and destroying all vestiges of modern technological life. Dr. Riley Poole leaves her injured teenage daughter in Virginia and strikes out on a cross-country trek for Colorado with her new husband Coop to learn the fate of her two youngest children.

Along the way, they cross paths with old acquaintances and learn that one member of their group has put them in grave danger, forcing them to stay one step ahead of a newly formed rogue government. In the midst of the uncertainty, Riley and Coop get life-altering news that throws their plans into chaos. Will Riley find the wit and courage to cross a continent and survive to reach her family in time?

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Nightmare of the Clans by Pamela E. Cash


Nightmare of the Clans

by Pamela E. Cash

The six clans across the inhabited continents of the world have existed since the beginning of time in hiding because of their extraordinary abilities. Sakombi (Africa), Spencer (Europe), Qiao (Asia), Amaru (South America), Gale (Australia) and Natosapi (North America). They remained in hiding even when one of their own was brutally murdered over a prophecy most of them refused to believe. Then Chassie arrives, as the prophecy foretold, the third generation of the Sakombi clan born with vivid green eyes. But she has no knowledge of her heritage and thinks that her mother died of natural causes—until she discovers that her mother’s killer is looking for her.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban




by W.R. Gingell

Meet Marx. Meet Kez.

Marx is a small, angry man with a time machine and a chip on his shoulder. Kez is a homicidal little girl with a price on her head and a penchant for kicking people where it hurts the most.

After a narrow escape from the owners of the stolen craft he pilots, the last thing Marx wants is another gun pointed at him. What he wants and what he gets, however, are two very different things.

On the run from killers, shadowy corporations, and one very specific Someone, the last thing Kez wants when she points a gun at yet another apparent killer is a self-appointed protector.

What she wants and what she needs, however, are two very different things…

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


by W.R. Gingell

Even time travellers can run out of time.

Marx and Kez have been skipping through the known Twelve Worlds, keeping one step ahead of certain capture by the seat of their trousers, and the vastness of time and space is feeling a tad too small.

Kez has always been a bit crazy, but now it’s Marx who is getting mad. Someone is trying to kill them, and that’s the sort of thing he takes personally.

To add to their difficulties, there are Fixed Points in time that are beginning to look a little less…fixed.

Between Time Corp, WAOF, Uncle Cheng, and the Lolly Men, it’s beginning to look like there’s nowhere safe in the known Twelve Worlds for Kez and Marx.

Here be monsters…

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Relive by KJ Nelson


by KJ Nelson

What happens when you fall in love with the girl you murdered in your first life?

An electrifying debut novel from KJ Nelson.

It’s the perfect blend of Back to the Future, and The Shawshank Redemption.


There is a secret order called The Journeyers. They are a group of people that live their lives over and over. For the most part, they keep to themselves and enjoy their special kind of immortality. They have a vested interest in making sure the timeline doesn’t change too much. The only issue is someone with knowledge from the future is making ripples and ripples are never good.

Gerald Holstrom is an inmate at Folsom Prison. He’s served 47 years of his life sentence. He spends every day filled with regret, trying desperately to survive in a world of concrete and barbed wire.

His regrets flood his mind. He’s constantly plagued by visions of the crime he committed when he was

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Apprentice to the Time Gods by Clark Graham

Apprentice to the Time Gods

by Clark Graham

“Time God?” All Andri knew about them was they were time travelers going throughout the galaxy protecting the weak and the innocent. He read the invitation again. They wanted him to try out for the Time God’s apprentice. A farmer’s son, his only aspiration was to take over the family farm when it was his turn. Andri accepted, to bring honor to his family and his planet. But even at the trials, he found there would be those willing to kill, to become, the Apprentice to the Time Gods.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

The Crash: Community Chronicles Book 1 A Novella by Jenn Lees

The Crash: Community Chronicles Book 1 A Novella

by Jenn Lees

Edinburgh University student, Martin Moffatt, plans for a successful life backed by his father’s wealth. But any hope of normal is destroyed when black market entrepreneur, Derrick Lloyd, kidnaps him off the street for ransom.
Bad timing—for the world is descending into chaos after a massive stock market crash.
Shona McGrath, a waitress from a rough part of Edinburgh, is a woman with a cause—any cause. While attending a protest, Shona is abducted and thrown into Martin’s new life.
With his wealth disappearing overnight, Martin’s father is slow to pay the ransom. Will Martin become a slave to Lloyd for life? The world they know will never be the same, but some things never change.

Like the desire to be free, the strength of the human spirit—and love.
The Crash, a novella, is the first book in the Community Chronicles Series.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Stolen Time: Community Chronicles Book 2

by Jenn Lees

He’s a desperate time traveller. She doesn’t know her destiny.
Scottish nurse Caitlin thought she had a promising future but when a massive market crash plunges the world into chaos, she’s just trying to survive the present. Looters raid her wealthy uncle’s estate and she escapes with the help of a mysterious stranger who knows things about her that should be impossible.
Militiaman Scott Campbell is devastated by the loss of his wife. Illegally going back in time to rescue her from ruthless raiders, he hopes to secure her safety by hiding out in the idyllic Highlands. Though he works hard to train her in self-defense and leadership, capturing her heart proves harder than he thought.
As she learns to trust him, Caitlin finds herself unexpectedly falling for the man from the dark future. When an agent from his own time hunts him down, Scott fears he’ll lose the perfect woman again.

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