The Heights of Perdition

by C. S. Johnson

There is nothing Aeris St. Cloud wants more than to win her father’s love and the acceptance of her family unit by joining the Military Academy at New Hope. But after she is captured by the fearsome space pirate, Captain Chainsword, Aerie is certain falling in love with her nation’s arch enemy is the last possible way to earn their coveted esteem.

Driven by vengeance, Exton Shepherd never set out to save anyone. As he circles the war-torn world in his pirated starship, the Perdition, he only sees his father’s ghost lurking around every corner and the coming darkness. When Aerie unexpectedly tumbles into his life, he finds he cannot trust her, anymore than he can ignore her. But just like the raging war down on Earth, it’s tempting to think he can …

When the war ascends to the heights of the Perdition, will love be enough to save them – and others – from certain destruction?

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

The Antikythera and The Source

by PanOrpheus

PanOrpheus demonstrates his vast knowledge of ancient Greek history and proceeds to travel through time and space to understand the meaning of the Antikythera device. It was thought to be an instrument, constructed by the Greeks, to measure time via the movements of the moon, sun and other celestial bodies. The Antikythera was rediscovered by Greek sponge divers in the early 1900s and has been the source of speculation for over 100 years. During our journey, we’re introduced to a variety of important historical figures such as Pythagoras, Tesla, Theoclea (the Oracle), Mark Twain and even Janis Joplin (who performs). The author’s appreciation for culture is demonstrated in his poems, explanations of Greek plays and song lyrics from the rock ‘n roll era. If you enjoy western history, steampunk themes (gears and steam power) and reincarnation stories, then this is for you.

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Category: Science Fiction – Steampunk

Children of the Wise Oak

by Oliver J. Tooley

As Blyth approaches manhood in the Celtic village which is all the world he and his brothers, Teague and Abbon, have ever known, he dreads warrior training. All he wants is a quiet life. When his father returns from distant lands, instead of giving him a more settled family, events force him and his brothers to flee from home.

Taken under the wing of the mysterious ‘Deru-Weidi’ mages, their journey leads them across a continent. As they develop their powers, they are forced to grow up faster than warrior training would ever have done, but will it be enough when they come face to face with the might of the Roman Republic.

Historically grounded fantasy, suitable for teen and tween readers upwards.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical

Some Dark Holler

by Luke Bauserman

Ephraim Cutler has blood on his hands and a hellhound on his trail.
When his mother forces him to kill an innocent man, Ephraim Cutler’s quiet life in the Appalachian Mountains is thrown into turmoil. With a bounty on his head, Ephraim flees to the hills and hollers, where he discovers that his crime has drawn more than the law’s attention – the Devil’s in town with his eye on Ephraim’s soul. Desperate to escape, Ephraim is torn between two clashing figures: an outcast granny doctor rumored to be a witch – and the local preacher. As the line between grim reality and the supernatural disappears, Death rides the ridgetops on a pale horse, and the Devil’s hound haunts the backwoods. Ephraim must decide who to trust, evade the hangman’s noose, and find redemption.

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Category: Dark Fantasy

The Dinosaur Four

by Geoff Jones

Ten strangers trapped in time… and one of them is just as dangerous as the dinosaurs.

A ticking sound fills the air as Tim MacGregor enters The Daily Edition Café to meet his new girlfriend for coffee. Moments later, the café is transported 67 million years back in time, along with everyone inside.

Time is running out as ten unlikely companions search for a way home, while one member of the group plots to keep them all in the past.

Who will survive?

“Loads of fun.” – Jason M. Hough, bestselling author of The Darwin Elevator.

4 out of 5 stars (580+ customer reviews)

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Vampire Cursed

by Kris Austen Radcliffe

A mysterious woman. A vampire plague. And an evil so powerful it forces Alfheim’s magicals to their knees…

I am the two-hundred-year-old patchwork son of Victor Frankenstein. Loss and tragedy walk at my side. I have seen the horrors people do to each other—but sometimes evil catches you off guard. Sometimes, it sneaks in and latches on, and the next thing you know, it’s sucking you dry.

The elves thought the vampiric demon unleashed from The Land of the Dead had evaporated to ash—then the horses started to vanish. Corpses began piling up. And when the fog rolled in, monsters much worse than any my father unleashed rolled in with it.

Join Frank Victorsson and the elves of Alfheim, Minnesota, as they fight an escalating war against vampires unlike any the world has ever seen.

Vampire Cursed, book two of the Northern Creatures series, available November 7th, 2017.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

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