by Alexandra Pugachevsky

Zoya’s life in 1989 Moscow is tough for a 12-year-old. One day, when the meanest bully at school takes it too far, he knocks Zoya unconscious and she wakes up…in Paris.

There, everything is perfect. She discovers that she has a best friend! Zoya sets out to enjoy Paris to the fullest, except, it’s not really her life. She has taken the place of another girl, ZoĆ©, who has disappeared. But before Zoya can understand what had happened, she is thrown back to dreary Moscow! Zoya will do anything to get back to Paris. It’s the life that she truly deserves! But first, she needs to understand how she ended up in Paris in the first place.

Did she discover a parallel universe? Did she travel in time? Or was it all just a dream?

As Zoya seeks answers, she learns about our multidimensional world and transforms her reality, as well as that of the people around her.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel