Fate of Wizardoms Box Set: Books 1-3

by Jeffrey L. Kohanek

“Kohanek has created a world of believable characters: heroes and villains whose motives are uniquely human and relatable. The action is gripping, the plot magnetic.” 5 Star Review.

Embark on a gripping fantasy saga featuring compelling characters and beloved genre tropes, perfect for fans of The Witcher, Lord of the Rings, or Wheel of Time.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Realm of Darkness

by J.A. Culican

When darkness falls, beware of the creatures that come out to play…

Fall under their spell over and over again in this ultimate paranormal and fantasy romance boxset! Over 40 full-length novels with heart-melting heroes and devastating anti-heroes, full of romance, magic, mystery, and adventure can be yours for an insanely low price.

Ready to be swept away? Your book boyfriends are waiting… Enemies-to-lovers, alphas, fae, werewolves, dragons, shapeshifters, vampires, gods, angels, demons, and more: with novels ranging from sweet to spicy, there’s a flavor to sate your every craving.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban



by David Estes

Be bright but do not burn. Embrace the darkness but do not live in the shadows.

The powerful godblades were believed to be lost nearly half a millennia ago, when the Godswar ended. Now, however, one has been found by the unlikeliest of wielders: Sampson Gaard, a sheltered prince who’s been told he’ll never rule Teravainen.

As his power grows, the only question is whether he controls the blade or the blade him. With an insidious evil lurking in the shadows, the answer may very well determine the fate of all Kingfall.

Fans of A Game of Thrones, The Stormlight Archives, Legends of the First Empire and The Fatemarked Epic will enjoy The Kingfall Histories. Start your 5,000+ page epic adventure today.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Before Series: Books 1-3

by Lisa L. Tallabas

Civilian Eva Thompson steps out of a gym on a military base and her world explodes.

Her city… her home… her loved ones… vanish before her eyes.

Yet there’s no time for the devastation to sink in. Eva awakens from the blast and finds herself and the base trapped on a mist-covered Wonderland. A Wonderland on steroids.

She’s soon surrounded by attractive beings, an evil who wants her dead, and military members who don’t trust her but must help her anyway.

Why? What’s so special about her? And did she really survive one death to just succumb to another? Or will she have protection on this exotic, colorful world that far exceeds any she has ever seen before?

Join Eva and a cast of formidable allies and enemies in this fantasy adventure where the natives are alluring, the weather is fierce, romance builds over time, humor heals even the deepest wounds, and loyalties are strong.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Adventures of the Gunship Marathon: Box Set (Books 1-5)

by Daniel Young

IF THERE’S ONE THING ADAM ECKHART KNOWS, IT’S THAT HUMANS ARE TROUBLE. After all, he is one. As captain of the Marathon, a cobbled-together ship crewed by aliens and androids scraping by on odd jobs at the outskirts of settled space, Adam has plenty to worry about without adding his own species to the mix. But when a pair of mortally wounded humans cross his path during a heist gone wrong, he finds himself compelled to save them. Big mistake. Because if there’s one more thing Adam knows, it’s that the universe never leaves a good deed unpunished. He and his crew are about to find out just how right he is.

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Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion


Space Junk

by Andrew Bixler

Space Junk is a sprawling sci-fi adventure full of space, scrap, and videotapes. If you’re a fan of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Cowboy Bebop, or Ready Player One, Space Junk might be just the book you’ve been waiting for.

Adam Jones is just another broke scrapper combing his little slice of space for the semi-valuable trash that litters its dark corners. He spends most of his days inside his junker, the Asteroid Jones II, drinking beer, watching ancient horror movies, and evading debt collectors. But life for Adam gets a lot more complicated when he discovers a mysterious object that attracts the attention of powerful and bumbling forces from around the universe. With the help of his wily grandfather and a mysterious feline stranger, Adam risks life and love in pursuit of financial freedom, even as the rest of the universe threatens to reduce him to space dust.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


ROAN: The Tales Of Conor Archer, vol. 1

by E. R. Barr

Orphaned and alone, Conor Archer comes back to his hometown to find himself the center of attention. With the help of new friends, Jace the captain of the football team and Beth, his twin sister, along with a strange Labrador Retriever named Troubles, Conor has to discover who he really is and how he is tied to the mystery of the ‘Dark Ones’. They are the children the town is protecting from an ancient river demon and a shapeshifter in the nearby Indian Burial mound. Into the midst of Conor’s hunt for the truth comes DIOGENE, a biogenetics company with a scientist willing to do anything to unravel the mystery of the ‘Dark Ones’. Conor finds himself caught in a web of lies where myth and science war for humanity’s soul. In the midst of rising terror and horror, courage and heroism shine out through the darkness in this epic paranormal fantasy.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

SKELLIG: The Tales Of Conor Archer, vol. 2

by E. R. Barr

RUMORS OF MAGIC AND MURDER hung over the tragedy at Tinker’s Grove which destroyed a town and killed some fine people. Aunt Emily thought sending Conor Archer to Ireland to see his godmother was the solution to keep him safe and out of harm’s way.

Conor went, and immediately got himself in trouble with a local landowner, a Japanese war criminal, and a bunch of Otherworld things that wanted to destroy him. Not everyone was an enemy. There were the secretive Travelers–the Tinker folk with legends that tended to come true. Of course, the Roan were there, the People of the Sea, promising to watch over him. But there was something more–an ancient being camped out on the mysterious Skellig Islands, intent on protecting him and the land.

He remembered Aunt Emily slapping an envelope into his pocket saying, “Here’s your ticket; have a nice flight; stay safe.” Not a chance he thought.

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Freefall: Earth’s Last Gambit Book 1

by Felix R. Savage

A mysterious alien ship is orbiting Europa.

A handful of astronauts must voyage to Jupiter to face the threat, alone.

During a classified mission to the ISS, astronaut Jack Kildare picks up an eerie signal. An alien spaceship is orbiting distant, icy Europa. It looks derelict… but is it? As fear sweeps across Earth, NASA spearheads a frenzied effort to build a ship capable of traveling to Jupiter to confront the alien menace.

Technology intertwines with espionage and sabotage in a race against the clock. Fighting for his rightful place in the mission, Jack finds himself submerged in a world of secrets, international power games, and cold-blooded murder.

Earth needs a man like Jack… but someone doesn’t want him going back to space, ever.

Can Jack defeat the saboteurs in time to save humanity? Or will the alien threat triumph?

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Category: Science Fiction – Classics



by William Stacey

Magic is returning.

And so are humanity’s ancient enemies.

When University drop-out Cassie returns to her small rural town, she’s certain she’ll spend the rest of her life in the remote wilderness of northern British Columbia. No future, no hope. But everything changes in one storm-filled night.

Because now, Cassie can wield magic.

Alex is Special Forces. Highly trained and superbly motivated, he’s part of a secret unit tasked with inter-dimensional travel to another world—a deadly world filled with monsters of myth and magic. But Alex and his team have opened a door they never should have.

And something has followed them back.

Now, Cassie and Alex must join forces in the opening salvo of a secret war, one we can’t afford to lose.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by William Stacey

Magic has returned.

A year ago, the dark elves breached the interstellar veil between our world and theirs, slaughtering scores of innocents in the first battle between magic and technology.

Then they vanished.

In the year since, Elizabeth Chambers has trained alongside Cassie “Starlight” Rogan in the Special Forces unit known as Task Force Devil. Their mission: to monitor the interstellar portal where the dark elves forced their way into our world.

Elizabeth—one of only two people on the planet who can wield magic—struggles with finding balance between her faith and her new powers, but soon she’ll have to fight.

Because in a single night of fire and death the dark elves have returned.

And they have sinister plans for humanity.

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