Time Trap: Red Moon science fiction, time travel trilogy book 1

by Micah Caida

In an Isaac Asimov meets Hunger Games story,
Rayen awakens in a strange land called Albuquerque with no memory of who she is or how she got there. When a power inside her manifests unexpectedly, she opens a portal to a place harboring a deadly secret that can destroy this world … and the future. All she wants is to regain her memory and go home. The only person who can help her is an elite teen fighter of the future, who is trapped with others in a fantastical world where killing the enemy and surviving is all that matters. With one impulsive action to save a child, Rayen proves she’s his enemy.

233 ratings “I have never bought an entire series after I read the first book, but this time I did.” Goodreads

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


Birth of Heavy Metal Complete Boxed Set (Books 1-8)

by Michael Todd


Fountain of Youth, or Valley of Death?

While eating his supper of microwave popcorn, PhD student-genius Salinger Jacobs is grabbed from his apartment in California, stuck on a C-130 military plane and sent to the Sahara Desert to witness the reality of the ZOO for himself.

With the life expectancy of untrained scientists working inside the ZOO measured in hours, he has a lot to learn.


First order of business?

How do you shoot a gun, and just HOW MUCH is that plant worth?

The government needs the best of the best military and scientific minds working out how to pull the secrets from the ZOO, while keeping the deadly fauna and flora in check.

There is one major problem, Salinger doesn’t even have a PhD.

This Boxed Set includes all eight books in the BIRTH OF HEAVY METAL Series

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


Edge of Magic: A Fae & Shifter Urban Fantasy

by Jayne Faith

Free first in series! Professional thief Tara’s entanglement with the Fae mafia has taken a deadly turn. So when a chance arises to escape her messy criminal ties, she must take it. But then her childhood best friend and crush, wolf shifter Judah, shows up with his own dire problem and begging for her help. It’s been a decade since the falling out that ended their friendship, and Tara knows she shouldn’t get involved. But Judah’s life is threatened. How can she say no? The catch is, helping Judah will cost her the chance at freedom from the Fae mob . . . and possibly her life.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Joe & Anna Byrd and the Mysterious Coin

by Nissan Louie

Although Joe and his sister Anna are orphans, they feel they “have it all” living with their loving grandfather in Sunrise Village. They are sure Grandpa Robbie has no worries, and they feel protected under his wing.
However, this is not the case. Bosco, an international terrorist, is targeting Grandpa Robbie, while the siblings’ evil step-grandmother also increases her wicked assaults toward him.
Everything changes rapidly and the situation takes a turn for the worse. Joe and Anna are sent to a cruel orphanage and feel betrayed by their grandfather.
But just when they hit rock bottom, they receive a life-changing gift from an unexpected source.
Nobody knows it, they now have secret powers.
Unfortunately, the challenges they are facing become almost impossible to overcome. Joe and Anna understand that their reality is about to change forever. But will it be for the good?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Forgetting Tomorrow

by Jerry Evanoff

Have you ever wondered how you’ll die?

It never crossed Peter’s mind until the night he figured out time travel.

When he discovered his future was full of death and destruction, possibly of his own doing, would he regret his choice to use it?

Peter lives in the world of IT. It’s not glamorous. He’s bored. At least he has Anna in graphic design. She makes coming to work each day tolerable.

How can he win her over?

At the end of each day, Peter heads home alone and sits in his living room, tinkering with his secret project. The day it worked changed his life and sent him to Montana in 1873.

After Anna finds out his secret, his worlds collide.

With a host of new possibilities, his life has changed forever, but the path he’s on isn’t heading where he thinks, and Peter will have to face the worst decision imaginable.

Will he choose to save Anna or humanity?

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


Sirens Unbound

by Laura Engelhardt

Dr. Amy Bant faces the challenge of her career as she seeks to develop a cure for magical blindness. Manipulated by the mages and military alike, she devotes herself to perfecting a procedure that will unleash magical powers not seen since the days of Aphrodite and Morgan le Fay. In pursuit of the medical answer, Amy will uncover truths that have been hidden by mages, fae, and even her own family. Actions have consequences, and the decisions made by the Bant family will set off the most destructive war the world has ever seen.

In this first book of the Fifth Mage War urban fantasy epic, the Bant family is pulled onto opposing sides of a looming war. Born protectors, they will travel the world to save the people they love from those who would destroy them. In this tumultuous time of prophecies, politics, and magick, can the family stay together?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


World War R

by Isaac Hooke

They are everywhere. Your workplace, your house, your street. And now they are coming for you…

Logan Asher and his elite squad are sent to the Red Sea to put an end to a terrorist cell.

It’s meant to be a simple in and out mission. His rangers have the edge. Better training. Better firepower. Better gear. Plus a slew of support bots.

But then all of their tech turns on them. Their smart goggles go dark. Their weapons jam. The machines that once fought at their sides now shoot at them.

Cut off from HQ, Logan and his men fight for their lives to get home. No matter where they turn, the machines hunt them. On land, sea, and air.

They must rely upon their wits, their training, and their very humanity to survive, knowing that even if they make it back, the Land of the Free might not be so free anymore…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


The Draykon Series, Books 1-3

by Charlotte E. English

Ancient legends don’t come back to life. Until they do…

The vast, winged draykoni once ruled the skies of the Seven Realms — so the stories say. But they are only tales. Aren’t they?
A shy young woman is about to learn that even the most far-fetched story might prove to be the plain, simple truth.

In book one, Draykon: Llandry Sanfaer discovers a new type of jewel. Wonderful and terrible, the gem exerts a strange influence over those who behold it. Soon people are dying for it…

In book two, Lokant: the long-vanished draykoni race has returned, but who are the enigmatic sorcerers stalking the mythical creatures across the Worlds? And what do they want with Llandry?

In book three, Orlind: War has broken out between the humans and the draykoni. As Llandry fights to defend her home, Eva begins a desperate quest into the heart of the mystical, long-lost Seventh Realm.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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