Ascendant Wars: Hellfire

by Rhett C Bruno

When the rules of war keep changing, fight for each other…

Humanity has been banished to a distant star. Left to fight over resources rationed to them by mysterious machine-overlords known as Wardens.

Commander Rylan Holt labors against inter-colony arms trafficking when an informant gives him horrific news. The ruthless cartel boss, Lilith, has stockpiled outlawed weapons of mass destruction.

Worse, she claims to have permission from the Wardens to unleash them upon the system.

When the battleship Audacity speeds to investigate Rylan’s discovery, operations officer Scott Carrick finds himself in a trap more deadly than he could have ever imagined. His only hope of escape may lie with their most junior crewmember, a nurse named Aila Okuma, who’s never seen battle.

Rylan, Scott, and Aila struggle to survive a war where the rules keep changing…

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Category: Science Fiction – Military

The Hollow Gods

by A. J. Vrana

Black Hollow is a town with a dark secret.

For centuries, residents have foretold the return of the Dreamwalker–an ominous figure from local folklore said to lure young women into the woods and possess them. Yet the boundary between fact and fable is blurred by a troubling statistic: occasionally, women do go missing. And after they return, they almost always end up dead.

A maelstrom of ancient grudges, forgotten traumas, and deadly secrets loom in the foggy forests of Black Hollow. Can three unlikely heroes put aside their fears and unite to confront a centuries-old evil? Will they uncover the truth behind the fable, or will the cycle repeat?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

The Echoed Realm

by A. J. Vrana

Miya’s world ended in Black Hollow.

It’s been three years since the Dreamwalker upended her life and left her with a heavy burden. A fledgling to the ethereal realm, Miya stumbles into the nightmares of those haunted by spectres. Little does she know, one of them is coming for her, clutching a dark secret abreast.

As Black Hollow’s bloody stain spreads beyond its wooded borders, Miya fights to evade a past she barely understands. The Dreamwalker’s legacy is a vise grip, and it isn’t letting go. Primordial horrors draw near, fables come alive, and long-buried histories rise from the grave, ready to hunt.

Sharpen your claws and bloody your teeth. There’s fear to be sown.

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The Legacy of Lord Regret

by Sam Bowring

The great warrior Rostigan wanders the wilderness, weary of bloodshed yet disturbed by a growing corruption of reality itself. The earth trembles, the sun flickers like a candle in the breeze, and falling leaves keep on spinning, never to reach the ground.

Such things have not been seen since the rule of Lord Regret, who put his hand behind the world and wrenched at threads he found there. And while Regret has been bone and dust for many years, Rostigan suspects the damage he caused only worsens, warping the patterns behind all things.

Perhaps the land can weather the taste of apples being lost to memory, but when the Wardens – ancient heroes whose victory over Regret drove them mad – return from their graves to spread chaos and destruction, Rostigan is finally forced to knock the dust from his sword.

“I have rarely read a fantasy novel so engrossing.”
– Courier Mail

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Category: Fantasy – Epic


by Melanie Bokstad Horev

Dive into this thrilling Young Adult novel of survival and rebellion.

Ryler is a young resident of Deep Blue, an underwater colony that’s home to the last survivors of a global environmental disaster. A disaster that wiped out humanity hundreds of years ago, leaving the surface air toxic and the last hope of humanity beneath the waves. After the devastating and unexpected death of his grandmother, Marna, who also happens to be the president of the colony, Ryler teams up with his friend Anna to uncover the truth behind her suspicious demise.
Their investigation takes them down a dangerous path, as they discover shocking secrets and a killer on the loose who will stop at nothing to keep the truth hidden With time running out and their own lives on the line, Ryler, and his friends must race against the clock to solve the mystery and escape the clutches of an invisible enemy.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Quest System Earth: Initiated

by Michael Lopez

John suddenly returns home after being abducted and spending 6 years on Franesh, another world. Now he’s home and he’s brought the ‘Quest System’ along with him. This ‘Quest System’ allows those with it to complete quests assigned by the system for EXP and Attribute Points. Sounds cool right? Except, now dungeons are appearing all over the world and only a few people that were summoned to other worlds, and returned from them, have the power to defeat them.

Quest System Earth 2: Developing is coming May 11, 2023!

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Category: Fantasy – TV, Movie, Video Game Adaptations

Darklanding Omnibus Books 1-3: Assignment Darklanding, Ike Shot the Sheriff, & Outlaws (Darklanding Omnis Book 1)

by Scott Moon & Craig Martelle

A frontier world. One Sheriff. And all the action one Spaceport can’t hold.

Darklanding is the wild, wild west of known space. Sheriff Thaddeus Fry will never completely leave the battlefields of Centauri Prime. His assignment as the Sheriff of Darklanding, could be a do-nothing job, or it could get him killed.

Book 01 – Faced with a dangerous collapse that could kill hundreds of workers, the new sheriff leaps into action and gets the story of Darklanding started.

Book 02 – There’s unrest among the miners. Desperation sets in for the Company Man. One wrong decision will destroy her career. The sheriff doesn’t care about any of that. There are strangers in town. One or all of them may be enemies. And how does a mysterious runaway fit into the picture?

Book 03 – Unrefined ore is moved by a state of the art mono-rail from the mines to the spaceport. It’s never gone off the track

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization

Playing Horseshoes With Aliens

by John Parker

Laugh at the cosmos when UFO chaser Dale, along with his two friends, get pulled into a strange horseshoe contest hosted by a gnome-shaped, banjo-playing alien! It gets crazy when they fight off thugs who want the same mysterious horseshoes. This could result in an invasion of alien laughter. This is not a government cover up.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure