Sand and Storm

by Stella Dorthwany

In a world where magic permeates the air, the wrong storm will shatter the planet.

When junior mage and burglar Faryn lands a job with archaeologist Shaun Valerian—famous for edgy magic and breaking hearts—she thinks her career is made. But at their desert dig, Faryn finds she hasn’t been recruited to excavate dragon tombs. High above the sands looms a storm so massive it could destroy the world’s magic. Only a lost super weapon can stop the cataclysm, and only Faryn can rob the temple that hides it.

Also drafted into the expedition is new bride Cora. Smothering inside her loveless marriage, Cora has no interest in legends, until the desert’s enchantment infiltrates the magical bond that ties her to her husband. The rogue magic awakens Cora’s own latent talent—a fatal power forbidden for centuries. It could kill her, but it may be the only way to unlock the legendary weapon.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


The Twilight City

by Gregory Mattix

Nera, a plane-cursed thief, lives in Nexus, a city forever cast in twilight, constructed around a great Machine built by immortals to align all the planes together. Nera grew up an orphan on the streets, scorned and mistrusted for her fiendish heritage, and was sentenced to ninety-nine years of slave labor in the great foundry for a petty crime. She would like nothing better than find a way to somehow reduce her onerous sentence or remove altogether the cursed collar clamped around her neck.

Malek is a young apprentice mage with a bizarre and dangerous power that he struggles to control. After his teacher is kidnapped by a strange group of soldiers, he tracks the group to Nexus, seeking to rescue his master.

Their fates will be forever intertwined as they are swept up in events beyond their control and embark on an adventure that will span the planes.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Rogue Starship

by David Alastair Hayden

When archeologist Gav Gendin finds an Ancient starship and a stasis chamber with a living member of the extinct alien race inside, he knows something strange is going on. Visions aren’t the way archeologists uncover artifacts, but that’s what guided him there.

The discovery should be his greatest triumph. Instead, it ends in disaster and leads to his son, Siv, being placed in cryogenic sleep.

A century later, Siv wakes to a declining world where you do what you must to survive. With the help of his father’s old neural-interfacing AI companion, Siv becomes the best procurement specialist on the planet. But his services belong to the criminal Shadowslip Guild who owns him. After a job goes sideways, the last thing Siv expects is to be offered his freedom. But there’s a catch. His target is so hot that foreign governments and religious extremists will risk war to get it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


Once Upon a Rebel Fairytale

by Multiple Authors

Cinderella has a dark secret. The Little Mermaid loses more than her voice. And Little Red Riding Hood isn’t so little anymore.
Join our heroes and heroines as they travel through the underworld to Mars, rescue damsels in distress, and battle deadly foes in ONCE UPON A REBEL FAIRYTALE, a limited edition collection of beloved stories from today’s bestselling authors.
Inside these pages, you’ll find 25 action-packed fairytale retellings that rebel against tradition, from dark and gritty paranormal romances to sexy and thrilling supernatural fantasies.
The princesses, queens, kings, and villains of your childhood return in these adrenaline-spiking spins on your favorite bedtime tales.
But reader beware: these fairytales are not for the faint of heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Heart of Fire Time of Ice

by E.S. Martell

Kathleen is a pathetic figure around campus. Completely focused on her physics research, she fears and avoids social contact. Her difficult past has given her a terrible self-image. Kathleen’s research ends when she discovers a formula for time-travel. Control of the formula leads to a murderous attack which forces her to accidentally escape to the Pleistocene; a time and climate for which she is entirely unprepared. The ice-age environment forces her to confront her fears as she finds that trust in a primitive hunter becomes paramount in order to survive. Can she develop a relationship with a man who has suffered his own terrible losses? Will she survive the harsh climate, fierce beasts, and men of 13,000 years ago? If you love well researched science, time-travel adventure, danger, and romance, read this first installment of The Time Equation series today.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


Once Upon a Spell: A Fairy Tale Retelling Collection

by Vivienne Savage

A trio of classic fairy tales retold for an adult reading audience. Beauty’s beast is a dragon, the big bad wolf becomes a hero, and Goldilocks only needs one bear during her journey.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


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