Witch’s Sorrow

by Taylor Aston White

Alice is in a race against time that forces her to face against vampires, daemons and anything that gets in the way, for she only has one thing to do, find the wolf before he turns up like the others.


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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Mirrors of Ice

by Celeste Baxendell

What if Snow White was the Snow Queen’s niece?

A princess with a secret. An overlooked prince. And a broken mirror that’s the key to saving them both from her aunt.

With no allies, no plan, and a paltry amount of magic, Eirwen has no idea how she’s going to pull off a coup against her aunt, but when her aunt tries to kill her, what other choice does she have?

While Sterling is generally uninterested in the world, when Princess Eirwen of Glaciar is mysteriously kidnapped, he takes notice while no one else seems to care. When he discovers a street performer who just so happens to sound a lot like the missing princess, he notices. What is she doing in Idres, and what does it have to do with him?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Hope Riot

by Jessica Gunn and Other Authors

A darkening world, a divisive political climate, a shrinking horizon of hope. It would be easy to step in line, but this glass is half-full and it’s time to riot for hope. HOPE RIOT brings 7 stories from across the sci-fi and fantasy spectrums under a banner of hopepunk and hopeful to inject light and fight in a world that seems darkening.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories



by Inghild Økland

Huntress. Princess. One lord, and one peasant boy.
There is no end to the expectations placed upon Madalyn.
Compose yourself with grace and dignity. Be as fearless and brave as the kings of old. Bring glory to the gods.
She is heir to the throne of Rimdalir.
So if she fails, her people might die. War is a distant threat when sickness and starvation are just as deadly.
The solution? Getting married, to the perfect match.
But Madalyn’s heart settled a long time ago, for something as simple as a smile.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


by Inghild Økland

A runaway princess. Time-twisting magic. When he comes to save her, rejection is what he’ll find.
As Vildi, the less important princess of Rimdalir, my duty is to marry, and marry well. To the glacial chasms of hell with that!
I want adventure. A nice, suitor-free yet fairy-tale adventure. I can even endure rants about a tragic prince, if it brings me honey cake. Throw in a few mysteries, a sprinkle of old magic, and I’m happy.
That’s what I thought.
Yet upon arriving in Lakari, Land of the Sun, I wander through familiar streets. I recognize the people, the taverns, even the black cat strolling as royalty through the market square. In this new land, no one was supposed to know my name, and yet I’m hunted.
Already they have killed me many, many times. And so I start over.
When a stranger finds me in the desert night, will he be my savior, or my undoing?

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Dark Nebula: Discovery

by Sean Willson

He found peace far from Sol, but danger never left his orbit. Can he free humankind from death’s clutches?

Bradley Olivaw grew tired of the lies. Breaking from his family by leaving for a colony lightyears away, he’s proud of his work to soothe his anger issues and contribute to his new planet. But when his brother reappears and reveals Sol is under intergalactic trial, his rage drives him into action.

Will the brothers rise up to prevent humankind’s extinction?

Dark Nebula: Discovery is the absorbing second book in the Dark Nebula space opera series. If you like expanse-spanning stakes, futuristic tech, and traversing the depths of emotion, then you’ll love Sean Willson’s engulfing adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Jason Apsley’s Second Chance

by Adrian Cousins

If you were catapulted back to 1976, what would you do?
Jason Apsley has a mind-boggling second chance to change the future, but will he take it?

Meet Jason Apsley, a forty-two-year-old divorcee who’s an opinionated miserable bugger — struggling with life, exacerbated by his negative attitude. A random event shifts time, causing Jason to continue life in 1976, six months before he’s due to be born. Leaving behind Beth, his one and only friend who supported him through some difficult times.

Can life get any worse?

Although Jason is the same person, he finds himself teleported into the life of another Jason Apsley from a different generation, one with a very different outlook on life. All alone, Jason tries to enlist the support of his grandfather on this turbulent journey and finds he has to adapt quickly as every encounter brings further head-spinning challenges.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Control Theory: a Science Fiction Love Story

by Timothy Bult

2042. Kenner Ford is trying not to panic. After his beautiful girlfriend suddenly disappeared from Beijing, he hops on a ballistic rocket to New York to begin a global search. And after a whirlwind romance filled with passionate sex and unsurpassed creativity, he’s distraught to think she’s gone forever.

When warnings about Chinese intrusions get a cyberwarfare guru killed, Kenner and his missing lover become embroiled in a worldwide conflict. And after he learns they’ve both been surveilled for years by ambitious AIs, the troubled man flees from a deadly assassin while terrified for his woman’s life…

Can he reunite with his dream girl before they’re permanently deleted?

Control Theory is a thrilling science fiction romance. If you like compelling visions of the future, the evolution of advanced technology, advanced technology, and a sexy love story, then you’ll adore this.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


Spiders and Vampires: Two Short Tales for Halloween

by Jonathan Maas

Two short tales for Halloween! The first involves spiders, and the second has a vampire or two. Read both in one sitting for free Oct 27 – 31 !

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban