All Too Familiar

by Belinda White

It’s hard being the youngest in a family of witches known for their power. It’s even harder when that magical power has all but passed you by.

When Aunt Opal became the prime suspect in a murder investigation, wouldn’t you know everyone else in the family but me would be out of town.

Now it’s up to me to prove her innocence, and a little magic could go a long way in helping me do that. My aunt’s been after me to get a familiar. They are known for helping a witch channel her power and even strengthen it.

So, want to or not, allergies or not, I did it. I went to an animal shelter and found my familiar. A cute little black kitty. The allergy medicine companies were going to love me.

But for some reason, this little guy didn’t make me sneeze. Kind of weird, actually. Not that I was complaining.

I just really wish I’d known more about him before I did the binding spell…

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Wrath of the Forgotten

by Aaron Hodges

A war is brewing between the kingdoms of humanity…

Bound and broken, Lukys stumbles through the darkness. Whispers come from all around, the voices of the Tangata, inhuman enemies of mankind. He should already be dead. But the Tangata have a secret, one that might finally end ten long years of war. If only he could escape and bring word to his people. But what chance does a failed soldier have against the terrifying powers of the Tangata?

Meanwhile, the Queen’s Archivist flees the wrath of her former master. A foreign king offers asylum, but the man is an enemy of her people. And his aid will cost far more than just her loyalty—he seeks the magic of the Gods. With the hounds drawing close, Erika must commit the ultimate betrayal to keep her freedom. Is she willing to pay the price?

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Larry’s Post-Rapture Pet-Sitting Service

by Ellen King Rice

Larry is a man with a dodgy past, living in uncertain times. He’s getting by, sorta, until a left-behind televangelist sees a Larry’s dog as a tool to build a new empire. A history-mad teen and an exhausted lawyer need to make Larry look sharp, but time is running out, and Larry is not a “make-over” kind of guy. Contains sex, profanity, irreverence and scripture.

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Category: Christian Fantasy

The Zombie Apocalypse Call Center

by Taylor A Ellwood

Sam thinks his job at the Zombie Apocalypse Call Center is a joke.

Zombies aren’t real and the customers who call in for support about their guns and conspiracy theories are crazy!

Sam knows the zombie apocalypse will never happen.

Until the day it does happen…

Now Sam is juggling potential romances with two of his co-workers, Michelle and Ember. His manager is micro-managing him about his call stats and customer happiness, and he has to defend the call center from invading zombies.

Sam and his fellow analysts need to keep their customers alive and well-stocked with ammo, while also surviving the hordes of zombies attacking the call center.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Secret Missions of the Zombie Apocalypse Call Center

by Taylor Ellwood

Michelle has a secret…

She’s a spy for the U.S. military and she’s been assigned the mission of shutting down Zombii Co.

To complete her mission, Michelle has infiltrated the inner circle of one of the zombie apocalypse call center’s most feared micro-managers, Monica.

Now she’s running secret missions for Monica, helping her uncover the origins of the Zombii Spray and other secret zombie technology that Zombii Co is unleashing on the world to cause the zombie apocalypse.

But Monica isn’t interested in curing the zombie virus.

She wants to sell it to a rival company, so they can weaponize it.

If Michelle doesn’t stop her psychotic micro-manager, the zombie apocalypse may never end.

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Space Assassins 1 & 2

by Scott Baron

Only a fool would target the deadliest order of assassins in the galaxy.
The galaxy had no shortage of fools.

All of space was their domain, and their murderous skill with both magic and blades was legendary. But even the most powerful killers sometimes faced the unexpected. One of their own had fallen, and whoever had foolishly attacked them would be found and would pay the price.

But more was afoot than met the eye, and the hunters could very well become the hunted in this deadly interstellar game of cat and mouse.

A sci-fantasy space assassin adventure with space travel, subterfuge, and magic.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

The Ardalia Trilogy

by Alan Spade

In order to rescue his friend from the clutches of the Nylevs, servants of the god of destruction, Pelmen must overcome his fears and ally himself with strange and fantastic beings: a shaman who controls the breath of Aoles, or the power of the wind; a Krongos, a creature of the mineral realm capable of incorporating himself into rock; and a Malian, adept at water magic.

This ebook includes the trilogy three books, The Breath of Aoles, Turquoise Water and The Flames of the Immolated, along with A brief History of Ardalia, which will help you go deeper into the universe imagined by the author, a map of Ardalia, and a glossary. You will also find pronunciation suggestions for the peculiar words of Ardalia and the characters’ names.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

School for Spirits: A Dead Girl and a Samurai

by Aron Lewes

Leigh Riley is dead, but her education is far from over. With the help of her samurai instructor, she’s about to become a spirit guide.

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary

Maverick Gambit

by Marjorie King

Knox defends his own.

Space is a deadly business, a truth Knox has experienced first hand. That’s why he’s so protective of his ship and family. So when pirates plunder an impoverished town–a town that’s earned Knox’s guarded friendship–he’s going to do something about it.

Knox knows the pillagers will be back for more, so his town needs protection from any and all pirates, for years to come. Only one way to do that. His friends need shields to keep their town and children safe, and Knox will get those shields. Even if he has to steal them.

Knox devises a carefully crafted plan and hires the perfect crew. He’ll “borrow” from Caravan Suppliers—the Goliath of space shipping—a company that can afford to lose an expensive shield generator. No one will know he was there.

Unfortunately, Caravan Suppliers has a dirty slave habit, and they’ll kill to keep it secret.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera

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