Wild Children

by Hannah Ross

Post-war America is divided. Most people live in the crowded but safe haven of the Boundary. Outside are the wild lands, abandoned for more than a century due to post-war pollution. Here live the outcasts, the damaged, the unwanted by those within the Boundary, leading a precarious existence.

Rebecca stumbles upon a dark conspiracy when she discovers the son she was forced to give up no longer leads a safe but bleak life as a ward of the state but was shipped outside the Boundary with a group of other preteens and left to fend for himself or die.

Driven by anger and grief, she begins to learn secrets – dangerous secrets like what the population control laws are really for, what happens when human rights are stripped away, and how far corrupt and greedy leaders are prepared to go to enhance their wealth and gain the secret of eternal life.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Stalemate: Clockwerk Thriller Book One

by Thomas Webb

Colonel Julius Montclair, elite soldier and the youngest airship commander in the Union fleet, has been humbled by war. He’s venerated for his bravery at the Battle of the Potomac, but he will carry the scars of that victory for the rest of his life. The loss of good men and women under his command continues to haunt him. Now, Montclair wants nothing more than to simply do his job and is more than ready to lay down the mantle of “hero”. That is, until President Grant himself summons Montclair to Washington.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk


The Gladiator Queen: Complete Trilogy Box Set

by Auryn Hadley

In this epic low fantasy trilogy, one pampered little princess will discover that coming of age means a lot more than simply growing up. Fighting against the temptation of forbidden love, striving to survive the horrors of combat, and determined to save her country, the delicate girl in the fancy pink dress will become more than anyone expected.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Sword and the Ring

by Wayne Meyers

Aimie, a naïve but feisty dreamer struggling to escape the toil of her parents’ tavern, convinces Connell, an honorable Greymark Knight, to escort her on a long journey. Danger confronts them at every turn, from brutal thieves, a ghostly wight, and vicious, blood-thirsty assassins, to irrefutable proof that Mythikal creatures and old magik are real. These are only minor problems compared to what’s brewing back at Greymark, where an army of stone-skinned trolls have enslaved Connell’s people in preparation for a full-scale invasion. Their end game? Human domination—or utter destruction.

Mythikal Magik is a sprawling, epic tale full of everything fantasy lovers enjoy most: magik and mayhem, swords and sorcery, heroes and villains, exotic creatures, and a touch of romance.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Lost Sons

by Greg Ballan

He’s an immortal drifter
Duncan Kord has travelled the world for many lifetimes. The thousand-year old Viking warrior was given immortality by an advanced race of beings who literally snatched him from the brink of death on a battlefield in Norway centuries ago. Not only did they save him, they infused his body and mind with the essence of a powerful dragon. Despite his powers, Kord has lived the life of a recluse, keeping mostly to himself, wandering the world, guarding his secrets. Kord’s life changes when he discovers the invader responsible for killing his wife and family and destroying his village all those years ago, is alive and well, and living in New York. Kord is determined to confront Sagahr and after so many lost centuries, he now has one purpose: revenge.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


The Sinister Secrets of the Snake Mirror

by Constance Barker

Grace Longstreet just wants to go to the beach, but when the matriarch of a wealthy family dies mysteriously in her home, the ocean breezes will have to wait. When the family of the deceased wants Grace to declare the death suspicious, her intuition flares.

Grace is an insurance appraiser/adjuster for fine antiquities and a part time archeologist. She also wears a magical cameo that warns her of impending danger. Her mother’s death, ruled a suicide, has always haunted her and she believes the death wasn’t what it seemed as well.

Grace longs for peace, but her heritage, job and the people in her life give her just the opposite. Now as she sifts through the fine antiquities left by the deceased, she comes upon a pair of ancient mirrors with ornate snake frames. Her cameo goes spastic. Are the mirrors cursed? Did they have something to do with woman’s death?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Sinister Secrets of the Deadly Summoner

by Constance Barker

Two half eaten dead bodies…
A missing Ivory stick with unusual carvings…
A clam festival with no clams…

Grace Longstreet loves clams and the annual Clamfest means she’ll get her fill. However, there’s no clams to be found and a dead body with unusual marks from the deep sea has washed ashore. Besides that, an ancient ivory stick used by a now dead fisherman has gone missing.

Does the ivory stick with the unique carvings have something to do with the unusual deaths washing ashore? Will Paisley wear something normal for once? Will Grace ever get her beloved fresh fried clams? Find out in the second book in the Sinister Case Series.

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