The Prince of Kaloria

by Romana Drew

Eshley, the Prince of Kaloria, future king Ashlaria, is kidnapped, tortured, and nearly blinded by intragalactic drug dealers. He escapes, finding himself stranded on a pre-industrial world where he looks more like the drug dealing overlords than the locals. Volyta, a lovely farm girl, befriends him. Somehow, even with his limited vision, he must steal a spaceship from the drug lords and fly home to stop the war between his kingdom and Lashon.

As much as he loves Volyta, only marriage to Princess Cendry, the daughter of the Lashon king, will stop the war. But even that isn’t enough. Factions inside Lashon are demanding racial equality. And the patriarch is threatening a holy war.

Volyta may not be Eshely’s wife, but she still has his love and her own plans for this world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Simple Service

by Laura Montgomery

They’re stranded beyond the known stars. Will Peter Dawe’s perilous mission with a brother he despises end in death?

A lost starship’s settlers, isolated on an uncharted alien world, manage to terraform a mountain-ringed valley into a rich replica of Earth. Despite their success reproducing the environment they need to survive and thrive, only tenuous forces hold the human colony together. The governor’s appropriation of the western settlers’ weapons strains those bonds to breaking point—and then beyond when Peter Dawe’s father sends him to get the weapons back.

Simple Service is the first book in the immersive Martha’s Sons science fiction series. If you like gripping action, insurmountable odds, and alien worlds, you’ll love Laura Montgomery’s tale of a man determined not to let family ties sabotage mission success.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Heart Of Fire

by Connor Whiteley

A gripping action-packed urban fantasy edge-of-your-seat journey about love, family and vengeance. An addictive, must-read first-in-series.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Power Of Fae Boxset

by Michelle Bryan

Magic is not real.
Neither are parallel worlds or dragons. Or so I believed my whole life.
Boy, was I wrong.
Turns out it’s very real and I’m smack-dab in the middle of it all.
Now throw in the Fae prince they say is my mortal enemy.
The evil queen intent on hunting me down.
And the crazy escape plan I want no part of, only one thing is certain.
I’m in so much trouble.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

From Beyond

by Jasper T. Scott

Are we alone? It was only a matter of time before the truth came out.
Commander David Bryce was set to lead a routine re-supply run for the Orbital Development Group (ORB) to the colony on Mars. Without warning, he’s taken away by government agents and told his mission has changed.
They’ve discovered something. And it’s drifting closer to Earth.
Atlas Donovan tirelessly hunts for an artifact, tracking it to Lake Como, Italy. After the recent news from ORB, Atlas is more drawn to the trail than ever. He continues his search, determined to uncover the significance of the strange markings, and more importantly, where the artifacts really came from.
As both Atlas and David draw near to their objectives, they realize a secret organization is working against them; a clandestine force with so much influence, they seem impossible to oppose.
Are we alone?
No, and they’ve been here before.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact

Saint Dorian and the Witch

by Michael Raship

The rumors say that a saint is walking the earth, a boy named Dorian whose flute can work miracles. When tales of Dorian reach the remote mountain monastery where the young monk Bartholomew serves in the honored position of librarian, he puts all his faith in vague rumors and leaves the only home he has ever known in order to serve the child saint. With Dorian’s enemies in pursuit, he makes a bargain with a gifted witch girl who promises to keep him safe in exchange for obscure facts of natural science and philosophy that only a librarian would know. Yet when Bartholomew reaches his journey’s end and is about to play his part in Dorian’s grand designs, it suddenly seems to him that his proper place is on the other side, as an ally to the child saint’s enemies and as a rebel against heaven.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

Bleeding Gold

by Niranjan

Vampires and werewolves have been at odds for centuries, and the humans have been picking them off easily.

When Alvin Rayes, a vampire kingpin is resurrected after being killed, he strikes a tentative alliance with the wolves. Anything to find the whereabouts of Jason, his former boyfriend and his murderer. One thing leads to another and before he realises, Alvin finds himself leading a movement for supernatural rights.

With a crucial vote for supernatural rights coming up, Alvin finds himself in the cross hairs of assassins, and the two bodyguards he hired are his only hope of survival. With both of them hiding their own secrets, and Jason still in the wind, can Alvin trust his life and safety to anyone ever again?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure