Cyrus LongBones and the Curse of the Sea Zombie

by Jeremy Mathiesen

Tales of a boogie man whispered in the night…

Prophecies of a legendary savior foretold…

Could the stories be true?

Unjustly blamed for his brother’s death, Cyrus flees his crumbling village to escape execution. But what of the blue-eyed phantom that stalks his island’s shores?

Hunted in forbidden territory…

…Cyrus discovers that a creature known as the Sea Zombie is at the root of his brother’s death and his people’s oppression.

Now he is a fugitive on the run.

Will Cyrus sacrifice his soul to rescue his corrupt people or will he abandon all he knows to save his only friend?

If you’re a fan of the Percy Jackson and Harry Potter series then you’ll love this book.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Accidental Archmage: Book One – Ragnarok Rising (The Accidental Archmage Series 1)

by Edmund A.M. Batara

Updated 2019 Edition. Rearranged and modified to follow the audiobook version.

What if you fell through a crack in reality? Like those people disappearing in plain sight you have read about.

What if you find yourself in a strangely familiar world? A world full of Earth’s mythological beings, lost civilizations, and people from its primitive and brutal past? Where magical energy still exists. Where gods play games among themselves, with the fate of mortal men as pawns. A land where a sword is deadlier than a five-inch thick contract drawn by a hotshot lawyer. Would you survive?

That’s Tyler West. Alone, lost and bewildered, the three moons in the sky made it clear he wasn’t on Earth anymore. It is not a game. It’s real. And there’s no coffee, pizza, fries, or his favorite show on HBO.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Haunted by the Devil

by Bill Hiatt

Chris is nothing if not stubborn. The woman he loves is trapped in Hell, and he’s determined to free her even though everyone trying could risk his own life–and maybe even his soul.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Inner Worlds Trap

by Bill Hiatt

Fighting demons has become almost second nature for Chris Murphy. He thinks he knows how to beat every diabolical trick–until his old friend Steve Marino, the first person he rescued from Satan’s clutches, comes to him with an alarming problem.

Within a week, five students at Chris’s old high school have fallen into comas. Steve, who teaches English there, thinks that they could be victims of demonic activity, but Chris has never seen anything like that before.

It doesn’t take Chris long to realize that the students are victims of a new strategy for getting people to sell their souls. The only way for Chris to save the kids is to enter their minds.

There’s only one problem–that’s exactly what the demons want him to do.

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New Eden

by Kishore Tipirneni

After the untimely death of his mentor, Berkeley physicist Joshua Andrews has dedicated himself to finishing his mentor’s life work: creating entangled particles that can communicate faster than light. When scientific journalist Rachael Miller comes to interview him at his lab, they make an astounding discovery, one as ancient as the universe itself.

During the early moments of the Big Bang, entangled particles were created that spread with the expansion of the universe creating a subatomic communication network—a network that Joshua and Rachael have accidentally tapped into.

This discovery sets the pair off on an incredible journey of revelation that profoundly alters the course of human history and redefines the meaning of life itself. Their journey ultimately leads them to a distant planet, New Eden, a genetically engineered paradise designed to be the new home for humanity.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction

XARES: Final Countdown

by Chris Turner

Aliens, heroes, anti-heroes. A raw-edged space thriller.

Think AVP and Mad Max.

A handful of mercs are caught in the middle of an alien conspiracy to subjugate the human free colonies. Can they stop the invasion?…in these dark times of the future there are violent space battles, twists, danger…a roller coaster ride from beginning to end.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

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