by PM Cole

What if the Arthurian legends were wrong?

As the storm of the century bears down on the United Kingdom, two individuals, Katrina Ambrose and Justin Pendridge near their twenty-first birthdays.

All Katrina wants to do is get a few hacking gigs, pay the bills and keep her mother happy, but a fateful visit to her grandfather, opens her mind to a hidden world and her part in it.

Justin wants to get into Oxford, but an unsuccessful interview strands him in the city just as the storm hits. His only salvation seems to be a strange Georgian house, which he is led to by a black cat.

Two individuals, connected by the Order of the Ring and an old evil which wants to change everything.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

A True Story from a Parallel Universe

by Brian Yansky

This is an historical urban fantasy (with a healthy dose of humor) set on an otherworld earth in a parallel universe. The main character, a shifter (he can become just about any breed of dog), detective Romeo Moon, ends up hunting a mass murderer demon-god who happens to be family. He has help from his best-friend, a mixed species zombie-human who practices Undertaker magic. He’ll need all the help he can get because he uncovers a conspiracy that includes the mayor, city police, a robber baron with the most powerful magic of all (money), a Dracula vampire, an army of the living and the dead, all involved in a plot to take over his city. Can he stop it? Can he survive trying to stop it? Read yesterday, or if that’s impossible, today.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Kalanon’s Rising

by Darian Smith

Sir Brannon Kesh spent years building a new life as a physician, leaving the name Bloodhawk behind. But when the King’s cousin is murdered, duty forces him back toward bloodshed and a task his royal friend can trust to no one else. Solving the crime is the only way to save his country – and himself.
The disturbing crime scene suggests dark magic and clues point to the Nilarian ambassador, an alluring woman with secrets of her own. Kalanon barely survived the last Nilarian onslaught. Another war will mean disaster.
As bodies pile up, Brannon must join forces with a vain mage with a mysterious dragon tattoo, a socially awkward priest, and a zombie-raising shaman to solve the murders and prevent the impending chaos. If he and his team of misfits cannot stop the killer then all of Kalanon – and the world – will descend into darkness.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Geetha Krishnan

In Hastinapura, Atiratha and Radha find a baby floating in the river. In the palace, the impotent King Pandu is forced to abdicate the throne while his bastard half brother Vidura conspires with his queen Kunti. The blind King Dhritarashtra struggles against his autocratic uncle while the sage Vyasa fights desperately to avert a power struggle within the Kuru family. This is the saga of Mahabharata, as it has never been told before.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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