The Dragonslayer’s Sword

by Resa Nelson

Astrid assumed all dragons should be killed – until she met one that changed her mind.

A blacksmith in the medieval Northlands, Astrid hides the scars from a long-ago dragon’s bite. But her true powers are a secret even to her… A fast-paced adventure set in an enthralling magical world!

Read “The Dragonslayer’s Sword” as a standalone novel — or continue the journey with the rest of the Dragonslayer series and then the Dragonfly, Dragon Gods, and Dragon Seed series (a total of 16 books). This Epic Sword & Sorcery Fantasy series is written for adults but appropriate for ages 14 and up.

The Dragonslayer’s Sword is also available in audio book and paperback.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery


Bitter Aries

by Paul Sating

All demons have magic.
Except one.
And that’s just the beginning of his troubles.

No job, no hope, and not a lick of magic, Ezekial Sunstone has little going for him.

Lucifer’s Council changes his fortunes when they select him to recapture a runaway who also happens to be one of the oldest and most powerful magic users in history.

Facing a vastly powerful demon is one problem. The fact the Overworld is the only place demons can die is slightly more troubling.

How can he defeat one of the Underworld’s most powerful magic users in Hell? What surprises will Aries have in store?

This could be his shot at redemption, or it might be the most humiliating event in a life full of them.

A young demon without magic versus one of the oldest of their kind with immeasurable power.

Hell hath no fury like like a demon without a chance.

No magic, no problem, right?

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Horn of Taurus

by Paul Sating

No good deed goes unpunished.
Especially when you work for Lucifer.

Siding with a runway demon might not have been Ezekial Sunstone’s smartest move.

After failing in his first mission for Lucifer, he never thought the Council would give him a second chance.

Disappointing friends, family, and Hell’s rulers made his life difficult enough. Living as Hell’s only demon without magic is just a cruel fate.

When the Council calls on him to steal a powerful artifact, Ezekial finds himself teaming with his best friend and his worst nightmare.

Betrayed by those he trusted most, he has lost faith in demonhood. Is this new opportunity rectify past wrongs, or will it make him wish he was born an angel?

There is only one way to find out.

Fail Lucifer once, shame on you. Fail Him twice and you might never get a chance to fail Him again.

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The Gladiator Queen: Complete Wolf of Oberhame Trilogy Box Set (The Wolf of Oberhame)

by Auryn Hadley

In this epic low fantasy trilogy, one pampered little princess will discover that coming of age means a lot more than simply growing up. Fighting against the temptation of forbidden love, striving to survive the horrors of combat, and determined to save her country, the delicate girl in the fancy pink dress will become more than anyone expected.

She is the Gladiator Queen.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories



by Camille Longley

She’s a huntress: Sol d’Hillerod is sent on a desperate mission through a treacherous winter pass. She carries with her the only hope of her village’s survival, and she will do whatever she must to keep her world from burning.

He’s a monster: Lieutenant Kelan Birke has spent his whole life fighting for his freedom and his soul. As his control slips, and the war rages on, he knows it won’t be long before he loses himself entirely to the fire that flows through his veins.

Sol and Kelan are enemies in an age-old war, forced to depend on each other to survive a perilous journey through the mountains. As fire melts the ice in Sol’s heart, she questions everything she’s been taught to believe, and Kelan becomes more desperate to fight the flames that consume him. Together they discover that their struggle will have repercussions for both sides of this burning war.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


Broken Worlds: The Complete Series (Books 1-3)

by Jasper T. Scott

They went to sleep on Earth, but where did they wake up?
Darius goes into cryo with his daughter to save her life, but the dark, freezing vault where they wake up is nothing like the luxurious Florida hospital he remembers. Everything about this place is alien. Little does he know how alien it really is…

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


In the Space of an Atom

by Bruce M. Perrin

There’s nothing like someone trying to kill you to give your life direction.

Yes, I had been in a funk, drifting from job to job, but that all changed when Jones came at me with a gun. And when he, the research lab where I had worked, and the chief scientist all disappeared, I was left with nothing but a piece of mind-blowing technology and a story so bizarre that the police were more concerned about my mental health than the attempted murder. I needed help to understand what I’d gotten myself into. Enter young, beautiful Dr. Diane Stapleton. And when I accidentally involved her in this deadly nightmare, I knew only one thing for sure. I couldn’t let her die.

In the Space of an Atom is fast, light suspense with a bit of science and a touch of romance that you won’t put down until the final page.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure


Special Offers

by M.L. Ryan

If you love snarky heroines, hot, kick ass supernaturals, magic and some mayhem, Special Offers is for you!

Hailey only wanted a discounted eBook reader because her extensive collection of paperbacks threatened to take over her tiny apartment. Unfortunately, the Kindle’s “special offers” included much more than a reduced price in exchange for a few ads.

The device arrived pre-loaded with an arrogant cop from a parallel dimension. When he possesses Hailey, she finally has a man inside her, just not in the way she imagined. Can she find a way to return the infuriating bastard to his own body and stay one-step ahead of the criminals who want to keep him where he is?

Special Offers, Book 1 of the award-winning Coursodon Dimension Series, combines urban fantasy, paranormal romance, a bit of sci-fi, and a healthy dose of humor.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban


Leftover Girl: The Complete Series

by C.C. Bolick

How far will she go to learn what happened to her parents? Jes wants nothing more than to solve the mystery and have a normal life. She never imagined the truth could take her from high school to the stars.

These books blend high school drama with sci-fi for a mainstream story. Simply written, they’re heavy on dialogue with twists you won’t see coming, family secrets, and special powers.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact


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