The Rules for Lying

by L. A. Kelley

WARNING: No good comes from a book with magic, murder, revenge, sass talk, demons, animals committing felonies and bad things happening to good people for no reason. The only lesson learned here is don’t lie unless you know the rules.

Life in New Jersey is harsh in the Great Depression, but teenager Peter Whistler has the magical gift of lying. The arrival of a conjuror with evil designs on a little blind girl named Esther draws him into a plot to unleash a demon. With help from an enchanted terrier, Peter and Esther escape to New Orleans and meet Amelie Marchand, but with a murderous stepmother, she has troubles of her own. Their one chance for survival is to find the mad shaman of the bayou known as the Frog King.

In an alternate 1930s, magic fills New Orleans’ air. Can Peter’s mystical lies and a dash of Cajun crazy prevent hell on Earth?

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Category: Fantasy – Alternative History

Hollen the Soulless

by Denali Day

Always the dutiful daughter, Lady Joselyn is weeks away from marrying a rival lord in order to save her house. However, she suddenly finds herself in the clutches of an ancient beast she’s only ever heard of in legends. More terrifying than that is the beast’s master, a wild man who insists Joselyn is his bride by right, and plans to seal his claim in blood.

Wyvern-rider, Hollen, has finally captured the woman of his dreams, though he quickly learns waiting for her was less than half the battle. His new bride wants nothing to do with him and Hollen knows he only has one chance to change her mind.

Their wills pitted against each other, Joselyn will go to any lengths to free herself from this savage and fulfill her marital contract. Her father’s life depends upon it. To win her over, Hollen will do whatever he must, even if it means keeping secrets.

Even as she plots her escape,

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

Gemini’s Crossing: A Fantasy LitRPG (Enora Online Book 1)

by Arlo Adams

After learning he has only months to live, Gemini Fowler is granted one shot to cheat death when a billionaire game-developer offers to transfer his consciousness into a virtual realm using a technology that could end death as we know it.

The catch:
The only current VR with the capability to receive him is the unreleased video game, Enora Online, and Gemini must survive until level ten or be completely wiped from the servers… and existence.

Welcome to Enora Online, where virtual is reality.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Quest For Roshan: A Fantasy LitRPG (Enora Online Book 2)

by Arlo Adams

“Make friends,” the A.I. said.

Gemini Fowler did. Now, the stakes have been raised, and Gemini is irate. Stripped of his gear and returned to the village where it all started, he must follow a long road filled with peril and quests to level up and recover the companion he lost.

Soon, he’ll see Enora is much more than a dark forest, and his adventure has hardly begun. Can he reach Roshan before the mysterious governor’s men arrive at the tyrant’s stronghold and she is lost to him forever?

Filled with new gear, races, and tomes worth of untold lore, Quest For Roshan is book two in the Enora Online LITRPG series.

Join the Adventure and read Quest For Roshan!

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Her Empath

by Mina Carter

Years of war have given Lyssa a backbone of steel. Commanding one of the most fearsome battleships in the fleet, no one dare mess with her. But she’s alone…

Empath JJ has to bring Lyssa to heel. But he doesn’t expect the woman he spent an unforgettable night with is his new assignment. Can he convince her that this time his seduction is genuine?

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

Cyborg’s Price

by Mina Carter

He’s one of the most dangerous creatures in the galaxy… so why can’t she keep her hands off him?

Nurse Samara’s days are usually filled with minor bumps and scrapes, but when a dangerous prisoner is transferred aboard, she finds herself on brig duty. Dealing with the big, lethal cyborg should be terrifying, but one look into his green eyes and she can’t think of anything other than what his big, hard body would look like under the grey ship suit…

She’s small, soft…and his enemy. He should keep his hands to himself and forget her.

Lyon expect pain and degradation from his captors. But Samara treats his wounds with care and ignites a fire deep within. When she neglects to ensure his cuffs are locked tight, all hell breaks loose. A hot, sensual hell against the cell wall. When his team arrives, Lyon knows he should walk away…

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Menacing Misfits

by Robyn Wideman

If Harry Potter lived in Middle Earth and had to loot dungeons to pay his school fees

When Jack Vance’s grandfather is murdered, his dying words are to get Jack to promise to attend Darkthorn Academy. Jack doesn’t like it, but he’ll do what is necessary to honor the man who raised him.

Surviving Darkthorn Academy won’t be easy. Jack will have to make alliances, learn to harness magic and face dangerous enemies, both alive and dead. If he’s lucky he might just make it to second year.

A coming of age, sword and sorcery fantasy adventure with gamelit aspects, including a slightly overpowered MC, a dragon companion, and a team of adventurers. Inspired by games like Skyrim and Diablo 2 and Fallout.

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations


by Robyn Wideman

The Menacing Misfits are back!
After successfully finishing his first year at Darkthorn Academy, Jack returns to Sunder with his new friend, Stannerios. Together, Jack and Stann intend to enjoy their summer preparing for their second year. But even in Sunder they aren’t safe, as they deal with street thugs and assassins.
When Jack and Stann finally return to Darkthorn Academy and reunite with the rest of the team, they learn that things have changed. A new headmaster has been appointed and the rules for questers have changed drastically. Can they survive a second year at the Academy or will they find a new path to success?

Books two includes more gamelit aspects, including crafting, cultivation, a new bio-tech interface, and a few new mentors.

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Ordinary Girl

by Ripley Harper

In the small town where she lives, Jess has always been considered a bit of a freak. The outsider with the strange hair. The psycho who beat up the biggest boy in school. The sad weirdo who can’t get over her mother’s death.
Over the years she’s worked hard to fit in, to make some friends and to control her grief and her rage. To be just another ordinary girl. But at the start of her senior year, things begin to unravel.
Deep inside her, something is stirring – something older than her, and colder, and unmoved by human feeling.
When she learns that she’s the last descendant of an ancient bloodline controlled by an ominous secret Order, Jess doesn’t know who to trust. At school, a group of boys is planning to humiliate her. At home, nobody is quite what they seem.
Least of all herself.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Stranded – Land

by Theresa Shaver

Book 1 of a 6 book series with over 900 – 5 star reviews on the series.
STRANDED far from home – Join a courageous group of teens as they make their way in a post apocalyptic adventure story of survival after an EMP has virtually shut down modern technology across North America. The devastation they see as they make their way out of the city is a small part of the horror that the nation will become. As the days go by with no food deliveries and no water flowing from taps, civilization will start to crumble. With 1500 miles to cross they will need to plan well, count on each other and pray for a little luck. Even with that, chances are slim of getting home when you are Stranded.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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