Realms of Fae and Shadow

by Kay L Moody; Stacey Trombley; Clarissa Gosling; Tessonja Odette; Joanna Reeder; Alison Ingleby; Valia Lind; Hanna Sandvig

Enchanted forests.
Deadly bargains.
Welcome to the magic of Faerie.

Realms of Fae and Shadow is a breathtaking fantasy anthology featuring eight exclusive tales. Discover magic, romance, and betrayal as you lose yourself in the faerie world…

Can a human girl rescue a cursed fae prince before she’s shackled to a dull mortal life?

When the heir to the Unseelie Court is confronted with an unsettling fate, does he embrace the dark magic of the crown or turn his back on duty forever?

A fae princess is set to inherit a kingdom… only to discover devastating secrets lurking beneath the legacy of her throne.

Experience these stories (and more!) unfold as you journey through a portal to Faerie where danger meets beauty and the darkest shadows face the light.

If you love brooding royals, glittering courts, and fierce heroines, then you’ll adore this dazzling selection.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Martinis with the Devil

by A. A. Chamberlynn

When offered a job with the angelic forces, bounty hunter Zyan Star couldn’t be less interested – until she finds out it’s her most hated of exes they’re after. As she dives into the case, she realizes there’s more at stake than her revenge. Like, saving the planet from a demonic invasion. Savior of humanity? Not so much. Or so she thought.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Ghost Hunter’s Daughter

by Caroline Flarity

Supernatural meets Mean Girls in this YA horror.

16-year-old Anna sees things from another world, the spiritual world, a skill not exactly useful in high school. It’s bad enough that her mother, possessed by a demon, took her own life when Anna was a child. Now her father makes his living “clearing” haunted objects, and Anna’s job as his assistant makes her a social misfit.

Only Freddy and Dor remain loyal friends. But Anna’s so focused on her own problems, she’s missed that they’re in crisis.

As junior year approaches, a rare solar storm lights up the night skies and the citizens of her town begin to act strangely: Anna’s teachers lash out, her friends withdraw, and the school bullies go from mean to murderous. When Anna realizes she can harness this evil power, she sets out to save the only family she has left.

But to do so, she must keep her own increasingly dark urges at bay.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Rage Colony

by Shanon L Hunt

They promised purification. They delivered poison.

Behind the protective walls of the Colony, Layla grows restless. The Colony is filled with secrets, and James keeps her in the dark. So when a woman from her youth opens a crack into her past, Layla discovers everything she believed about the Colony has been a lie—even the baby she carries.

Outside, in the poisoned world, the virus has killed millions and devastated the economy, but investigative reporter Nick Slater is determined to find and expose the illegal biohacking ring that’s snatching young people from the impoverished streets.

As Nick risks his life barreling toward the truth and Layla struggles to constrain the invasive life growing inside her…

A new, evolved breed of humans is about to be unveiled.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering

The Pain Colony

by Shanon Hunt

DEA Special Agent Peter Malloy is no stranger to the devastating impact of drugs. So when six bodies turn up with surgical ports implanted in their spines, he’s sure a potent new opioid is the culprit. But when lab tests show zero evidence of any known narcotics, he fears something far more sinister.

Allison Stevens thought she knew everything about her boss. But after he disappears, she’s stunned to discover his secret genetic research in pain tolerance. When she becomes the target of the FBI’s investigation, Allison has only one move. She must expose his illegal experiment. There’s just one problem. Some secrets will be protected at any cost.

Their search for answers leads them to a dark, eerie cult, where true believers seem perilously addicted to suffering, devoted to purification.

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The Last Safe Place: A Near Future Sci-Fi Thriller

by Andy Gorman

Punches do more damage when your fist is made of metal.

Commander Kapp Adams knows this well…

Strap yourself in for what readers are calling “a wild ride from start to finish.”

If you love sci-fi stories that are fun-filled and fast-paced, try The Last Safe Place.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


by Bridget E. Baker

If one touch can infect. . . then a kiss is deadly.
All Ruby Behl wants for her seventeenth birthday is a good career path match, and to kiss her best friend and long time crush, Wesley Fairchild. Unfortunately, the simplicity of teenage wishes evaporated a decade ago when the Tercera virus nearly wiped out the human race. Transmitted through touch, the slightest contact is prohibited in the safe haven community of Port Gibson.
An innocent game of Spin the Bottle, a rite of passage for Port Gibson’s teens, provides the opportunity Ruby’s been waiting for, but when Wesley winds up Marked, Ruby realizes her first kiss may also be her last. Ruby races the viral clock to uncover long buried secrets about her dead parents, and her once cloudy future becomes clear. She’s the key to finding the cure, but is she willing to pay the price?

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

A Thousand Faces

by Janci Patterson

Read the book that #1 NYT bestseller James Dashner calls “a fantastic book” and #1 NYT bestseller Brandon Sanderson calls “hands down one of my favorite novels of the year.”

In the world of high-stakes espionage, it pays to be able to change your face. And that’s just what sixteen-year-old Jory and her family of shape-shifting spies can do—alter their faces and bodies to look like anyone. Jory is in training to be a full member of the family business—when she can convince her parents to let her help with their elaborate cons.

But when Jory’s parents go missing on the job, Jory is thrown into a world of secrets, lies, and stolen identities that will put all her training to the test. Jory’s always wanted to be a member of the team—

But saving her family may be the most difficult job of all.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


by Eric Paul Erickson

When a sacred artifact is stolen from United Nations cultural scientist Dr. Kurt Stone, he wants answers. His search leads him to the top secret Aurora Project, where Stone learns the team has crossed the ultimate frontier… death itself.

On the other side of this life is a universe called the Realm, the next step in human evolution. Yet not all those who reside there are benevolent. A dark power lurks with mysterious ties to the Brotherhood and the goal of conquering both sides of death.

With enemies closing in, Stone and his new team travel this world and the next in a search for what really lies beyond… in the Realm.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

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