The Phase Transition

by Ryan Okerlund

For millennia humanity has fought against the notion of magic. Superstition and irrational fear have slowly been replaced with reason and logic. This was our downfall. For science and magic are merely transitory fluctuations our planet has experienced a thousand times in its history. As has happened in the past, so must happen again. As the Phase sweeps over the earth, America is lost in chaos. Electricity and gunpowder become useless, and anarchy rules. From amongst this pandemonium strikes forth an ancient from the dark past who strives to create order in the bedlam of the present. Professor Avedesh gathers those he knows to have the magical strength of the ancients; those whose very genes carry power. Fighting off starvation and shadowy cults that pursue them, the Professor must teach his followers to use their latent powers, not only to save themselves, but civilization.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Fall of an Overlord

by Kevin Potter

Can the cost of victory be greater than the pain of defeat?

Khell is a conflicted dragon. Determined to free his people from the tyranny of his Overlord, he must accept that doing so will violate the only law held sacred by all of dragonkind.

Melli is an iron-willed wyrm of smoke and shadow devoted to protecting her kin and clan.

When their Overlord is left undefended, Khell is propelled into an alliance with Melli and her clan against the tyrant.

Melli accepts the possibility of failure.

Khell recognizes the danger of betrayal.

But if the other Overlords discover the plot, could victory be the worst outcome of all?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Rise of the Overlord

by Kevin Potter

A prophesied Hero, a Dragoon with a dark secret, and a living Calamity on the horizon.

Loyyul doesn’t care about being a warrior, he only wants to prove himself. But in a chance encounter with his race’s two oldest enemies, he must make an impossible choice.

Vilhelm was taken for training before he could walk. Battle is almost all he knows. But on a secret mission across the sea, with enemies on all sides, he begins to question everything.

A one-time dragon Overlord now roams the empty reaches of space in search of a new home. A place with inhabitants intelligent enough to worship him as a god. But will he survive the terrors of space long enough to find it?

When fate brings these three factions to a deadly clash, can two races in eternal conflict come together as The Calamity begins, or is the world of Val-Harra doomed to be enslaved by the Overlord?

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Mind of a Child: “Sentient Serpents” (OMEGA FORCE and ALPHA UNIT Book 1)

by Dean C. Moore

When two special ops teams are called in to babysit a multibillionaire on his vacation of a lifetime in the Amazon rainforest, they are none too pleased.

The assignment is a new low.

Little do they know their charge, Natty Young, is the Tesla of his times, within whose mind many of their nextgen-tech toys are born. But he refuses to cooperate any longer with RevoCorp that holds so many DARPA contracts. Hence the attitude check of a series of war games disguised as a vacation getaway; maybe once he gets a taste of the real world, he’ll get over his idealism.

OMEGA FORCE and ALPHA UNIT are about to be challenged in ways they never have before coming up against the transhuman era head on, and human upgrade technology that does more than call their survival into question; it calls the survival of the human race into question.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Narrow Gate

by Janean Worth

After the Fall of the Days of Tech, the world is a harsh and desolate place. Protected behind a massive Gate, the citizens of GateWide live out their days in the shadow of an evil Sovereign.

When Mathew unexpectedly becomes a Stray, his whole life changes. Suddenly he must leave behind everything he’s ever known or face life as a slave in the Sovereign’s House. His only chance is to escape into the wilderness, but with no skills to help him endure that harsh and dangerous environment, there is little hope that he’ll survive.

When he stumbles across a fellow Stray, one with a strange need to do the right thing even if it endangers her own life, he thinks he just might have a chance. But he soon discovers that the forbidden device that he possesses puts him in far more danger than he ever imagined.


Free complete prequel AFTER THE FALL included in this novel

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

First Love (Vampirica 1)

by Aria Sparke

Lily Winter has never had time for boyfriends. All she has ever wanted is to be a doctor, but her life is unraveling. With the death of her father and her life coming apart at the seams, she and her mother move oceans to the watercolor world of Wicklow. In the midst of her pain, she meets Flynn Cooper—intelligent, handsome and caring. Their attraction to each other soon proves overwhelming and undeniable. Flynn’s wealthy and ancient family hide dark secrets and Lily finds herself ensnared in their strange world. After meeting Flynn’s charismatic and hypnotic father, her life becomes increasingly complicated leaving her to question everything about the universe she held as true. When the Ruberios call upon her to help their family, Lily discovers her decisions can’t be undone, entrapping her in a terrifying web.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

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