Wyvern Awakening (Mage Chronicles Book 1)

by Joanna Mazurkiewicz

A Wyvern dragon shifter. Revenge, lies and a deadly magical challenge.

When her parents were murdered eleven years ago, leaving her physically scarred during the event, dragon shifter Astri never learned the identity of their killer. That is until he appears to her in a nightmare.
The powerful Duke Jorgen not only rules the city of Rivenna where she lives, he is also responsible for her parents’ death and for the disability she’s had to bear most of her life. When the chance arises for her to compete to become Duke’s assistant, she realises this is her opportunity for revenge.
But everything in Astri’s world comes with a price. Can she overcome her disability and make Duke pay?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Into the Mixed (A Bonnie Glock Mystery)

by A J Walker

Solving murders by magic poses impossible challenges for the San Francisco Police Department given that non-magical people don’t know that magic exists… That’s where Private Investigator Bonnie Glock steps in. She specializes in cracking the most unusual cases, yet the department doesn’t know how she does it – they don’t realize that she has access to magic. Keeping her secret is challenging, especially after Bonnie learns that more than a lone killer mage is loose in San Francisco…
If you liked The Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson, or Rivers of London, then you’ll love A J Walker’s new Bonnie Glock Mystery. Unlock Into the Mixed today.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Dark Rises

by Greg Cmiel

Twelve-year-old Nikola stood in front of an open grave. His grandma was dead and gone. With her death, a door was kicked open, and an ancestral curse—a mark on Nikola’s bloodline and rooted in the very bones of the earth—lay revealed.
Change is hard. Being the new kid at school is harder, especially with a Vice Principal like William Weaver.
Nikola meets a girl named Lizzy. The shocking things happening to him were happening to her as well. She lived on a nearby lake, in a cabin her grandpa had built long ago. Spook Central, she called it.
They meet Dmitry, ancient and mysterious—with secrets of his own. Nikola is forced to choose—unravel the mystery of his dark lineage and bring the fight to the enemy, or face a lifetime of running.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Rockstar Ending

by N. A. Rossi

London. 2027. An ordinary woman discovers she is capable of extraordinary things. When Lexi finds out that older people are being coerced into genocide by stealth, she vows to take on the sinister corporation behind the ultimate Rockstar Ending.
It’s hard to resist their invitation to a pain-free suicide with a glamorous spin, a seductive soundtrack, and a killer inheritance tax exemption. After her best friend’s mother books a one-way ticket, Lexi sets out on a rescue mission that takes her deep into the terrifying heart of the death factory.
Rockstar Ending is the first book in a chillingly plausible dystopian series steeped in the social and political issues that will dominate the 2020s. If you are a fan of thought-provoking speculative fiction such as Nineteen Eighty-Four, The Handmaid’s Tale and Black Mirror you’ll love this book.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


by Brandy Kisamore

I’m certain, sooner or later, everyone wishes for capacities that are resolved to be superhuman. So individuals searched for quite a long time, attempting to figure out how to make that conceivable. However, nobody has succeeded, as they regularly face devastating disasters. Thus, I understood the best spot to begin looking at currently would be outside that box. I read for a long time, each newspaper, tabloid or magazine story I found to be abnormal.

I talked with everybody from Nashville, Tennessee, to Brunswick, Maine. Be that as it may, not one of them could demonstrate their capacities (under controlled research center conditions) were anything more than a fantasy or unrealistic daydream. So, I had reached wit’s end, after working each day with wackos, weirdos, and the unadulterated insane. Until an unprompted visit to one of Berkeley’s old teachers gave me some comfort.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Dreamland Part 1: The Fabric of Dreams: A fantasy adventure novel (The Dreamland Trilogy)

by Barry S. Brunswick

A world of imagination. A child of prophecy. With evil on the horizon, can he save a wondrous land?

For as long as he can remember, Eric has always had vivid dreams. When the lines start to blur between sleep and reality, he and his parents begin a desperate hunt for answers. But after he slips into a coma, Eric enters an amazing enchanted dimension where he’s forced to fulfil an ancient destiny and defeat a nightmarish enemy.

Discovering he possesses incredible powers, Eric begins a punishing training schedule with an eccentric queen to ready himself for battle against his dangerous foe. Faced with aliens, dinosaurs, and vicious gargoyles, this young hero must master his gift quickly if he’s to defend the realm from a terrible fate.

Can Eric destroy the coming doom and rescue a kingdom of magic? If you or your child like memorable creatures then you’ll love this fun-filled tale

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Dragon’s Inferno

by Melinda Cordell

Three women are poised to set the medieval world on fire.

Neva is the enchantress who discovers a horrifying new power that is certain to get her burned at the stake.

Teita Anna, a grandmother who was once an assassin, abruptly comes face-to-face with the past that she’s fled and a call to a new, dangerous cause.

Fia, a dragonrider, is trying to rescue her dragon and her own father before his execution – and she’s going to do both in front of a crowd of thousands during the most explosive dragon race of the 1200s.

Their adversary, the Cardinal Benedetto, is about to get a promotion which will give him control of an army and a full battalion of spies – and he has a reason to want every one of our heroines dead.

Let the games begin.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Kyle West

In a future devastated by a meteor impact, Alex is about to learn why he’s lived his entire life in a bunker.

Earth, 2060. The world is a wasteland, and a deadly virus is turning men and animals into monsters. In a kill or killed world, can a sheltered teenager survive long enough to find a home?

The son of a biologist, Alex might be the only one who can stop the virus. But when he becomes the target of raiders, he finds himself running for his life.

Can Alex handle this brutal new world, or will he also become a victim of the wasteland?

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


by Kyle West

Ragnarok was only the beginning.

Buried in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, is the massive Bunker One. Long conquered by the spawn of the xenovirus, it is now the mission of Alex Keener, Samuel Neth, and Makara Angel to find the fallen Bunker, or die trying. Contained within are the mysterious Black Files, which may be the key to stopping the xenovirus before it is too late.

But one thousand miles of post-apocalyptic desert stand between the team and their goal, and human hostiles and killer dust storms are the least of their worries. They must make it to Bunker One before the winter snows bury it…and before anyone else can claim the files as their own.

And in the Great Blight, the monsters get bigger. Much, much bigger.

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