Blood Hound

by James Baldwin

Alexi Sokolsky is a hunter. A mage and a hitman for the Russian Mafiya, he is a ruthless, fearless savant killer. He is also a chaste mystic who knows, deep down, that the world of organized crime is sick… and that he is sick for being a part of it.

Little does he know just how literal that sickness is. Because even GOD has predators, and Alexi is about to meet them.

While hunting a kidnapped mobster, the key to New York City’s lucrative cocaine trade, Alexi uncovers a deadly conspiracy to hold the world hostage with an ancient being of incredible magical power. Stalked by demons and rival hitmages, he must navigate a black magic minefield of treachery, murder and painful revelation in his pursuit of the truth – truth that forces him to make a decision that could change his life and the course of the world forever.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Eight in the Chamber

by Matt Abraham & Others

Orcs, vampires, rogue mages, and strange familiars… The night’s filled with beasts looking for kicks, who trod the urban landscape with cloven hoof or sharpened claw, keeping a yellow eye out for easy prey. But what’s a citizen to do when dark shadows lie heavy, spells become useless, and wands lose their charm?

They call on the heroes of Eight in the Chamber.

These hardboiled cops and investigators specialize in a preternatural kind of justice. They aren’t afraid to delve into dark magic or wield a cursed instrument to save the pure and innocent. They won’t quit until every dark deed is punished, and the scales of justice are balanced.

In Eight in the Chamber, a cadre of your favorite authors have banded together to bring you all the thrills of the urban supernatural, with a twist of sci-fi noir, in a collection of full length novels, novellas, and short stories.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Invasion Survivor

by H.J. Lawson

Humanity has one option.
Evacuate Earth.

After a wave of fear crashes over the world in response to a deadly virus. Fear intensifies when it’s discovered that the virus is the first wave of attack by an alien race that wants Earth for themselves.

It’s one day before Paige’s eighteenth birthday, and the world is turning into the walking dead! Zombie-like people are seeking her out.

What the hell! Just Paige’s luck.

Can Paige rescue her family and get off the planet before The Wave captures her?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


The Demon Shroud

by T.A. Miles

One thousand years ago, an apocalypse cracked the foundations of the world. From the ruins, came the Vadryn, and the promise of a suffering beyond death.

Korsten is an enthraller, a demon-hunting priest with a dubious blessing; to perceive and attract demons. When an army vanishes into the misty depths of the northern woods, immediately following the overtaking of a nearby town by demonic forces, he and his partner are sent out to investigate. They uncover a hidden fortress, soaked in slaughter and the sickness of demons.

But more than death and disease are lingering in the fortress’ foreboding halls. Two ancient evils have converged to grow an army of creatures empowered by death. Trapped between them, Korsten must confront his dangerous gift, or risk invasion by the deadliest force to come across the Borderlands.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Mother of Heretics

by T.A. Miles

The ongoing war between men and demons affords no rest for the Order. Korsten and Merran are once again out in the field, hunting what hunts for the blood and souls of human beings.

Their search takes them to the coastal city of Indhovan, where peculiar disappearances are being attributed to the Vadryn. Korsten and Merran soon learn that the demons are indeed present, along with something else; something which despises the priests with equal passion to its hatred of the Vadryn. Its solution: to summon destruction.

In order to quiet this force, Korsten must first defeat another, one equally powerful and which will use his enthraller talent against him—and against all humanity, if he does not gain command of it.

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Hardt’s Tale

by Gwendolyn Druyor

Can One Man Save A World?
Maybe he can, with a dragon’s help.
Hardt is happy living a quiet, solitary life with his aunt. His insatiable curiosity is constantly fed by the unpredictable nature of life in his small agrarian Lander village.
But the great, fire-breathing dragons and their elven slaves are flying closer and closer to lander settlements. And rumor is they’ve developed a taste for human flesh. Hardt joins the guarde force preparing to destroy the beasts.
One dark night on solitary patrol, he finds himself facing a dragon.
And everything changes.
Hardt’s Tale is the epic story of one man’s battle to keep the sentient species of his world from destroying each other.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


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