The Harvesting

by Melanie Karsak

From New York Times bestselling author Melanie Karsak, a unique spin on the end of the world. In an apocalyptic world, Layla struggles to save the people of her small town. But unknown to her, the undead are not the only supernatural beings who have a stake in the end of mankind.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Curse of Conchobar

by David Fitz-Gerald

Banished by one tribe. Condemned by another. Will an outcast’s supernatural strengths be enough to keep him alive?

549 AD. Raised by monks, Conchobar is committed to a life of obedience and peace. But when his fishing vessel is blown off-course, the young man’s relief over surviving the sea’s storms is swamped by the terrors of harsh new shores. And after capture by violent natives puts him at death’s door, he’s stunned when he develops strange telepathic abilities.

Learning his new family’s language through the mind of his mentor, Conchobar soon falls for the war chief’s ferocious daughter. But when she trains him to follow in her path as a fighter, he’s horrified when his uncanny misfortune twists reality, causing more disastrous deaths and making him a pariah.

If you like inspiring heroes, unsettling powers, and lasting legacies, then you’ll love Conchobar.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Temple Knight

by Paul J Bennett

Life took a twist she never expected.

All Charlaine ever wanted was to follow in her father’s footsteps until she was forced to leave her old life behind to save her family. Now, as a Temple Knight, she finds herself alone in a distant realm, unaware of what the future demands of her.

Her hopes for a new life are dashed the moment her past catches up with her. Labelled a troublemaker, it is only when raiders begin harassing the coast that Charlaine’s true mettle emerges.

With her new family of Temple Knights, Charlaine leads them in a desperate gambit to thwart the ambitions of a mighty foe with the power to destroy them all

Journey along with Charlaine deShandria as she chases her destiny in the action-packed, intrigue-filled Temple Knight, the Power Ascending series starter.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Badger Company (Chronicles of The Badger Company Book 1)

by JP Weaver

“If I die, you’d better come back and avenge me, you goddamn ghost in the machine.”

Malcolm Parker was poised to make history as the habitation engineer who made his country’s colonization initiatives possible—until a stealth missile strike destroyed the U.S. moon base. All that’s left of him is his A.I. clone, who must carry on both his fantasy tabletop campaign and the original mission: find and secure the closest habitable system.

Trapped inside a space probe with a computer for a brain and other AIs for company, Malcolm and his crew face hostile spacecraft alone. The same assailants in pursuit or an opportunistic third party—either way they seem intent on wiping out the last remnants of America’s space program. Artificial intelligence isn’t recognized as people under U.S. law, so as far as the top brass in the U.S. military is concerned, the crew is on their own.

Or are they?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration

Realms: Issue #1

by Christopher English

Realms Magazine is a brand new illustrated anthology magazine that explores science fiction, fantasy, and steampunk themes. We explore dystopian worlds, alternate realities, multiverse themes, and more in every issue. Realms promises a wild ride in every issue.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Shadow Island


On a prison planet for banished elementals stripped of their magic… Determined to find and rescue her parents, Astra assembles a team of young elementals like herself and plots a course across the treacherous Shadow Island to reach the portal to Earth.

Along the way, it wasn’t just the mutant aliens she had to go up against, but the group must also face the wrath of the Elements.

When the journey unearths the secrets that had been buried since before her birth, Astra can only hope not to crumble under the massive weight of the expectations of those who think she is the key to leading the elementals out of their banishment.

Read now for an exciting young adult fantasy story. Featuring a dystopian alien planet, a slow build teen romance, and lots of epic magic action and adventure with the girl on a mission and crazy twists along with a volcano or two!

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

I, Alien Hunter: The Cyberpunk Detective Series

by Austin Dragon

Our private detective, Cruz, has dealt with all kinds of criminal crazies—full human, cyborgs and robots—and even crazier clients. But he has never had to deal with…extraterrestrials.
Is this case more than a missing persons? Have humans on the Main Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter actually found proof of alien life from another world? What does it all have to do with a missing scientist?
This time besides the action, thrills, and laughs author Austin Dragon brings us Spacemen, Martians, meteors, androids, and possibly… a killer alien!
Welcome to the high-tech, low-life world of Liquid Cool.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Battle of the Snake

by Karen Cossey

Young Kinsey, a lonely orphaned servant girl in medieval times, finds an abandoned magical cloak discarded in the Pixie Forest. Unable to resist, she pulls it over her shoulders, snaps the clasp shut and is shocked when Crimson, the legendary talking unicorn, appears in front of her!

What happens next is even more astounding, as Kinsey finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of frantic adventure, from slaying murderous river monsters, defeating terrifying dragons and fighting off hideous giant wolf-like mungas. But is Crimson right to believe all Kinsey’s perilous exploits have prepared her for the final epic battle against the frightening evil Lord known as the Snake, who is threatening to take over the whole kingdom.

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Category: Fantasy – Arthurian