Sins of the Heart

by Eve Silver

Urban fantasy that is “Dark, seductive, and sexy as sin.”—Library Journal

A murdered demigod.
A powerful soul reaper bent on his resurrection.
A woman determined to stop him at any cost.

Demigod Dagan Krayl hungers for the impossible—resurrecting his murdered brother, a quest that defies the rules of the Underworld and threatens to unleash a world-ending war. Blood drinker Roxy Tam is hell-bent on stopping him, willing to risk it all for humanity’s survival.

When they are forced into an uneasy alliance, loyalties are pushed to the brink, and a forbidden desire ignites, poised to reshape the destiny of gods and mortals alike.

For fans of dark fantasy, Egyptian mythology, supernatural suspense, and a kick-butt heroine.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


EMP Aftermath: Six Book Complete Series

by Grace Hamilton

Laurel is stabilizing a patient in the ER when the power goes out. When the rest of the hospital evacuates, she refuses to leave her patients behind—especially her sick mother. She’s determined to fight for their lives. Even if it means putting her own in danger…

In a remote mountain cabin hundreds of miles away, Laurel’s husband, Bear, begins a grueling trek across Minnesota. He’ll do whatever it takes to reunite his family. But it’s a dangerous journey, and he’s all alone save for his loyal dog, Jessamine, and Trent, an orphaned boy he finds along the way.

Meanwhile, their daughter Mae has joined up with a violent militia, and grapples with divided loyalties. The Militia have unearthed weapons of war that survived the EMP. And they’re ready to launch a bloody conflict that could shatter the fragile remnants of order her family has struggled to rebuild…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



by David Estes

Be bright but do not burn. Embrace the darkness but do not live in the shadows.

The powerful godblades were believed to be lost nearly half a millennium ago, when the Godswar ended. Now, however, one has been found by the unlikeliest of wielders: Sampson Gaard, a sheltered prince who’s been told he’ll never rule Teravainen. As his power grows, the only question is whether he controls the blade or the blade him. With an insidious evil lurking in the shadows, the answer may very well determine the fate of all Kingfall.

Fans of A Game of Thrones, The Stormlight Archives, Legends of the First Empire and The Fatemarked Epic will enjoy The Kingfall Histories. Start your 5,000+ page epic adventure today.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Mother Ink

by Nicholas Bruner

Seventeen-year-old Lono wants nothing more than to become a Sister at the Observatory. After all, she’s been an acolyte her whole life—she doesn’t know anything else. But on the day of the ascension ceremony, a disturbing vision changes everything. She winds up outside the safety of the Observatory walls where a crow leads her to a boy in need of help.

The boy, Aku, is on a mission to deliver a mysterious key to a man in the city of Atlantis.

Worried he won’t make it on his own and her efforts to save him will be in vain, she joins Aku. Along the way, a disgraced scribe and a reptilian biped join them. This misfit group has no idea what’s in store, but after entering the city of Atlantis, ruled by the tyrannical Regent and his shark warriors, they may never walk out again….

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Brother Flute

by Nicholas Bruner

The ink on his mother ink tattoo is hardly dry when Aku makes a disappointing discovery. Disappointment leads him to make a rash, dangerous decision. When an old man with a bad eye rolls in, knowing far too much for being new in town, Aku follows him one night.

The man has a secret, one that will alter the course of Aku’s life forever…and maybe change the history of Atlantis. But is the old man’s theory correct? Or is he simply crazy?

Meanwhile, in the small town of Moku Harbor, Keki the crow brings disturbing news to newlyweds Lono and Hulu. Prioress Wa’e back in Atlantis has gone missing and it’s believed she’s been kidnapped. Will the young lovers offer their assistance to come help oust the Shabengee guards profaning the sacred Observatory? To complicate the decision further, Lono has a surprise that will change everything for the young couple….

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Secrets of the Rainbow Bridge

by Jonah Rosestone

Baudwin is a water Faery who is two hundred years old – still quite young mind you. For his entire life he has wondered where his mother vanished, after a time of great travail and upheaval in his realm. This burden has been quite heavy, as without her, he was never joined to his current so he could live as he should – at one with the Water. Ever ready to lift his grandson’s spirits, his grandfather, Seamus, encourages him to find the Water – or to have the Water come to him – a ridiculous prospect for a water Faery not joined to his current. After decades of trials, the Water finally does come to Baudwin – defying all expectations. The Water then leads him down an unexpected path that unfolds into an epic adventure with myriad discoveries filled with elven inventions, ancient wonders, and a being who seeks to shape his destiny through the most compassionate and terrifying means possible

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales


Fate’s Collision

by RW Biga

When Craig’s high school buddy suggests a road trip, Craig knows its a bad idea. Bryan is out for a good time, no matter the cost, and he has his sights set on Craig’s dad’s van for the journey. It all feels such an enormous responsibility to him, and his friends don’t seem to share the same outlook he does – except the beautiful Hailey, who joins them on the trip. But Craig cannot anticipate what’s about to happen to them all, or indeed the world, as a worldwide emergency changes everything. He will stop at nothing to get home, even when his friends become unpredictable – or become enemies. He also doesn’t foresee or understand the biggest responsibility of all – a strange gift he discovers that leaves him questioning his sanity and the course of the future…and the past.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure