Screams of Steel

by Mike Stagg

A magic sword with a terrible price unleashes chaos in an honorable man’s life.

Torant has spent his life as a Stone Warden upholding the law. After being warned by a legendary sorceress, Torant must take down a mad bandit lord who wields a fearsome greatsword. When the sword falls into Torant’s hands, he learns it’s secret – the sword gives him the strength of the last person it killed at the cost of hearing that person’s soul. Now magically bound to the sword, Torant finds himself trying to thwart a plot against him while an angry soul whispers and screams in a voice that only he can hear. As his honorable life unravels, Torant fights to keep his oath, his sanity, and his life.

Screams of Steel is a Cacophony Blade Novel, the first in a series of stand-alone, sword & sorcery adventures. Dive into a world of fast-paced tales of magic, steel, and monsters today.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Child of the Daystar

by Bryce O’Connor

Among the scattered fringe cities bordering the Cienbal desert, the true name of the Monster of Karth is spoken only in whispers…

Raz i’Syul Arro.

A sellsword of the utmost caliber, Raz is a killer of paramount skill and highest regard. Towering tall even amongst the atherian, he is the only of his kind to live free in the “civilized” confines of mankind’s varied cultures. He has no need of loyalties, his sole affections pledged to the gold crowns that buy his time and skills. Wed to his blades, Raz’s only friends are the Moon and Her Stars and the shadows they bring with the night.

But Raz was not born to the mercenary’s way, to the butchery and battle of day-by-day survival. Raz, like a sword, was hammered from steel and fire and ashy smoke, forged on the ruins of an old life. And Raz knows who he owes this new path to, this carved way of blood and iron.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Warring Son

by Bryce O’Connor

Raz i’Syul Arro is a hunted man. To the south, the Mahsadën of Miropa are gone. The šef lay dead, slain at Raz’s own hands, their cruel will ripped from the shadows of the city. In response, riders careen to every reachable corner of the known realms, telling anyone with a mind to listen of the boundless riches promised for the Monster’s head. The world now turned against him, Raz is forced to flee, escaping along the northern roads just as the summer months come to an end. For a time the coolness and breathtaking verdure of the great rolling woodlands he finds himself in are a welcome change, offering a sublime peace from a life that has rarely known more than brutality and bloodshed.

But that peace – as is so often the case – is a shallow trickery. The North, it seems, is not far-gone from the corruption and wickedness Raz had hoped to leave behind in the fringe cities.

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Advent of the Magic Eater

by Chamberlain Potts

If you enjoy magic and intrigue, don’t miss this fast-paced read!

Haunted by the images of his mother’s death and faced with the reality that he won’t be a mage, a young man discovers a deep yearning for magic within himself that will lead him into darkness.

Nug was content spending his summer basking in the sun and jumping off the floating dock at the family’s lakeside cottage. Sure, his older brother Galen and his friends picked on him for being scrawny and awkward, but life was good, mostly.

But fate, ever fickle, changed all of this with the death of his mother.

Nug finds himself living on the streets of an unforgiving city caught between the competing factions. Two Thieves’ Guilds, fire mages fighting each other for supremacy, the rich of the Golden Circle using their money and influence for personal gain and the city guards working for the highest bidder. The city’s balance precarious.

The world is about to change. Starting in corrupt city of Lupeth. The cycle has begun anew.

The god of chaos has placed his first pawn.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Luck of Han’anga

by Thomas Watson

An age of peaceful exploration has ended.

The centuries old dream of meeting an intelligent, nonhuman species has finally come true, in the form of the people known as the Leyra’an. But the dream soon becomes something darker when the Leyra’an prove to be more than just humanoid. They are like us to a degree that cannot be explained by chance alone. The search for the answer to this mystery will reveal a universe stranger and more dangerous than the crew of the probeship William Bartram could have imagined, and expose both Humanity and the Leyra’an to the threat of extinction.

For better or worse, that search has begun.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Founders’ Effect

by Thomas Watson

While Robert and Alicia MacGregor, survivors of the ill-fated probeship William Bartram, work to rebuild their lives, the Commonwealth seeks a way to end the long, bitter conflict between the Republic and the Leyra’an. But the leaders of the Republic, suspicious of the motives that drive their long-sundered kin and faced with unrest among their own people, resist the changes that must come for peace to exist. And all the while, forces unseen by either side are at work, determined to force Humanity and the Leyra’an to walk the path of war.

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Heir of Ra

by M. Sasinowski

Alyssa signed up to study history, not to rewrite it.
An excavation of the fabled Hall of Records beneath the Sphinx unleashes an ancient disease that leaves her father fighting for his life. As Alyssa races to find a cure, she stumbles onto an impossible artifact that could change history—or destroy our future.

With unexpected help from Oxford student Paul Matthews, Alyssa evades ruthless adversaries set on harnessing the power of the artifact. As a global epidemic looms, they must unravel deep secrets hidden within it and unveil the link between a mythical civilization and the birth of Egyptian mythology, before time runs out.

Compulsively readable, M. Sasinowski’s electrifying debut thriller, Heir of Ra, is filled with action, technology, humor, and a generous dose of “what if” that just might have you question your history books.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Oxbow Kingdom Trilogy: Complete Series Books One – Three

by C. M. Skiera

An Underbelly orphan and a fugitive wizard are both falsely accused and on the run. Will they survive the men and monsters that want them dead? Find out in this white-knuckled epic fantasy thrill ride!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

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