Waking Iceman

by CR Wahl

An 8000-year-old mystery is about to be solved—by the witness himself.

Two mountain climbers in the French Alps have made a startling discovery—a perfectly preserved frozen Neolithic human. But who was this Iceman, what was he doing high on a glacier 8000 years ago, and why was he carrying a strange metallic cylinder?

Archaeologists can only speculate, but neuroscientist Doctor Lisa Cho knows a better way. Young and ambitious, Dr. Cho is at the threshold of developing technology capable of replicating the neural pathways of the human brain and has devised an audacious plan; she wants to wake the Iceman and let him provide the answers to his past.

But is she ready for what she will find?

If you love hard science fiction, adventure, and a love story, then the journey you’ll take reading the fast-paced chapters of Waking Iceman will keep you reading late into the evening.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Daughter of Sun, Bride of Ice

by H. L. Burke

To save a kingdom, she must lose her heart.

Born a princess in a land where the sun never sets, Arynne longs for the freedom to use her inborn magic. When an emissary from the dark side of the world requests an alliance sealed by marriage, Arynne jumps at a chance to escape the rules of her homeland, even if it means marrying a prince she’s never met and never seeing the sun again.

The starlit kingdom of Frorheim believes that only a marriage of a Solean Sun Princess to their Star Prince will thwart the return of a feared sorcerer. Arynne meets the qualifications, but the journey is perilous. Even more dangerous to Arynne, however, is her growing attraction to the roguish Frorian soldier, Kajik.

In the throes of true love, Arynne rues her betrothal to the unknown prince. Can she follow her heart knowing that if she forsakes her vow, Frorheim is doomed, and herself along with it?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Prince of Stars, Son of Fate

by H. L. Burke

To save her life, he must forfeit his own. Prince Kajik of Frorheim has known all his life that he was a mistake. The second, unwanted son of a cold and calculating king, Kay’s birth was accompanied by a dire prophecy, that he would bring about the return of the dreaded sorcerer Athan and therefore cause his kingdom’s destruction. When Kay falls in love with the intended bride of his beloved brother, Olyn, his father finally has cause to be rid of him. Banishing Kay from their home upon pain of death, the king proclaims that the Princess Arynne will marry Olyn and unite the kingdom against Athan. Kay is determined to accept his lonely fate to protect those he loves from Athan’s dark magic. However, when he learns that Arynne is in danger, everything within him yearns to save her … even if such an action will cost his life.

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Archemi Online Chronicles Box Set: Books 1-3

by James Osiris Baldwin

Three epic LitRPG fantasy novels, now in one volume!

Stuntman turned soldier Hector Park is dying from a virus threatening humankind with extinction. He has three days to live. When his brother contacts him after years of hostile silence, Hector hopes they can finally make up – but his brother offers him something even better than reconciliation. He offers him the chance to cheat death by permanently uploading to the fantasy world of Archemi, a full-immersion virtual reality.

Hector undergoes the upload process and chooses the difficult path of the Dragon Knight. But not everything is as it seems in this beautiful, magical realm, where tensions between nations are building, and knights in shining armor hide dark secrets…

Join Hector in his quest to bond with a dragon and transform from an aspiring Dragon Knight to a powerful force for change in his new reality.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Broken World

by Kate L. Mary

When a deadly virus sweeps the country, Vivian sets out to the see the daughter she gave up for adoption, but her trip takes an unexpected turn when she’s forced to accept a ride from two strangers: brothers Axl and Angus. As the virus spreads and the population dies, the trio is joined by other survivors. But when the dead start coming back, the group soon realizes that no electricity or running water are the least of their concerns.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic


by Spencer Maxwell

Ryze Starlo was once a soldier, a man of honor and pride, but he left that life behind after the sinister Celestial Dominion took control of the galaxy and claimed his home world of Xovia as their own.

These days, Ryze cruises the cosmos in his ship, the Starblazer, and tracks (and sometimes kills) wanted aliens for money, all while spending way too much time arguing with Spex, his ship’s snarky AI.

But when the Starblazer receives a strange transmission from Xovia, the hero within Ryze is awakened. Because the message is a call for help. Dominion forces have attacked the planet again, thousands are dying, cities are burning, and Xovia’s young queen Jade is being mercilessly hunted down, because she possesses something the Dominion wants, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

Ryze accepts the mission and sets course for Xovia. Even he knows the galaxy is worth fighting for.

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

On Borrowed Luck

by TJ Muir

A common thief. A ruthless nobleman. A sinister pact that may save his life but cost his soul…

Kirrin knows he could rise above the gutter if he can just catch a break. Beaten, bullied, and desperate, he resorts to stealing from a powerful ruler just to survive. But when he is inevitably caught, his choice is simple: serve or die.

Training under mystic master fighters, Kirrin quickly becomes a deadly instrument. And driven by his ambition, he’s assigned increasingly dangerous crimes to develop his cunning and push him to his limits. But when a mission goes wrong, he realizes he may be trapped in the evil lord’s bid to fulfill a dark prophecy.

In a city ruled by shades of gray, will Kirrin walk the path of light or allow himself to be consumed by darkness?

On Borrowed Luck is the first book in the compelling Chanmyr Chronicles epic fantasy series. If you like moral quandaries, gritty worlds, and action-packed twists and turns, then you’ll love TJ Muir’s enthralling tale.

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Epic

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