Rebel Unicorn

by Brogan Thomas

Tru Dennison knows that most of the world thinks she’s a freak; to be fair, as a half-unicorn, half-vampire shifter, she’s one of a kind. To survive, she channels her energy—and her unusual powers—into her undercover role as an assassin. But when she’s accused of a crime she didn’t commit, nothing will stop her from clearing her name… no matter the cost.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Apocalypse Assassin (System Orphans: Claire)

by J.J. Thorn

Don’t be Distracted. Trust the Quest. Kill your target.
System Orphans: Claire is a series set in a post-apocalyptic Toronto, Canada. Claire, the main character, takes a quest to kill 100 targets. The world includes dungeons, skills, unique abilities and varied characters.
If you’re looking for a well-reviewed story with minimal comedy, check out the start of the series today!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


The Villain Institute

by Megan Linski, Alicia Rades

Inmates Charlie and Ava-Marie find themselves enemies— and lovers— at a paranormal prison where staying alive is as dangerous as discovering the warden’s plans for magical chaos.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Pawn: The Abled Chronicles Book One

by RG Hurley

A pandemic. Solar flares. Climate change. Famine. War. Death. Humanity would have been doomed if it wasn’t for the rise of the Ableds– the common term for people with uncommon abilities.

Canary is driven. She is fearless. She has a robust sense of self-preservation that she readily ignores if saving herself means putting others in danger. She leads a rag-tag team of Ableds who are the only family she’s ever known. In a world where abilities define who an Abled is, hers change every time she uses them.

The first generation of Ableds saved a dying Earth long before Canary was born, but now a new crisis looms: someone is kidnapping Abled children. No one knows who is behind the abductions, and the children’s non-Abled family members are never left alive, proving that the kidnappers are as violent as they are heartless. Canary’s mission is to find out who is behind the kidnappings..

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero


Boy Meets Ant

by Munk Davis

On the surface, you couldn’t ask for a more ordinary Midwestern life. Corn farms, pickup trucks, and the girl next door. But scratch the surface on Booker’s world and it has all the trappings of a B-grade horror film—complete with bullies, mutants, and mad science.
A love letter to 1980’s popcorn action movies, BOY MEETS ANT, and the entire SYNTROPY series, will appeal to nerds of all ages. And anyone who has ever heard of E.O. Wilson.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering


A Dagger in the Winds (Book 1 of The Frostmarked Chronicles)

by Brendan Noble

Slavic mythology meets epic fantasy in this journey full of monsters, scheming gods, and mysterious magic.

A warrior shrouded in darkness. A witch sworn to revenge. A winter unbounded.

Wacław is an outcast. Born with a curse he doesn’t understand, he’s hidden his power his entire life. But when the goddess of winter unleashes the darkness within him, his only hope for answers is the girl he’s forbidden to see.

Otylia is a witch. There’s no one she hates more than the winter goddess—except her once best friend Wacław. But when she receives visions of endless blizzards and Wacław fighting by her side, she realizes he’s the key to uncovering the goddess’s plot.

Facing monsters and magic at every turn, the pair must journey with friends and rivals alike to confront the cult of winter, but Wacław’s awakened darkness grows as death consumes the living realm.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends