Yul’s De Bello Gallico

by Jules Wright

Do you yearn for adventure, battle, love, and romance? Do you want to know more about the collapse of the Western Roman Empire and the era of barbarian immigration into western and southern Europe (and North Africa? Wait no more! Yul and his band of misfits on horses are back! They have left Britannia for Gaul (i.e. Holland, Belgium, and France) to restore the empire with the pretender, Constantine III, where they skirmish and battle with Persian Alans and German Vandals. They make fast friendships (and more) with Franks and Suevis (more Germans, but friends of the empire). They must fight not only external enemies, but those within, who are devious, empowered by birth, not by merit. Do witches both entice and repel you? How about warrior women with attitudes? Join Yul as he and the Brave Companions liberate slaves, allies, and new friends.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Yul the Younger

by Jules Wright

The Roman Empire is coming apart at the seams, relying on German recruits and foederati to hold the empire together. The eastern and western empires are ruled by incompetent young men who allow their German warlords to rule for them, but imperial elites conspire against the generals. Yul the Younger is a Saxon boy negotiating life in the empire with strong ties to his family in Germania. His father, Yul the Elder, sends Yul to a monastery school to learn the ways of the empire, with the father serving the empire as a quaestor (treasurer) in the east of Britannia. Yul the elder’s job is to make certain that the mostly German troopers of the Saxon Shore are fed, equipped, and paid, but Romano-British landlords are withholding taxes while enslaving Germans and building lavish country houses.

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