The Source

by Marcus Richardson

Chad Huntley can’t get sick. When an influenza pandemic kills almost everyone around him, he finds himself on the run, hunted by soldiers and mercenaries, chased across a wasteland of empty houses and dying suburbs as he tries to escape Fort Worth.

Mankind’s only hope is for him to partner with a brilliant virologist to find a cure—but not everyone wants a cure for the greater good.

The Source, the first prequel to Apache Dawn, opens a terrifying window on the early days of The Great Pandemic and sets in motion the events of the Wildfire Saga.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic



The Protocols of Uma

by John Brage

The Umae teeter on the brink of extinction. Their blood rivals, the Hek, have mysteriously made huge leaps forward in technology and are now poised to exterminate them. Their godlike protectors, the Journeyers, have not been heard from for centuries. Just as their society is poised to collapse, the Journeycraft Starshine returns to them from deep space. Prohibited from using advanced technology by an ancient set of laws known as The Protocols, the Starshine’s terminally ill Command Agent must lead a ragtag group of exiles on an overwater quest to investigate a clue to the Umaes’ ultimate salvation. But the Hek stalk them at every turn, and a would-be dictator plots his own ascension to power. Can the Journeyers restore the faith the Umae once had in them? And what is the Starshine’s Command Agent willing to sacrifice in order to have to gain everything he’s always wanted?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



Finding the Vanguard

by John Thornton

A dying Earth.

An old generational colony ship launched one hundred years ago.

Was it lost…somewhere?

Paul and Gretchen leave Dome 17 utilizing two unproven technologies: faster-than-light travel and teleportation.

Can they succeed in finding the Vanguard?

If they do, what will they find?

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization



Broken Aro

by Jen Wylie

Open your eyes to darkness. What do you see? Does the darkness frighten you? Now imagine the darkness being the cargo hold of a slave ship. Your city has fallen. Your family is most likely dead. You don’t know anyone around you, and some of them aren’t even human. Giving up would be so easy to do, but not for Arowyn Mason. Not after being raised in a military family with seven brothers. Every great story should begin with a plan. Aro’s was to escape and to survive.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery



Land of Shadows

by Jeff Allen Gunzel

Eric thought he had his life all figured out. The son of a blacksmith, he was born in the small town of Bryer. One day his life is thrown into chaos when flying creatures attack his town. Uprooted from his familiar surroundings, he is forced to embark on a journey for answers. It’s now painfully clear that his whole life has been nothing more than a series of lies. Accompanied by his only true friend, along with a beautiful girl with a mysterious past, Eric must begin the journey that will lead him to his destiny.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


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