Hatched: Dragon Farmer

by Caren Hahn

Domesticated dragons. What could go wrong?

Charl comes from a long line of farmers and has the scars to prove it. Abandoned by her brother and distracted by her handsome neighbor, it’s up to Charl to keep the farm together without getting herself killed by the livestock.

After all, not just anyone can raise dragons.

***Here’s what readers are saying:
“Loved this original dragon fantasy!”
“Pulled me in from the beginning”
“Such a fun book!”

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

The Lighthouse of Kuiper

by E.M. Rensing

Earth is lost, a distant memory. Now, there is only the void. The scattered remains of humanity adopted a desperate scheme. The Tenancy, with its undying Landlords, rules the system with an iron fist.

But not even they can silence the whispered promises from the darkness. When the Landlord of the Kuiper speaks, war follows.

Into this comes Tharsis. Lieutenant Ambera Chen. A young woman from the Tharsan Bulge on Mars, she thought a commission would be her ticket to the adventure of a lifetime. Instead, she’s stuck at a dead-end base with a terrible commander. International politics are the least of her problems.

But when a friend offers a night of illicit dimension hopping fun, Tharsis finds herself in the middle of a deadly plot to rewaken an ancient evil. Can she find the strength to break the cycle of chaos? Or will war engulf the Heliosphere once again?

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera


by Rosalind Tate

Sophie Arundel is stranded in history, stuck in a grand house in 1925 England. Thankfully, she has her faithful dog with her. Oh, and fellow student Hugo: fit, privileged, and annoying.

Baffled by upper-class rules, courted by boring suitors, Sophie is desperate to get back to the twenty-first century. But the only way home is through a hidden portal — and to unlock its secrets, she must work with Hugo.

As one clue leads to another, Sophie and Hugo discover that history is unfolding differently. Mobs rule the streets. And when chaos turns into a deadly revolution, anyone in a grand house is fair game.

Sophie and Hugo are running out of time…

Stranded is the first book in a fantasy series that’s perfect for fans of Deborah Harkness and Stephenie Meyer!

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Assassins of Illumination Box Set: Three Fantasy Epic Tales of the Illumination Cycle

by JMD Reid

His soul fractured by too many lives…

…an assassin seeks to find himself.

The complete Assassins of Illumination Box Set!

In the City of Kash, the shapechanging assassin is free of his masters. No One has stumbled back to his old life. Has become who he once was. Carstin. A broken man loved by a laundress.

No longer a slave to those who made him into a monster.

Able to take on the form of anyone he has slain, the souls of those he killed lurk inside him. They all want their lives back and fight to seize it.

Carstin is beset from within and without. Another assassin hunts him, and a crime syndicate plots to use his abilities for their own nefarious goals.

How can he start over when he is at war with his past? Will he lose himself and his chance for a second start?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Silk Unspun (Exopreneurs Book 1)

by D.S. Blake

In “Silk Unspun,” Jake, an aspiring exopreneur, faces unexpected challenges on the insect-infested planet of Telia, dominated by Spider Queens. He’s drawn into an uprising among exopreneurs seeking power, and survival hinges on uncovering Telia’s deepest secret. A thrilling sci-fi tale of loyalty, survival, and forbidden knowledge in the universe.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Exploration

The Night People

by C. S. Hand

The Night People have been visiting Sam for ten years, since he was five. They’re scary and he has no idea what they want. Then Jade moves to town. Together, they explore the filthy chat piles outside of town, uncover a secret military base, and are transported (by the Night People?) into a mysterious underground world. Do the Night People live down here? Do the military know about them? Why does Sam keep having murky visions of round rooms and environmental devastation? Sam and Jade are on their own. Adults can’t help and wouldn’t believe them anyway. And their own teen problems and the feelings they’re developing for each other make it harder and harder to concentrate on the Night People.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

ANDALAYA – Book One of the Epic of the Sages

by Corey Rusick

“There is hidden power in everyone. Few ever find it.”

In the land of Iria, history has all but forgotten the Order of the Sages, an ancient people with inhuman abilities. As a revolutionary uprising threatens to throw all of Iria into chaos and war, fate brings together three unlikely friends: Kailem, an exiled warrior; Osmund, a young scholar; and Emerald, a pickpocketing orphan. Together, their pursuit of a better life leads them on a journey to rediscover the secrets of sagecraft. What they find is beyond what any could have imagined; however, it still may not be enough to save their world.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

A Storm of Paper Starlings

by Inka York

**What if the ordinary family you crave finds you? Only they’re not ordinary, neither are you, and neither are the vampire neighbours raising your twin sister.**

An accident is all it takes to turn my mundane life in a London children’s home upside down.

As I grapple with family secrets, four powerful new brothers, and latent abilities of my own, my sister and the man who raised her find themselves in mortal danger—a danger that draws me and my family into a battle to save them.

Finally embracing the meaning of family, two questions burn at the back of my mind.

If vampires and demons exist, what are the Penhaligons?

And what am I?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban