In Vitro Lottery

by Ed Ryder

“A Cautionary Tale of Epic Proportions”
“Thought provoking, scarily believable and compelling.”

New Apple Summer e-Book Awards 2016 winner in SciFi / Dystopia

The Norwegian Death changed the world forever, but that was just the beginning of Humanity’s problems. Decades later, the children of the survivors find themselves unable to conceive, with complex and expensive fertility treatment the only option. Some can afford it, but for everyone else, there is the In Vitro Lottery.

Kate Adams never really wanted a family, so when her numbers come up for treatment at the clinic, she gives her winning ticket to her sister, Emily. Then tragedy strikes, and Kate is sent on a collision course with the clinic head Victor Pearson, and the Government, in her quest for answers. When the fate of Humanity is at stake, who really controls the future, and what will they do to protect it?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

The Awakening: Part One

by Michael Timmins

War begins with an awakening…
Two millennia ago, a bloody civil war was fought between two Druidesses. Lycans were created to fight this war.
Now, four individuals struggle to cope as ancient powers are awoken inside of them as they shift for the first time. Their lives are thrown into chaos as they learn to control these new powers. Their only hope to survive is to master the beast within as the Druidesses who fought the ancient war have awoken again to do battle; here and now.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Flash Back

by Ellison Blackburn

Generation Xer, Charlotte Fenn wishes she had made different choices. Perhaps if she had her life would not seem to be flatlining toward more of the same—the mere thought is depressing. However, just as change is certain, life itself is unpredictable. And so, in her wildest imaginings, Charley could not have guessed that hope would arrive via a medical breakthrough.

Indeed, like a dream come true, regenerative science promises to deliver both the freshness and opportunities of youth to those who seek it and even to those who do not—for somehow, it has found Charley. Now if only someone had told her hindsight has consequences.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

An Other Place

by Darren Dash

There is An Other Place, where time and space are fluid, where the moon changes colour and savage beasts run wild, where cannibalism occasionally comes into fashion and the dead are swiftly forgotten, where strange sandmen offer sanctuary in times of danger and a mysterious Alchemist rules over all.

When Newman Riplan’s flight into the unknown turns into a nightmarish slide between worlds, he must explore an unnamed city where unpredictable terrors are the norm. By the end of his first day adrift, his life has spun completely out of his control, but the most mind-twisting and soul-crushing revelations are only beginning. As he desperately searches for meaning and a way out, he starts to realise that perhaps only madness can provide him with the answers, while surrender might offer him his only true hope of escape.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Frostbite: An Ivy Granger Psychic Detective Prequel

by E.J. Stevens

Enter an award-winning urban fantasy world where monsters roam the streets and things aren’t always what they seem.

When a client claims that her house is being haunted, Ivy tries to keep her mind open and her weapons handy. Will our favorite psychic detective face down murderous ghosts? Anything is possible in Harborsmouth.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Red Hourglass

by Ashley Capes

Escape isn’t the hardest challenge for a slave – it’s staying free afterwards.

Siblings Thomas and Mia find themselves fleeing across a desolate land, hounded by the monstrous sand-hog, a steam-powered war machine bent on recapturing them at all costs.

Thomas fears the worst. He knows the tyrannical King Williams seeks Mia and her mysterious powers of foresight, but it seems even her gift cannot save the day when the sand-hog corners them. It isn’t until they cross paths with a group of rebels and stumble across rumours of a lost airship that Thomas begins to wonder if there isn’t hope of escape after all…

A steampunk adventure set in a slowly dying land where magic clashes with steam and alchemy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

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