Shattered Souls

by Kris Ruhler

Stand in the line of fire or embark on a dangerous mission? Khara’s choice is to escape. But where can she go when her worst enemy lurks within?
Khara, a teen soldier in the Mythren army, yearns for freedom. Faced with a moral dilemma, she takes a stand, defies the army’s rules, and stands in the line of fire. Literally.
So when a high-value scientist is taken hostage, Khara joins the rescue team and leaves the Compound. Little does she know about the dangers that lurk in the forests and mountains: beasts, bandits, and a strange stalker who’s sabotaging their mission.
To top it all off, Khara’s biggest enemy is…herself. During bouts of memory loss, another being surfaces from within her—a fierce, ruthless warrior. One who won’t hesitate to hurt the people Khara cares about.
Belor, the kidnapped scientist, is the only one with the cure. The race is on to find him.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age


Salt in the Wound

by Benjamin Aeveryn

Our world is lost to time. Only our myths remain.

Once rain was a symbol of hope and harvest. Now it brings only death.

Humanity survives in sheltered cities and canvas-covered towns. Travel between these patches of safety is rare and dangerous.

It’s what Galahad lives for.

But while seeking a lost cache of salt—a fortune he plans to use to build a shelter over his hometown—Galahad is betrayed by the friends he holds dearest.

They leave him for dead. Unfortunately for them, he lives.

Torn between seeking justice or revenge, Galahad knows one thing for certain: that treasure is his, and he’ll do anything to reclaim it.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Hammers in the Wind: The Northern Crusade Book 1

by Christian Warren Freed

The wolves are returning to war!

Peace in the northern kingdoms is shattered the night King Badron of Delranan finds his house invaded, his son dying, and his daughter kidnapped. All signs point to his longtime rival and neighboring kingdom, Rogscroft. Armed with vengeance, he orders his fear army, the Wolfsreik, to deploy east while simultaneously sending a covert team to rescue his daughter.
Led by his pariah brother, Bahr, the group slips into enemy territory only to discover all is not the way it should be. Darkness is afoot in the north. An ancient power stirs deep in the discontented hearts of men, for evil has ways of surviving.

It is a race against time to rescue the princess and, if Bahr can help it, prevent a war.
Fate is not on his side.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery



by Robyn Wideman

Born into slavery, Jace will rise to power.

When Jace was a newborn baby, he was branded with a metal bracer to prevent cultivation. Destined to live a life of slavery for a crime he didn’t commit, Jace can only dream of one day becoming a powerful cultivator and leaving his shackles behind.

But when danger threatens the life of his sister, Jace decides to take fate into his own hands. He boldly escapes his master’s estate and makes his way through dangerous lands to rescue his sister.

As a lowly seared facing powerful hunters looking to punish him for escaping, and deadly monsters wanting to make a meal of him, he has only one option.

Grow stronger.

Seared is an exciting coming-of-age, progression and cultivation fantasy series for fans of series like Cradle, Thousand Li and He Who Fights with Monsters. Light romantic elements with no harem.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


In The Dust

by K. A. Gandy

When the water is all gone, how will you survive?
A catastrophic meteor shower decimated earth hundreds of years ago, leaving the survivors scrabbling as the earth slowly turned to desert.

Twenty-three year old Nyx wakes up one day to find her older brother and protector vanished, leaving her utterly alone in the Wastes. She has only her skills as a scavenger and their busted-up Bronco to lean on as she works to stay alive, and find out who took him.

Things go from bad to worse when the gang who runs Coyote Springs set their sights on her—a woman alone, and an appealing target.

With her life crumbling around her, She’s willing to risk death to avoid a life under their thumb, and takes off into the desolate landscape to try to find any clue to her brother’s whereabouts. The stakes have never been higher as her water supply slowly dwindles, and any hope she had of remaining free

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


Friendship, Guaranteed (The Dawn: Rise of AI Chronicles, Book 1)

by Ray N. Kuili

The opening story of The Dawn: AI Rise Chronicles series explores the nature of friendship in the age of AI. When two young startup owners accept a tempting offer, the consequences go far beyond anything they could have imagined. Soon their company becomes the talk of the town, while they become targets of a journalistic investigation.

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Category: Hard Science Fiction


The Sky That Broke the Hills

by T.C. and R.E. Rubright

Young Feldregor “Slaga” Boyden is a mim, a military indentured man, in a backwater army post in Stheara. As he and his friend Floort try to pawn a mysterious watch, he learns painfully that he was born with a condition called sharna macha, in which contact with magic makes him violently ill even as it provides protection from it. Just as Floort is about to be unjustly hanged, the fort is attacked by a fierce band of uplanders and a powerful, unseen mage. Slaga escapes with Floort and a former enemy, Major Dietrick. They go in search of Bill Skye, the Master Witch Warden. He alone can train Slaga to tame his affliction and turn it to his advantage. On the road they encounter cutthroats, cavalry and bounty hunters, meet a wayward airship and more, while Slaga learns what he can do to magic and what magic can do to him.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure