by Patti Larsen

Sixteen-year-old Reid thinks life is back to normal. His sister Lucy pulls herself together and cuts him free from a year of foster care. She promises to take care of him, that her new boss and her new life are what they both needed to start again. Until Reid is taken in the middle of the night, dumped in a wild stretch of forest far from home with no idea why he is there. Lost and afraid, he learns to run from the hunters who prowl the darkness, their only pleasure chasing down kids like him. And killing them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Melody of Darkness

by Eliza F Tilton

Good boys go to Ivy League Schools. Bad boys go to Spartan.

When Jackson gets expelled from HS, his rich uncle sends him to Stonyhurst in England where he’ll learn to control his rage and use it for world peace or something less exciting.

What Jackson doesn’t know is that at night selected members of the school go underground where the real education begins. The true purpose of Stonyhurst is as dark and twisted as the original Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Between Jackson’s lucid nightmares and the demonic horrors hidden below the surface, not everything is what it seems. Teens are going missing and someone wants Jackson dead.

When everything Jackson believes is stripped away, it will take more than his fists to survive his freshmen year and save his new friends. Stonyhurst isn’t just a school. It’s a life or death sentence.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

Ghost Galaxy Omnibus: Includes 2 complete series in one giant omnibus

by Sarah Noffke

Kill the bad guys. Save the galaxy. All in a hard day’s work.

Get both the Completed Omnibus of Ghost Squadron and Precious Galaxy series in one GIANT omnibus for a stellar price!

Ghost Galaxy encompasses the two Age of Expansion series co-written by Sarah Noffke and Michael Anderle!

Experience these two exciting military sci-fi sagas and the latest additions to the expanded Kurtherian Gambit universe. If you’re a fan of Mass Effect, Firefly, or Star Wars, you’ll love this riveting new space opera.

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Category: Science Fiction – Galactic Empire

The Legacy Human (Singularity 1)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

Elijah wants to become an ascender, a human/machine hybrid, but it’s forbidden for legacies like him, preserved for their unaltered genetic code. When he wins a sponsor to the creative Olympics, he finally gets his chance… until he discovers nothing is as it seems.

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Category: Science Fiction – Metaphysical & Visionary

Druid Magic (Druid Academy Book 1)

by C. S. Churton

Eighteen-year-old Lyssa Eldridge’s university prospects keep going up in smoke. But even after her final rejection notice ignites in her hands and sparks her latent abilities, she’s sure her supposed admission into Dragondale Academy of Druidic Magic is just a sick joke. Until her recruiter arrives and whisks her into a world of elemental powers, shady professors… and a spate of vicious student attacks.

Will Lyssa graduate from spellcasting failure to school savior, or is she destined to fatally flunk out?

If you like lighthearted adventure, enchanting twists and turns, and mythical beasts, then you’ll love C. S. Churton’s stunning realm.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Spark City

by Robert J Power

Erroh has a plan. A simple plan. It’ll never work.

He’s a warrior destined for a life of duty and tradition. By birth-right, the mysterious trials of The Cull await him; a chance to win the greatest prize Spark City can offer. However, he’d rather spend his days drinking, gambling and travelling the roads as a free man.

But war is on the horizon and although he doesn’t know it yet, Erroh is standing in the way of the first wave.

Across great distances and against many brutal obstacles, he will be forced to call upon the warrior within to hunt down those who disturb the peace of a world he once rejected.

And he won’t be alone.

Spark City is the first book in Robert J Power’s bestselling coming of age fantasy series. With it’s epic battles, real flawed heroes, slow burn romance and dark humour, it has earned comparisons to the works of Joe Abercrombie and David Gemmell.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Sorcery in Alpara

by Judith Starkston

“What George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones did for the War of the Roses, Starkston has done for the forgotten Bronze Age Hittite civilization. Mystery, romance, political intrigue, and magic…” -Amalia Carosella, author of Helen of Sparta

A curse that consumes armies, a court full of traitors, a clutch of angry concubines and fantastical creatures who offer help but despise mankind.

Tesha’s about to become queen of a kingdom under assault from all sides, but she has powerful allies: her strategist husband, his crafty second-in-command, and her brilliant blind sister.

Then betrayal strips her of them all. To save her marriage and her world, she will have to grapple with the serpentine plot against her and unleash the goddess Ishana’s uncontrollable magic—without destroying herself.

This 2nd in series works great as a standalone.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

A Dark Inheritance (Hollow Fate Book 1)

by Todd Herzman

It’s a dark path to power.

When Ruben is bound by magic and hauled across the sea to where the God King reigns, he has only one goal: escape.

As he tries to resist his master’s pull, he discovers a secret—the reason he was taken from his family—Ruben is a mage.

On his journey to understand his power, his desire to become stronger takes him to dark places, driving him to do even darker things.

If he can gain his freedom, will he be able to return to the life he once knew, after what he’s become?

For fans of Brandon Sanderson and Will Wight, A Dark Inheritance is the first book in the Hollow Fate series, an epic fantasy by Todd Herzman.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Time Burrito

by Aaron Frale

With great burrito comes great responsibility.

Pete’s food truck at the University of New Mexico isn’t going well. Seniors dare freshman to eat his burritos. Frats use them for pledges and pranks. Rumors fly around campus that they are chupacabra ground up with rat.

Pete needs a change, and it comes in the form of a physics experiment gone awry. After being sucked into the past, he stumbles across an fantastic ingredient for his burritos.

First, there was Marty McFly. Then there was Bill and Ted. And now Pete–

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

The Bison Agenda

by Aaron Frale

Clara has it all, a swanky new job, a hot robot babe, and even a time machine. Paradise all comes crashing down when she realizes her ticket to the future was stolen.

She wakes up in a world that has been reshaped by the whim of a time traveler with a strange obsession with bison and chicken wings. Now she has to fix the timeline, or everyone she knows and loves will be wiped from existence.

There’s also a lot of flightless birds.

Find out how it all fits together in The Bison Agenda, the not anticipated sequel of Time Burrito.

Previously $3.99

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