Finders Weepers

by Belinda White

My name is Tazlyn Hunt. I’m a Finder. It’s what I do.

I have the somewhat mysterious ability to sometimes link with missing people. Linking can make Finding much easier. Easier on the body, on the mind, on the paws. Oh yeah, I’m a Benandanti werewolf too.

I make it a rule to never take on dark cases. The ones where the Finding leads to the other side.

I’d like to say I made an exception in the case of little Jimmy Riley because I had a sixth sense that this job would literally change my life. But the truth is, my Jeep needed new tires.

Now I’m trying to track down a serial killer, elude a Luparii were-hunting assassin, and mentor a new teenage shifter. All in a day’s work, right?

Oh, and did I forget to mention that Coyote has decided to take a vested interest in my love life?

Creator, help me.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Cowboys & Elves

by Aron Lewes

An elven princess enters a new world, where the land is dry and handsome cowboys want to court her. Life is good, but there’s a major problem. Her twisted fiance isn’t going to let her get away from him.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Rise of the Jinn

by William Turnage

What if everyone in the world was granted three wishes on their seventeenth birthday? Fame, fortune, superpowers, the girl or boy of your dreams—you can have it all if you just wish for it, right? Wrong. The Jinn have other plans. Every wish comes with a price—a sick, twisted price. The Jinn have waited an eternity to rise and take their rightful place as rulers of Earth. Now they finally have their chance.

Clover Grimwood finds out just how warped the Jinn, known as genies in the Western world, can be. On her older sister’s seventeenth birthday, Razul, one of the most powerful genies in existence, appears in Clover’s living room. He violently rips away everything she loves, destroying her family and leaving her desperate and broken.

The only key to her salvation, and the means to breaking the genie’s wretched curse, may be a legendary object of power, lost to the ages long ago. To find it, Clover must undergo a series of trials and reach deep inside her very soul to discover the hero she never knew existed. For in her hands rests not only the fate of her family but that of the entire world.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Jaxson (Riverwise Private Security 1)

by Alisa Woods

Jaxson has to claim a mate or step down as alpha—but his dark secret will kill any mate he claims. Olivia’s a half-witch with a secret of her own. Wolves and witches mix like matches and TNT… and their secrets could destroy them both.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

A Curious Invasion

by Marie Andreas

In an Alternative Victorian London, England has a new queen–she just happens to be undead.

Dr. Nettie Jones is a new agent for The Society for the Exploration of the Unexplainable, a secret organization protecting England from unnamed sources.

Being half-vampire is an added complication.

The Society doesn’t yet appreciate Nettie but fate steps in when invaders from a dying planet begin following her the same day Queen Victoria chooses to be turned into a vampire. Things become dangerously interwoven when Nettie discovers that a supposed accident was in fact an act of betrayal by one of the agents of the Society.
The first shot in a larger conspiracy Nettie and her fellow Society agents must pull together to thwart the alien invaders, fight off the vampire infestation, and rescue the Queen from becoming the longest ruling undead monarch, even if that rescue is against her will.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Laurel Thieves Trilogy Box Set

by Briana Snow

Siblings, Drisdan and Tryssa, are two of the best thieves in town. Drawn against their will into a web of deceit, they find themselves at the mercy of those whose very acts of narcissism they once stood against. A fast-paced action/adventure fantasy trilogy.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

The Beauty in Darkness: A New Race (The Beauty in Darkness: Book 2)

by Leah Reise

Once again, Rena is left a mere human amid a vampire war feeling abandoned by her immortal kin. When the rival coven threatens the safety of her human family, she severs the psychic link to her vampire sister Edrea in order to protect everyone she loves. But her secret is bigger than she realizes, one that veils a threat to all humanity. *Book 2*

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Brunswick Academy: Paranormal Romance Collection

by Chloe Vincent

Brunswick Academy is the most elite magical training school in the world. This year only 5 students are graduating…all of whom have been more carefully selected and trained than they realize. In order to graduate, each must complete a dangerous mission assigned by the Oracle.

But as they embark on their assignments, they learn that not only their graduations, but in fact the fate of the supernatural world, hinges on their individual and collective success. READER BEWARE: May be too HOT & full of awesome, page-turning suspense to handle…

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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