Reversal of Fortune: The Ducati Op

by Kathleen McClure

Missions don’t always go as planned.

Okay, they almost never go as planned… but sometimes they go truly swarm. And when Colonel Gideon Quinn’s team gets trapped behind enemy lines, he has no choice but to play a game of net the queen against the Midasian forces… with himself as the queen.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure



Quantum Tangle

by Chris Reher

Dropping out of sub-space into the wrong galactic sector, Sethran Kada wakes up with a headache and an extraordinary alien aboard his ship. She implores him to help stop the abductions of her people, a newly evolved species emerging from sub-space. Their dangerous potential has caught the attention of rebel factions as well as the ruling Commonwealth. When contact with her kind turns pilots into casualties, the Governors fear an imminent invasion engineered by their rebel enemies.

Pursued by Air Command, Seth heads deep into rebel-controlled territory to recover the stolen entities and keep this deadly weapon from falling into the wrong hands. Things get personal when his alien visitor begins to transform his mind and his life, turning the rescue mission into a fight for survival for all of them.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera



by Felix R. Savage

First contact … Second chances… Nothing comes without a price.

Despite NASA budget cuts threatening to put a sharp end to his career as an astronaut, British-born space shuttle pilot Jack Kildare knows without a doubt that his life will never be the same. Photographs snapped from the International Space Station reveal an alien spaceship in orbit around Europa, opening a terrifying new chapter in human history, and Jack finds himself in the center of a gigantic international effort to respond to the alien threat.

But when he is dismissed from NASA over a trumped-up security gaffe, Jack and his close friend Oliver Meeks combine their skills in an attempt to generate an innovative new development: a spaceship drive based on their observations of the alien craft’s technology.

With the unknown threat driving international competition and the entire planet’s spaceflight resources thrown into the fray, the focus of attention turns toward one single goal… a ship capable of traveling to Jupiter to confront the alien menace… the Spirit of Destiny. Amid unknown entities pushing to destroy the project from the inside out, and enemies baying for blood, Jack finds himself submerged in a world of secrets, sabotage attempts and cold-blooded murder.

Can Jack decode the secrets surrounding the arrival of the alien spaceship in our solar system? Or will his dreams of the ultimate space adventure be taken into the ashes with the Spirit of Destiny?

ABOUT FREEFALL: Freefall is the first book of a fast-paced trilogy of technothrillers. It contains hard science fiction elements in the tradition of The Martian and other science-based thrillers. You won’t need a calculator to follow the story, but if you’d like to build a spaceship to the Spirit of Destiny’s specifications, it really will take you to Jupiter! ($3 billion budget not included.)

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


Benjamin Ashwood

by AC Cobble

Benjamin Ashwood is a classic swords and sorcery fantasy novel that chronicles the tale of a young man who finds himself in the middle of an epic struggle. Life is simple in Ben’s small town until an attack brings the arrival of exciting strangers straight out of a story. Before Ben understands what is happening, he embarks on a dangerous journey and begins a saga of his own.

Ben starts on the road with a Blademaster, a Rogue, a Lady, a Thief and a Mage. Demons, magic and assassins are just a few of the perils he will face while trying to protect his friends and get them to safety. But things aren’t always what they seem and safety is a fragile concept when the destructive behaviors of the powerful are exercised unchecked.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic



Emerge: The Awakening

by Melissa A. Craven

Allie has always believed life is simple.
You’re born. You live. You die.
But she’s about to learn those rules don’t apply to her. There’s a reason the world treats her like an outcast, and discovering the truth will be a rude Awakening.
When an unexpected move brings Aidan crashing into her life, he doesn’t shrink from her touch. With Aidan, she will discover what true equality means and she will finally have a friendship unlike any she’s ever known.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


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