Land of Shadows

by Jeff Gunzel

Prophecies foretell of a great demon who will someday emerge to destroy the world. Only one man possesses the power to stop it.

And he has no idea.

In the lawless land of Tarmerria, only the strong survive. Eric, the simple son of a blacksmith, learns this awful lesson the day his village is attacked by horrific black-winged monsters. But the monsters aren’t simply wreaking havoc. They’re searching …

For him.

Surrounded by enemies on all sides, Eric must place his trust – and his life – in the hands of a mysterious girl who may be his only chance to fulfill his destiny. If they can survive long enough.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

This Alien Earth: The Complete Series

by Paul Antony Jones

Get the This Alien Earth Box Set, featuring all three books in the bestselling series by Paul Antony Jones. 1000+ pages in a futuristic adventure featuring a strong female lead, perfect for fans of Jeremy Robinson, Stephen King, and Lost.

“A stunning sci-fi gem.”–Steven Konkoly, USA Today best-selling author of the Ryan Decker

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian

Steel, Blood & Fire

by Allan Batchelder

On the march, around the campfire, and in the taverns, they tell incredible stories about Tarmun Vykers, the Reaper – how he’s never been cut in battle, how he once defeated hundreds of men by himself, how he exterminated an entire people over an insult. These stories make Vykers seem like a god, but he is a man, an arrogant, ruthless and bloodthirsty man. For all that, he may be the only thing standing between the human race and utter annihilation at the hands of the mad wizard who calls himself the End-of-All-Things. Against this backdrop, smaller, lesser folks struggle to fulfill their own destinies, folks like Aoife, burdened with a secret so dark she is driven to do the unimaginable and seek an alliance with fey powers no mortal has ever encountered.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

How to Kill a Dragon

by J.A. Culican

A fae, a dragon and a war neither are prepared for. The end of both species is near and only they can save each other.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Sanctuary’s Aggression

by Maira Dawn

Within weeks of the first sneeze, everything changed.
Where the deadly virus came from no one knew, but the pandemic swept the nation, then the world. Before long, everything is chaos.

When the Infected attack, Skye Jackson is forced to flee her home. Now stranded on a remote mountain road, she is miles from where she needs to be.

Jesse’s only desire is to escape his abusive, alcoholic father. And if it takes the end of the world to gain freedom, so be it.

Together, they must learn who to trust and how to survive in this dark new world.

Buy now if you like pulse-pounding pandemic action and adventure in a post-apocalyptic dystopian world with surprising alternate history twists and turns.

This 8-book completed series is suitable for adults and young adults.

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Category: Science Fiction – Post-Apocalyptic

The Dragonspawn Trilogy

by Ava Richardson

The world of the Creator Goddess has darkened as growing evil threatens the people she so lovingly shaped long ago. In a quest to take her place as ruler of the cosmos, the Spirit King’s forces ravage the kingdoms of Pothena. Only the dragon-riding Rebellion stands between him and victory.

Seventeen-year-old Desiree Black has one goal—to discover the truth about what happened to her illustrious parents. Swept up in the Rebellion against the Spirit King, Dez quickly moves through the dragon rider ranks while seeking to harness the explosive and unpredictable magical power she possesses—and has always feared—in order to protect her loved ones.

But victory against the Spirit King will never be achieved without sacrifice. Especially when deception lurks around every corner.

This epic young adult dragon fantasy includes the three exciting novels in the Dragonspawn Trilogy.

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends

Raging Wolf: A MC Werewolf Romance

by Felicity Jordan

The explosion ripped through the night sky.
Michael knew it was the harbinger of trouble.

Growling and shifting to his wolf form he ran through the chill, primeval forest to investigate. He was the grizzled veteran of dozens of motorcycle club turf wars and he’d seen it all.

But what he found shocked even him.
A young raven-haired beauty in the middle of a sea of destruction.

A witch.

The daughter of his hated rival and archenemy of all shifters.
He should just leave her.
His life was complicated enough.
But the sight of her awakened a deep, primal desire inside of him.
He would save her.
And she would be his.


Blood Heist, the second book in this two book series, is on sale now for just $0.99! The normal price is $3.99 so you’ll save 50%! The sale runs for just a few days. So act now before time runs out. The second book is listed below.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Blood Heist: A MC Werewolf Romance (Raging Wolf Book 2)

by Felicity Jordan

The bank heist was the only way the pack could survive.

And the key to a successful robbery was a beautiful computer hacker named Susan.

But could Ray convince her to trust a good-for-nothing wolf shifter?

His bulging biceps and alpha swagger said ‘yes.’ She would be like all his other conquests. Human girls were easy once they got a taste of the beast.

But Susan is different.

Too nice, too sweet, too caring… Damn.

Was he actually falling for a human girl?

If she thinks she can tame him, she’s got another thing coming. Because the pack always comes first.

If only she would stop touching him like that, stirring something deep in his soul, and something even bigger in his pants.

He can’t run from her.

He needs her.

And she needs him.

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Skyship Thrive

by Ginger Booth

Love Firely? Try Thrive! An ex-cop who cannot die. A moon full of settlers who cannot thrive. The original colonists built a high-tech urban paradise. Then Earth dumped desperate refugees on them. They scrape a bare living outside the citadel. Skyship captain Sass Collier tried to rouse them once, and failed. Against her will, she’s about to try again. Now in audio!

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization


by Robert Kroese

“A book that equals some of Pratchett’s work in the vein of aburdist fantasy, the author tackles politics, religion, economics, corruption, heroism, myth and reality, sacrifice and fanaticism in a way that’s both fun and fast paced, and completely logical.” – Robert D.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales

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