Armageddon’s Shadow

by Jim LeMay

In 2072 a deadly disease sweeps the world, killing nearly everyone. Governments and civilization disintegrate. Twelve years later, Matt Pringle’s scrounger gang meets John Moore, an intelligent orphan boy attracted to the adventurous life he imagines they lead. Matt cannot dissuade him from joining the gang even though death stalks it. A larger rival gang chases them across their empty world. In time John discovers that a Shadow more insidious than disease, starvation and casual violence haunts the world.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Shield-Maiden: Under the Howling Moon

by Melanie Karsak

Chosen by Odin. Destined for Valhalla.
In my dreams, Odin whispers to me.
He tells me I’m destined to wield a legendary sword.
He tells me my road will bring me to Valhalla.

But when I wake, I’m only Hervor. Fatherless. Unloved. Unwanted. Jarl Bjartmar, my grandfather, calls me cursed. My mother, her memories stolen by the gods, has forgotten me. Everyone tells me I should have been left to the wolves, but no one will tell me why.

None but Eydis, a thrall with völva magic, believes I’m meant for a greater destiny. Yet who can believe a devotee of Loki?

When the king and his son arrive for the holy blót, the runes begin to fall in my favor. A way forward may lie in the handsome Viking set on winning my heart, but only if I unravel the mystery hanging over me first.

Previously $5.99

Category: Fantasy – Historical

Stranded (The Shorten Chronicles Book 1)

by Rosalind Tate

Bridget Jones meets Downton in this acclaimed British time-travel fantasy!

Sophie Arundel is stranded in history, stuck with an annoying boy in a grand house in an alternate 1925. The only way home is through a hidden portal, but as one clue leads to another, chaos in the streets turns into revolution — and anyone in a grand house is fair game.

Sophie’s running out of time…

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel

Escape (The Shorten Chronicles Book 2)

by Rosalind Tate

Sophie Arundel is stranded in a parallel universe. Stuck in a grand house in an alternate 1925, she’s engaged to one boy but in love with another.

As a bloody revolution threatens the house and everyone in it, Sophie discovers the hidden portal back to the twenty-first century. But if she opens it, one man’s deadly secret will be exposed.

And he’ll kill to stop her.

Previously $4.99

Song of Prophecy Series Box Set: Books 1-3

by P.E. Padilla

Outcast, hero of prophecy, or both?

Aeden Tannoch hasn’t had an easy life. Cast from his clan and beaten nearly to death by the people he loved, all he ever wanted was to make his family proud. And now the dark creatures have come, apparently searching him out to finish him off for good.

If all that wasn’t enough, Aeden learns of the Song of Prophecy, a three-thousand-year-old prediction that there would come a warrior to save the world from invading monsters. Fingers are pointing at him, but how can he be the one when he couldn’t even pass the trials in his own clan?

The Song of Prophecy Box Set includes books one through three of the internationally bestselling Song of Prophecy series.

Previously $6.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Creature Feature: A Horrid Comedy

by Steven Paul Leiva

Horror, humor, nostalgia, and politics blend in a fast-paced adventure that the Montreal Times called “A top book of 2020” and Jonathan Maberry, NY Times bestselling author of ROT & RUIN and V-WARS called “A weird, funny, twisty romp through the creepier parts of the American landscape. Highly entertaining and highly recommended.” It is 1962. Kathy Anderson, a serious actress who took her training at the Actors Studio in New York, is stuck playing Vivacia, the Vampire Woman on Vivacia’s House of Horrors for a local Chicago TV station. Finally fed up showing old monster movies to creature feature fans, she quits and heads to New York and the fame and footlights of Broadway. She stops off to visit her parents and old friends in Placidville, the all-American, middle-class, blissfully normal Midwest small town she grew up in. But she finds things are strange in Placidville.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion

The Lost Clan Trilogy

by Olivia Wildenstein

Torn between faeries and hunters, Catori’s loyalty and heart are put to the test. And although she remains unwilling to pick sides, her heart has no such problem.

Fans of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES and Cassandra Clare will fall hard for this enemies-to-lovers paranormal romance trilogy!

Previously $9.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Doctor Leviathan

by James Banks Jr

Doctor Leviathan takes place in a dystopian future, where the world is overrun with thousands of madmen, monsters and superpowered mass murderers. Mankind quickly realizes that to defend itself against these beast it needs more than heroes. Mankind needs a monster to fight these other monsters. This monsters name is Doctor Leviathan.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Superhero


by Darren Wearmouth

Felix North was one of the Commonwealth’s best soldiers until he was framed for murder. He is given a chance to win his freedom on a suicidal mission, though nothing is what it seems. With a call sign he hates, and a crew of a judgmental droid, the mind of a rude criminal uploaded on a conscience-cube, and an alien taxi driver, Felix ends up facing the front end of a mass invasion.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

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