The Amulet Thief by Luanne Bennett

The Amulet Thief

by Luanne Bennett

Fitheach blood doesn’t just run through the veins–it’s a binding contract that can never be broken.

Alex Kelley vanished twenty-one years ago–the night her mother was murdered. When she comes home to New York City, she wants just two things: a little peace, and answers about the unsolved murder and why she was abandoned in the middle of America at the age of eight.

She attracts the otherworldly like moths to a flame. And why does every stranger on the streets of Manhattan want a piece of her and that pendant hanging around her pretty little neck? Maybe the answers are in a peculiar shop in the heart of Greenwich Village where ghosts, memories, and secrets are bursting from the walls and the books and the one person who knows her best.

The line between the mundane and supernatural worlds is starting to blur. Which side will she choose? Which would you?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Oathbreaker (Legend of the Gods Book 1) by Aaron Hodges

Oathbreaker (Legend of the Gods Book 1)

by Aaron Hodges

A century since the departure of the Gods, the Three Nations are now united beneath the Tsar. Magic has been outlawed, its power too dangerous to remain unchecked. All Magickers must surrender themselves to the crown, or face imprisonment and death.

Alana’s mundane life has just been torn apart by the emergence of her brother’s magic. Now they must leave behind everything they’ve ever known and flee – before the Tsar’s Stalkers pick up their trail. Tasked with hunting down renegade Magickers, the merciless hunters will stop at nothing to bring them before the Tsar’s judgement.

As the noose closes around Alana and her brother, disgraced hero Devon finds himself at odds with the law when he picks a fight with the wrong man. The former warrior has set aside his weapons, but now, caught between the renegades and the Stalkers, he is forced to pick a side – the empire, or the innocent.

Grab this all new epic fantasy novel by NYTimes Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

My Love is Vengeance by Georgiana Derwent

My Love is Vengeance

by Georgiana Derwent

Tara’s psychic bond with her twin, Gene, allows them to combine his strength with her intelligence so they can both wield power. Until Gene dies in a duel with the arrogant young Duke Longville.

Vowing revenge, Tara becomes Longville’s personal advisor to manipulate him and provoke an uprising that will lead to his death. Destroying the Duke she’s sworn to serve could result in her execution, but to avenge her brother, she’s willing to take any risk. Tara expects to despise working with Gene’s killer. Instead, she feels a traitorous attraction and discovers they share the same telepathic connection she once shared with her brother—a connection that only twins and soulmates possess.

Tara’s sense of right and wrong blurs as her love for Longville increases and her schemes against him escalate, leaving her torn between forbidden love and brutal revenge.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Gretel (Gretel Book One) by Christopher Coleman

Gretel (Gretel Book One)

by Christopher Coleman

Alone. Frightened. Captive. If you hear someone approaching, RUN. She is not there to help you.

There is an ancient evil in the Back Country, dormant for centuries but now hungry and lurking. When it sets its sights on an unsuspecting mother one routine morning along an isolated stretch of highway, a quiet farming family is suddenly thrust into a world of unspeakable terror, and a young girl must learn to be a hero.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Marlene’s Revenge (Gretel Book Two)

by Christopher Coleman

Terror. Danger. Power. The witch has returned and no one is safe.

Almost a year has passed since Anika and Gretel’s horrifying night in an abandoned cannery in the Back Country, and the subsequent beginning of their quest to the Old Country for answers to the mysteries of Orphism. But rumors are reaching the far shore that the evil Witch of the North, presumed dead since that night of terror, is alive and strong. And hunting again. But this time no one is safe. Everyone Gretel loves is in danger, and she must summon a new level of power and conviction to end her family’s nightmare forever.

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The Dragon’s Blade: The Reborn King by Michael R. Miller

The Dragon’s Blade: The Reborn King

by Michael R. Miller

Darnuir made many mistakes. Death is his redemption. Reborn, and secretly raised by humans, this former dragon prince must become the king his past-self never was. This fast-paced epic is perfect for fans of Raymond E. Feist, R.A. Salvatore, and Brandon Sanderson.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Hero in a Halfling by William Tyler Davis

Hero in a Halfling

by William Tyler Davis

Not all halflings dream of magic…

But Epik isn’t like the rest. Adventure. Excitement. He craves those things. He would rather learn magic, not follow a wizard on some fool’s adventure…. Or so he thinks.

The problem: magic is outlawed. After setting out for the city, what Epik finds in Dune All-En isn’t at all what he’d hoped. No magic. And few wizards.

Luck, or something more sinister, is on the halfling’s side. He meets Gabby, a wizard who is kind enough to rent him a room, or rather, a closet, at his now-defunct magical supply store. And as a group of mountain trolls threatens the city, Epik sees the opportunity to do something, well, epic.

If only the halfling inside him would stop peeking out.

Featuring halflings, dwarves, elves, and a ranger or two, Hero in a Halfling is perfect for fans of both Discworld and Middle-earth.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian