by Tim Lebbon

Alone, all alone, alone on a wide, wide sea…

“An enthralling tale” – Sci Fi Bulletin

Adrift in space, a gigantic freighter, Cradle, carrying seventeen million souls makes its slow journey across the universe.

They are in search of a new home, a ‘Goldilocks’ planet to sustain human life after the decimation and downfall of planet Earth.

One man, a control room tech, is part of a generation destined to live their lives protecting those of the sleeping millions onboard Cradle.

But soon, everything is about to change…

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


The Eyes of The Sun

by Christina McMullen

New Orleans certainly has no shortage of vampire legends and after a few months in the French Quarter, Lucy Soriano was sure she had heard them all. But when a date with a handsome stranger takes a deadly turn, she quickly discovers that the truth is more terrifying than fiction. The real monsters are the creations of evolutionary advantage, not vivid imaginations. But vampires are not the only ones with evolution on their side.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Bluebeard’s Children

by Christina McMullen

Lucy Soriano’s life is falling apart. Working for the outreach was supposed to be rewarding, but convincing modified vampires to go against their programming was no easy task. Even worse, after a misunderstanding sends Andre jetting off to Europe without so much as a goodbye, the nightmares about her abduction in Paris have gotten worse.
When she encounters a teenage girl who appears to share her deadly secrets, Lucy learns of a plantation where children are hunted by vampires as sport. Now Lucy must travel deep into the bayou to track down and stop the monster responsible. But before she can put an end to Bluebeard’s deadly game, she must first save the one who holds the key to her own mysterious existence.

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Knight Force

by AJ Vincent

Medieval Knights collide in the Cyberpunk future in this ultra-violent, humorous and sexy novel heavily inspired by the VHS era of the 1980s.

People say Demons don’t exist. I believed that until I got thrown through a skyscraper by one.
It seemed a normal case, another dead body, another mook to catch. I guess it started getting strange when the main suspect appeared. You see, this guy was over seven-feet tall and his skin looked like volcanic ash. I shot him twice in the head, standard procedure in my line of work. Didn’t hurt him at all. Something awoke inside me that night. I should have died fighting him. I know that. Instead I was reborn.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk



Disenchanted: Book One (The Celtic Vampyre Saga)

by C.K. Farrell

Faelynn LeCroix is a woman hell-bent on finding those responsible for the brutal murder of her mother. She’s on a quest for revenge and, in her opinion, the bloodier the better. The arduous trail that she has been doggedly following for three years has led her directly into the path of Nathaniel Valour, an Irish vampyre who rules over the territory of New England. At first, she sees him as nothing more than one of the fiends she disposes of on a nightly basis, but something tells her that Nathaniel is different from every other vampyre she has ever encountered on her trail of retribution. The truth is, Nathaniel Valour is different—he is a vampyre with a secret.
Disenchanted is a passionate and terrifying account of vengeance, ambition, and lost souls seeking redemption. This intriguing Gothic tale is the first book in the series, The Celtic Vampyre Saga.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban




by Kristy Tate

Everyone talks to animals. Some do it every day. But very few stop to listen for a reply. Lizbet Wood does. And this is just one of the things that set her apart. But she really doesn’t understand how different she is until violence shatters her solitary existence.
While Lizbet seeks to understand why mother sought refuge on a deserted island in the Pacific Northwest, she comes face to face with the dangers her mother tried, but failed to escape. When her mother is gravely injured, Lizbet is forced from the island and thrust into a world even more complex and threatening than she could have ever imagined. A world where the animals have no say…or do they?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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