Duel of Fire

by Jordan Rivet

Dara Ruminor is a competitive duelist in Vertigon, where athletes live like kings as long as the crowds love them. She’s good with a sword but can’t figure out how to charm the spectators like a true champion.

When Dara is asked to train with Prince Siv, the heir to the throne, she faces her most difficult opponent yet. Handsome, charismatic, and utterly infuriating, he refuses to take the sport—or her—seriously.

But someone wants Prince Siv dead, and Dara might be the only one who can protect him. With assassins lurking in the shadows and tensions brewing between the kingdom’s magic wielders, Dara and Siv need each other’s help with more than just dueling. Skill with a blade might not be enough to save them.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

The Wharf Rat Guild

by Elizabeth Forest

Never trust anyone without a gift. That’s the motto of fifteen-year-old Lizzie Nelson, a wharf rat in a Restoration London much like our own. The other rats call her “Lucky Lizzie,” even though her parents are dead, her brother Daniel is missing, and there’s a price on her head. But her gift, seeing the future, has saved her life.

It’s 1662, Charles II rules, and in this England, only children develop supernatural powers called gifts, growing out of them if they manage to survive to adulthood. The Nobility covet gifted children, sending trackers to capture them. Lord Hazelton is the worst of them all: children abducted for him are never seen again. Hazelton has heard of Lizzie’s visions and wants her for his own. Her luck may have just run out.

After she forms the Wharf Rat Guild, for mutual protection Lizzie must go in pursuit to rescue one of their own, facing the worst Nob of all.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Sidekicks: Superpower Chronicles Books 1

by Arthur Mayor

All the superheroes died, who’s left?

My life is full of choices. Paper or plastic, cake or pie, tackle my chem homework or give a supervillain a well-deserved smackdown? (The answer’s obvious: cake.) When the leader of the world’s most powerful superhero team asked me to become Raven, his apprentice, that was the easiest choice ever. But I blew it.

Now, all the superheroes are dead, killed in an instant by an enemy they never saw coming. And I have another choice: give up and hide inside my normal life or master my powers and assemble a team of fellow trainees to protect the city.

If you enjoy Batman, Spider-Man, and The Teen Titans, you will love Raven’s adventures in Sidekicks, the first book of Superpower Chronicles. Get your copy today!

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Category: Fantasy – Superhero

Blood Brothers

by Craig Halloran

After years of hiding from their dark overlord, the gifted fifteen-year-olds, Grey Cloak and Dyphestive, set out in pursuit of fame and fortune. Lured by the promise of riches and powerful charms, they join a daring band of thieves and suddenly find themselves side-tracked on an epic quest to destroy their fire-breathing former master.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age

Black Frost

by Craig Halloran

As the mystery that surrounds the blood brothers begins to unravel, a darker fate intervenes. The Doom Riders, led by Drysis the Dreadful, close in on them, leading to a devastating battle–with fatal consequences. Now, the brothers’ lives will be changed forever. Will their new path be more dangerous than anything they’ve ever traveled before?

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Hurst: The Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller

by Robin Crumby

Hurst is book one in a gripping dystopian series set in the aftermath of a pandemic virus that’s infected billions. There was no time to mourn. Survival was all that mattered in a world without government or electricity. Safe behind the imposing walls of a medieval fortress, no one could have imagined what came next. The battle for Hurst Castle has begun.

What would you do to survive during an outbreak? Where would you go? Where would you be safe?

When the arrival of outsiders threatens to tip the balance of power, the people of Hurst are faced with a desperate choice: set aside their differences and join an alliance that promises new hope or unite against the newcomers and their plans for reconstruction. Who can be trusted? Only time will tell.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

Emerging Chaos

by Grace Hamilton

No power. No lights. A world in chaos…
What would you do to earn a place in a fortress during the apocalypse?

When an EMP shuts down power worldwide, food factory worker Melanie and her best friend Lizzy must embark on a dangerous journey to reunite with Melanie’s husband and daughter. But to earn a spot for her family in a secure fortress for the future, she agrees to help her boss find his own son first. And it quickly becomes clear she may have made a deal with the devil himself…

Meanwhile, her science teacher husband Mark vows to do whatever he can to protect their daughter Shona. There’s no way to turn the power back on, and their home town of Knoxville is quickly descending into chaos. His only goal is to find a way to get his family to safety.

As they struggle to come together, this fractured family must face off against a society gone mad…

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Hand of Fire

by Roland J O’Leary

Dangerous magic. A realm under siege. Can a mother and son defeat a rising evil?

If you like complex characters, vivid imagery, and visionary world-building, then you’ll adore Roland J O’Leary’s soulful adventure.

Get it for free today!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Archives of Humanity: The Complete Trilogy

by Justin DePaoli

Persistence gave mankind the stars. And now persistence is the only thing that will deliver man from extinction.

Well, persistence and former soldier Leon Imus, who has just broken free of the machines and a rogue AI that controls them.

The stakes are simple: win the war against a few million sentient inorganics, or say goodbye to the human race.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

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