The Cup and the Prince

by Day Leitao

What happens when a girl set on revenge meets an infuriating prince? Sparks fly and tempers rise. Yes, Zora cheated her way into the Royal games, but it was for a very good reason: spite. But when she gets entangled with three royal brothers and has to face a mysterious assassin, things get slightly complicated. Nothing a stubborn girl can’t handle. Throne of Glass meets Minecraft in this fun, fast-paced, enemies-to-lovers YA fantasy.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Star Splinter

by J G Cressey

Court-martialed and dumped on a reject raft bound for Earth, Lieutenant Cal Harper feels optimistic about a life where getting blown up, shot, or even eaten is altogether less of a concern.

Unfortunately, fate doesn’t favor the mundane. Crash-landing on a lethal planet, Cal must take his fellow passengers under his wing in order to survive and unravel the reasons behind their plight.

But the cause is far worse than any of them could have imagined, for theirs is a small part of a much larger crisis. Colonized space is under attack. Humanity is on the verge of chaos. And those who enjoy such anarchy are already beginning to thrive.

Yet Cal and his new companions will discover that mankind isn’t the true threat, not by a long shot.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Shattered Moon

by J G Cressey

How hard can hunting pirates be? Surely just a case of following the path of destruction?

After eight months of searching, Cal and his crew haven’t come close to finding Kaia. Taken by pirates during the rescue of Federation survivors, her fate remains uncertain. But so too is the fate of humanity itself…

Following their invasion, the Insidions have remained eerily silent, letting their impact spread throughout colonized space. Riding on that building chaos, the pirates are proving increasingly organized. So much so that Cal fears a leader may have arisen—one powerful enough to unite the disparate clans.

But, Cal isn’t about to give up his search, not by a long shot, and his crew are sticking with him every step of the way.

Trouble, however, is brewing in ways few could have predicted, and fortunately or not, Cal and his friends have a talent for finding the worst of it.

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The Last Faoii

by Tahani Nelson

The Last Faoii is the powerful and immersive introduction to the Faoii Chronicles.

The Faoii have protected Clearwall with both magic and blade for generations. But when her monastery is attacked and her sisters slaughtered, only young Kaiya is left alive.

Forced to cope without the traditions of her Order, Kaiya travels the country on a mission to avenge her sisters and preserve her heritage. The search brings her not only to dark discoveries and ancient family secrets, but also to something she never wanted or dreamed of: an estranged brother.

Thrust into a war at the heart of a broken empire, the siblings face a dark past and darker future while Kaiya learns the true state of the world outside her monastery’s walls, the true threat of the army seeping across the land, and her own innate abilities as the last of her kind.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery

The Order of Time

by Scott Southall

2021 Reader’s Favorite Gold Medalist

Anastasia and Edward Upston are eleven year old twins who are different in almost every way. Despite this they are inseparable and the best of friends. They tackle the highs and lows of sixth grade together whether they are fending off bullies at the elite Blake Academy or examining rare antiquities at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Then: life gets complicated.

They discover that their friend and mentor, Dr. Gregorian, is part of a secret society called the Order of Time. It turns out that time is not fixed, it’s a fluid continuum where changes to the past can create ripples all the way through to the present. It unwittingly falls to the twins to travel back through time to ancient Egypt where they must overcome deadly assassins, evil high priests and vengeful gods in order to prevent disaster and find their way home.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

The Fractured Universe

by David Glen Robinson

Rebel scientists studying the Marfa Lights in west Texas try to explain them scientifically instead of as paranormal phenomena. While on station, an earth cataclysm, possibly triggered by the lights themselves, vaults the diverse team of scientists separately through time as well as space. While trying to survive in isolation in different time periods, they all find help from healer shamans who teach them the ways of trance and learn with them of an evil presence insinuating itself upon the earth.

The Fractured Universe is written by an archeologist-anthropologist who spent many years pondering bizarre events and the unexplained corners of human potential. The Fractured Universe is a roadmap for all those on the same journey.

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel


by Anthea Sharp

Prophecy demands she marry a Dark Elf prince – but will she agree to her fate?
Mara Geary faces a bleak future in the village of Little Hazel until, on the eve of her seventeenth birthday, strange glowing lights entice her into the mysterious shadows under the trees. She follows, hoping for adventure. What she finds is her destiny.

Prince of the Dark Elves, Brannon Luthinor has spent his life becoming a powerful warrior in order to save his people. Now on the eve of war, his fate is rapidly approaching. Brought together by prophecy, Bran and Mara forge an unlikely alliance. But in the face of evil, will they be able to trust their lives – and their hearts – to one another?

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

Blood & Ash: A Snarky Urban Fantasy Detective Series

by Deborah Wilde

Missing teens. Long-lost magic. Can one determined private eye topple a dark conspiracy?

Detective for hire, Ashira Cohen is having a no-good, very bad day.

When Ash was thirteen, her con artist father disappeared, leaving her with emotional scars and a limp she can’t hide. But she toughened up, determined never to be played again.

Then, she’s hit on the head during a stakeout, revealing a mysterious tattoo on her skull. It’s a now-broken ward unleashing dangerous magic that she shouldn’t possess.

Her unruly powers nearly kill her long-time nemesis, Levi, the uptight leader of the magic community. One word from him revealing her forbidden abilities, and everything she’s built will be taken from her… by force.

Crackling with humor and suspense, this complete series features a headstrong heroine tackling paranormal conspiracies and an enemies-to-lovers romance.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Alea Jacta Est

by Marcus Richardson

Terrorists take down America’s power grid and foreign powers invade. Seen through the eyes of a large cast of characters from preppers to presidents, this is the story of America’s dark future.  Alea Jacta Est is the first book in a 3 book series called the Future History of America. Over 200 reviews on Amazon, 4.2 out of 5 avg and 660+ pages!

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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