The Race of a Lifetime

by D.B. Förster

Blaise Richards is simply tired of life. With the failure of his career, collapse of his family, and suicide of his wife, all he wants is a way out. Unexpectedly, his wish is granted by a strange being with an offer Blaise has no choice but to accept: Run a perfect race for his immortal soul in exchange for a lifetime of solitude in which to train.

The one relief from his incredible loneliness is a device that allows Blaise to travel to any of his life’s memories. In time, he learns that he can alter history from within his recollections, but such changes come at high cost. Re-living the past means facing his demons, or simply not living at all. The choice he eventually makes leads him through a journey of hedonism, humanity, love, confrontation and, ultimately, a chance for personal growth. The question is whether Blaise can save himself by heeding the lessons of his own story.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Dragon Bones

by Ines Johnson

Sure, I can rock a tank top and ponytail while collecting ancient relics, but don’t call me a tomb raider. I knew the guy who built the pyramids… and I mean in the biblical sense.

Get this hot urban fantasy featuring spine-tingling adventure, twists on historical mysteries, and thrilling romance, where Tomb Raider meets Indiana Jones—and they live forever!

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Witch of the Cards

by Catherine Stine

Great beach read! Summer sale.
Fiera was born a sea witch with no inkling of her power. And now it might be too late. This paranormal suspense is set in 1932 on the Jersey shore. Fiera and a friend wander into Peter Dune’s Tarot & Séance, where they attend a reading. When her energies bond with Peter’s in an undeniable force, dangerous events unspool. Fiera discovers she’s a witch from a sea clan, but someone’s out to stop her blossoming powers. Though she’s falling for Peter, he has a covert past. Secrets, lies, even murder, lace this fantasy that fans of the Harkness novels will likely enjoy. Readers say: “Stine weaves a spell with magic, tarot cards & terrifying underwater scenes” “My cuppa tea!” – Romance Bookworm.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Next Time I Die

by Col Cort

I volunteered to wage war on interstellar terrorists. I thought I’d be a hero. I was wrong.

A fast-paced military science-fiction story for fans of ‘Starship Troopers’ and ‘Old Man’s War’

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

War Fleet: The Complete Series (Books 1-5)

by Daniel Young, Joshua James

With time running out and help light-years away, Captain Frank Olsen and his aging warship full of inexperienced crew must stop a disaster that threatens millions of people. But it’s soon clear that what started as an isolated incident has grown to enormous proportions, encompassing a vast conspiracy and threatening to wipe out humanity.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Gilgamesh of Uruk

by Tamara Agha-Jaffar

A mythic retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh from ancient Mesopotamia. Gilgamesh, son of the goddess Ninsun and the mortal Lugalbanda, is the arrogant king of the vibrant city of Uruk, a sprawling desert metropolis. To quell Gilgamesh’s oppressive behavior, the gods fashion the wild man, Enkidu, to be a companion to the king and to calm his errant ways. The two form an inseparable bond, embark on a wild misadventure, and commit a series of blunders that offend the very gods who created Enkidu. What happens next sends Gilgamesh on an epic journey to find his ancestor, Utnapishtim the Faraway, to learn his story of survival and unlock the secrets of immortality.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends


by Joanna Starr

A multi-award-winning Sci-Fi Fantasy epic!

Enlightened. Enslaved. Erased.
Earth, 50,000 years ago before the magic vanished. Invaded by aliens posing as gods, advanced civilisations crumbled. Now, these powerful off-worlders war for control of the planet, and the people who remain no longer remember what they once were. Seduced then enslaved, humanity has fallen.

In the ashes of her ancestors, Thaya fights to stay alive, but hers is not the only race beleaguered, and her survival is inextricably tied to the fate of an other-worldly being. In a journey that takes her to different times, alien worlds and across dimensions, Thaya must lose everything to find her own salvation.

Lost civilisations. Alien invasions. Humanity enslaved. Gryphons. Unicorns. Magic… In FARSEEKER, Epic Fantasy meets Sci-Fi and takes us on an incredible race through time and across worlds.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Dark Souls

by Sam J Fires

A decade ago, the world ended.

Out of the sand-ridden ashes emerged a fractured community.

People longed for hope. Prayed for leadership.

Then came Travis. Their savior. Travis forges a new world; providing people with shelter, food, and work, bringing order back to their lives.

Lulled into a false sense of security, the growing community is rocked by a sadistic murder. They turn to Travis to protect them. Not seventeen-year-old Lea. Saved by Travis when she was a little girl, he has molded her into a warrior, hell-bent on survival. Now, she will gladly take her place by his side as they hunt for the malicious killer.

Yet as dark secrets are revealed, Lea begins to fear she will be the next marked for death.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Crimson Rage

by Sam J Fires

Death descended in a stifling red cloud.

For Donna, this could be a welcome relief from her meaningless life. But first, she has a life to save.

As Los Angeles spirals into chaos, strangers quickly become allies when Donna encounters police officer Jane Benson and movie director wannabe, Eric Landers. Now, the three have no choice but to rely on one another if there’s any hope of surviving the apocalypse.

All five books in the thrilling Crimson Rage Series have been brought together in one digital collection.

Crimson Rage is a gripping post-apocalyptic thriller featuring flawed, complex characters and high-octane action. A disaster/survival series perfect for fans of Ryan Schow, Grace Hamilton, Harley Tate, Jack Hunt, Boyd Craven, and Kyla Stone.

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