Prelude to Fire

by D.K. Holmberg

A warrior to a dying king discovers a destiny he never imagined.

Lacertin has served his king faithfully for decades, but has failed on his final mission for him. When he returns to the kingdoms, he discovers a dark secret to the king’s illness, and the only person who can truly help him hides a secret of her own. Lacertin must decide how much he will sacrifice for the people he cares most about.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Dragon Blood

by Alicia Wolfe

At a tense summit of the Fae Lords, a terrible murder occurs, threatening to rip apart the hope of peace. Can a former thief, now supernatural cop, and her brooding partner solve the case before it’s too late?

If you’re looking for magic, mystery and adventure, with a little bit of romance, you’ve come to the right place.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Exiled: The Odyssey of Nath Dragon – Book 1

by Craig Halloran

A Man Born To Protect His Home

Nath Dragon’s place in life was determined at birth. He is destined to protect Dragon Home and must carry the burden of his legacy. He does not have the convenience of following his own desires.

Left To Face His Enemies Alone

With cunning dark elves out to destroy Nath, his life takes a turn that threatens to ruin his family. With nobody to trust and nowhere to go, the young warrior sets out to uncover answers that his rivals will kill to protect.

The Truth May Cost Him His Life, Or Change Everything

The closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous Nath’s quest becomes. Battling ruthless enemies, wizards, dragons, and thieves, Nath uncovers the one thing he thought he always knew: who he actually is.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Enslaved: The Odyssey of Nath Dragon Book 2

by Craig Halloran

How Do You Defeat An Unknown Enemy?

Imprisoned in a Slaver Town, Nath is determined to get revenge. After all, his list of rivals is multiplying rapidly. But his darkest, most vile enemy is still a mystery to him, a mystery he’s determined to solve.

Nath Enslaved, But By Who?

An unidentified enemy will do anything to destroy Nath, wanting nothing more than to torment him, put him in shackles, and work him to death, while breaking Nath’s will to survive. But why?

Broken And Seeking Vengeance

Starving, broken, and freezing, Nath teams up with a hardened knight who’s more than willing to embark upon the coming battle with him. Taking on a dwarf warrior, a vicious rogue, unforgiving brigands, a sultry sorceress, and a sword master, Nath and his newest ally fight for survival. But as they make their final conquest at a wedding destined for destruction…

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by Auryn Hadley

Auryn Hadley interjects a compelling sci-fi action fantasy with an emotionally charged reverse harem romance, setting the heart-warming experience of everyday community against the heart-wrenching reality of war—and the loss it causes. A jarring emotional roller coaster, Tenacity tells the age-old tale of pure love amidst a struggle between good and evil—but with a heaping dose of the light-hearted, cross-cultural birds and bees. This one has plenty of laughs. And plenty of heartbreak.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Dust to Dust: Deconstruction Book One

by Rashad Freeman

“The Earth has had enough of humans, and now it’s fighting back.”

Tornadoes in New York. Earthquakes in Florida. Magnetic storms across the globe.

Randall is a wannabe prepper. A few small provisions and not much know-how, make up his bag of tricks. But when his family’s life is cast into a struggle for survival, he’s left with two choices, put up or shut up.

It all starts with a series of torrential storms and a power outage with unknown reach. Randall plays the waiting game, expecting society to quickly pick up the pieces and make everything right. When a quick jaunt to the grocery store turns into a fight for his life, Randall realizes he must take matters into his own hands.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



by Megan Crewe

“You think you have it all figured out, Max, but this isn’t your game anymore.”

Max Weston has the world wrapped around his little finger—until a strange beast attacks his best friend, Davey, in the woods. As Davey heals, something awakens inside him. Something with razor-sharp teeth, vicious reflexes, and no patience for Max’s ploys.

Suddenly Davey is challenging Max, getting smarter, stronger, faster—and harder to control. Max plunges into a series of schemes to save his friend, but with each move he makes, Davey lashes back twice as hard. The monster inside him is calling the shots now, and the game it wants to play has deadly consequences for everyone Max loves.

If Max forfeits, he’s giving up on his best friend. But winning might mean losing even more.

Teen Wolf meets Pretty Little Liars in this edge-of-your-seat supernatural thriller.

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Category: Dark Fantasy


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