The Last Pendragon

by Sarah Woodbury

Rhiann knows that demons walk the night. She has been taught to fear them. But from the moment Cade is dragged before her father’s throne, beaten and having lost all of his men to her father’s treachery, he stirs something inside her that she has never felt before. When Cade is revealed to be not only Arthur’s heir but touched by the sidhe, Rhiann must choose between the life she left behind and the one before her—and how much she is willing to risk to follow her heart.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical


The Accidental Archmage: Book One (Ragnarok Rising)

by Edmund A.M. Batara

Epic fantasy on another world – with a modern twist.

Enter a magical world filled with Earth’s legends and myths. Powerful beings such as the Norse deities to the Aztec pantheon. Beasts and creatures of lore. Plots, schemes, and deceit. Oh, being from Earth, you’ve got no magical ability. Survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



by H.G. Chambers

Oren Hart has only ever known life within the domed colony of New Arcadia. But when his parents are executed by the tyrannical Patriarch, he must escape into the desolate wasteland beyond. Heartbroken and weary, he discovers a secret resistance group and begins his training under a blademaster who hints at impossible powers. Determined to prove his worth, Oren turns his gaze east—back toward the tyrant who destroyed his old life.

When Clementine’s closest friend vanishes without a word, she vows never to forgive him. With her home life in tatters, she soon finds herself stealing to survive. Against her better judgement, she infiltrates the Patriarch’s headquarters and uncovers a secret so dangerous, she too must escape into the wasteland. When she and Oren again cross paths, they must come to terms with years grown apart, and a monstrous new threat endangering everyone they left behind.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian


Visions of Zarua

by Suzanne Rogerson

An ancient darkness haunts the realm of Paltria.
Apprentice wizard Paddren is plagued by visions of a city on the brink of war.
When his master dies in mysterious circumstances, the Royal Order of Wizards refuses to investigate.
Helped by his childhood friend, the tracker Varnia, and her lover Leyoch, Paddren sets out to find the murderer. He uncovers assassins, secret sects and creatures conjured by blood magic.
Guided by a connection to an ancient wizard, can he save Paltria from the dark menace of Zarua’s past?

Steeped in mystery, with plenty of magic, murder and mayhem along the way, Visions of Zarua is an action adventure on an epic scale.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic


Crimson & Cream

by C. M. Skiera

Evil lurks in the Underbelly, and that’s the least of Jetsam’s worries. What must the young wizardling do once magic is outlawed? Can the fugitive orphan escape a legendary bounty hunter, dishonorable adventurers, and an enigmatic dragon?

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

Mirrors & Mist

by C. M. Skiera

Jetsam is apprenticed to the reclusive wizard Seryn Vardan, the Oxbow Kingdom’s most wanted fugitive. When a heroic caravan rescue goes awry and Seryn is apprehended, Jetsam vows to free his beloved mentor. Can Jetsam save Seryn from a beheading in the city where they are both falsely accused of murder, or will he again be left homeless and alone with a bounty on his head?

Previously $3.99



by M. Black

Set in the robot cyberpunk year 2055 in British Columbia, Canada, where humans are part robotic and robots are becoming more humanlike, the line dividing the two is becoming less clear. When the nation is controlled by a popular online program, those that deviate risk their lives. But that never stopped Fione. Filled with haunting questions of consciousness and artificial intelligence, identity and self-awareness, politics and love, life and death, the reader will be engaged in an entertaining story filled with futuristic technology.

This robot cyberpunk will appeal to fans of Divergent, Configured, Freelancer, iRobot, The Glitch, Blade Runner, artificial intelligence, robotics, and futuristic technology will enjoy this story about two young, but strong female heroines who must save the fragile system crumbling around them.


Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk


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