Oblivion Threshold

by J.R. Mabry & B.J. West

It isn’t a war—it’s a massacre. Mindless mechanical aliens are destroying everything in their path. And that path is headed straight for Earth…

The Prox don’t even notice us. They are simply devouring and reclaiming every scrap of metal they encounter. They have destroyed several colonies, killing everyone and leaving only wreckage in their wake.

Captain Jeff Bowers is a shell of a man, reduced to solo missions where he can’t piss anybody off. He is spying on the Prox when his ship crashes and he dies…kind of. When he wakes up he discovers he has a new body—and mysterious powers that could save the Earth…or end all life as we know it.

Oblivion Threshold is the first book in the thrilling Oblivion Saga. If you love Star Trek and Starship Troopers, you simply cannot pass up this adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Immortal Blood: Book 1 of The Immortal Descendants

by Toni Cox

A true-blood heir of an otherwise extinct fae bloodline, a thousand-year-old magic spell, and a lycan attack—now my eyes are wide open to a world full of monsters.

I have an innate fear of fangs, so when I learn that the super-hot guy that saved me is a vampire hybrid, I’m just as scared as I was when my life was hanging in the balance. But it’s not just him that makes me hot under the collar as I find out what I missed over the centuries.

If you like Jennifer L. Armentrout and Bella Forrest, you’ll want to dive right into this new paranormal series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Ascension Gate Complete Omnibus

by Justin Sloan

The Complete Omnibus of the Ascension Gate series, now all books combined in one place!

What starts as a battle between genetically-engineered super soldiers and an elite group of hackers soon unravels conspiracies that threaten to topple world governments.

Our heroes won’t sit by and do nothing, but soon find they’re involved in more than they could have ever imagined. Get ready for an adventure that takes us from space stations and alien tech to a gateway to the stars.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

Nocturnal Academy Complete Series Boxset

by Holly Hook, Margo Ryerkerk

The Nocturnal Academy boxset includes all four books in the series full of dark magic, sizzling romance, and heart-pounding adventure!

In a world ruled by vamps, being half fae and magicless sucks.

You know what’s even worse? Being sold into slavery by your own mother.

I am Onyx Logan, and my mother condemned me when she shipped me off to Nocturnal Academy. If I get lucky, the academy will mold me into a servant for rich vampires. If I’m not, I’ll become a courtesan.

But if the vamps think I’ll take this lying down like a good little b#@ch, they’re wrong. I don’t have the means to escape Nocturnal Academy, but I have my eyes set on someone who does.

Prince Preston Kallan, a handsome, pureblood fae teacher from the Summer Court, doesn’t know who I am yet, but he will soon. At least that was the plan. Because as it turns out, nothing goes the way I expect.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Sudden Death

by L.L. Richman

‘Sudden Death’ is just a theme park ride.
Until it isn’t.

Fresh off his first Marine deployment, Boone must now choose between two schools: Intelligence or Scout Sniper. Though he’s shown clear aptitude for the second, he’s not sure he has what it takes to do the job.

When he puts the decision aside to join his buddies on a day of leave, the last thing Boone expects to see is a naval weapons locker in the hands of a man who is clearly not Navy. On impulse, he shadows the man, only to find himself running for his life… smack into a Unit operator.

Now he has two options: join the fight or remain behind. But the choice he’s been given is really no choice at all. For the only way to save the park is for Boone to embrace his calling.

The fate of thousands rests on this one decision.
He’d better make it a good one.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Void Contract

by Scott Alan Rhine

Mandalorian meets Taken. Max hunted alien war criminals across the Gigaparsec of known space. After they’re all gone, he isn’t sure how he’ll fit into peacetime society. That’s not a problem now that Saurian mobsters have kidnapped his only surviving friend. Since evolved races can’t legally kill sentients, Max is going to have to get creative.

Fans of Dietz, Zahn, Vance, Heinlein, Walter Jon Williams, David Brin, and Babylon 5 should enjoy this action-filled quest to other planets.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Unknown Sun

by Cheryl S. Mackey

Her past.

Their present.

Skyfall’s future.

All three will be lost unless Moira finds the last immortals left in the world…The Unknown Sun.

Moira, Belamar, and Airi must repair a world on the brink of destruction by finding the missing immortals connected to Airi and Belamar’s mother, Tanari. When millennia old secrets about Moira’s past and Tanari’s emerge on the eve of a revolution, everything she knows and has come to love, including Belamar and Airi, will be destroyed unless she confronts her own fears and becomes who she was meant to be.

Even if she has no idea what that is.

Part 1 of an epic, romantic, swords and sorcery fantasy for fans of Elise Kova and Peter Wacht!

Love, loss, truth, lies, fate, and destiny are only a small part of the puzzle that has spanned millennia and now Moira must confront them all…Download The Unknown Sun and join their adventure to

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Prism Affect

by J Wint

Earth can no longer sustain itself.
Storms blanket the planet, our future uncertain. All seems lost until the creation of the Skylight System. The orbiting wonder rekindles hope for everyone including a young man named Jet Stroud. When he arrives at Skylight University he sees an opportunity to live a life he never thought possible. There’s just one problem. He’ll be dead soon.
Thanks to his rare condition, E.M., legend says he’ll be dead before he’s twenty-four. He can’t outrun his fate, but maybe he can outsmart it. E.M. comes with one very noticeable trait, though—his eyes glow. As he quests for a cure, his condition worsens and he begins to see odd symbols and holographic prophecies. But the most disturbing symptom shocks him to the core. The ghost of a former student begins to follow him. In the end he will discover something that may change the fate of the human race forever.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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